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The Surgeon“s Studio

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“Primum non nocere.” \r\nFirst, do no harm. - Hippocrates\r\nZheng Ren—an ordinary general surgeon in a cruel medical world whose efforts went unnoticed. His struggles are real…until he is blessed with a system and gifted with skills that exceeded even the best surgeons in the world. Alone in the world with no one to depend on, Zheng Ren uses his exceptional gift to challenge the skepticism of hi...
《The Surgeon“s Studio》 Text
1 A Heavyweight Surgery
2 The True Pinnacle
3 Skill Tree
4 Superb System Features
5 Intracranial Hemorrhage?
6 Why Am I So Attractive
7 Seven Blocks of Building
8 A Minor Surgery In The Emergency Departmen
9 A Doctor’s Responsibility and Dignity
10 Intensive Training for Appendectomy
11 Accusations
12 A Live Broadcast of A Misdiagnosed Case
13 Acute Phlegmonous Appendicitis with An Ectopic Appendix
14 Postoperative Evaluation, Perfect!
15 Dental Prosthesis and Primary Cell
16 The Length of The Entire Operation Depends On The Anesthesiologis
17 Scum
18 Beautiful Twin Sisters in Intensive Care Medicine
19 They are All Complicated Cases of Acute Appendicitis
20 You’ll Pay for the Baby’s Life If You Can’t Save The Him
21 Outrageous Practice
22 Complicated Surgery, Round Two
23 Operation: Blind Appendectomy
24 The Appendix Has No Soul
25 This Chief Resident Was Undoubtedly Blind!
26 A Battle of Attrition
27 One After Another, One After Another
28 Unprecedented
29 How Can A Man Say
30 Finally Become A Trophy Child
31 Know His Limitations
32 Sudden Mission: The Soldier Dies For His Comrade
33 Equipment Purchase in The System
34 I’m Done Talking. Who Agrees And Who Doesn’
35 Website Crash
36 Acute… Acute Myocardial Infarction!
37 Advance, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery
38 A Blessed Sorrow
39 Visit The Hospital For A Livestream
40 Doctor
41 Color Hypersensitivity
42 Postsurgery Ward Round
43 Emergency Rescue!
44 Mission: A Buddha to All
45 Lightning Speed
46 Unboxing Rewards
47 A Drop of Water in Need Shall Be Returned with a Spring in Deed
48 Doctor, Thank You
49 Vicissitudes of Life
50 Suspected Nasal NK/T Cell Lymphoma
51 Discharge Against Medical Advice
52 The Initial Construction of The Emergency Operating Theater
53 Unworthy Purchase of 5000 Yuan Registration Ticke
54 Intensive Training Again In The System
55 A Live Broadcast of Cholecystectomy
56 Failed Public Humiliation Plan
57 The Demon In Sea City
58 Bronze Rank in The King
59 I Don’t Want To Perform Surgery
60 Difficult Choices
61 Sudden Reward From The Fickle-Minded
62 Edematous Gallbladder
63 Parasites In The Biliary Trac
64 New Surgical Technique
65 I Was Wrong
66 Heartfelt Admiration
67 Word Misidentification
68 Uncle, Are Your Legs Numb?
69 A Surgery Without Highlights
70 I Don’t Remember
71 Hysterectomy or No?
72 Alone Without Assistance Part I
73 Alone Without Assistance Part II
74 Alone Without Assistance Part III
75 Reward—Master Rank In Interventional Radiology
76 New Guy Reporting In
77 Sharp-Tongued Nancy Boy
78 Finger Endometriosis
79 Let The Senior Consultant Do I
80 Let Him Take Over The Surgery
81 The Save
82 My Scrub Nurse
83 Generous Rewards
84 What A Boring Girl
85 Drinking With A Foot On The Box
86 A Misunderstanding
87 Unidentified Patien
88 It’s a Pity I Can’t Send A Wave of Positive Energy
89 The First Snow of 2***
90 A Snowy Rescue Operation
91 An Unconventional Rescue Operation
92 He's Faster, That’s All
93 Hectic
94 Retroperitoneal Hematoma
95 0095 介入医生的苦,你们不知道
96 Bullseye
97 One Should Be Down to Earth in Life
98 The Kind-Hearted Ones are Tender
99 A Grandmaster of Communication
100 A Moment Where Strangers Turn to Friends
101 The Human Realm, Unworthy
102 Huge Eyes
103 Dwindling Manpower In The Emergency Care Departmen
104 Delayed Onset Postoperative Hemorrhage A Month Later
105 A Flawless Junior Doctor
106 Crossed Hands Maneuver
107 Corporate Outreach
108 Preoperative Double Contrast-Enhanced Imaging
109 A Drunk Rogue
110 A Means Between Light And Darkness
111 A Sorrowful Pas
112 A Spoiled Child
113 Where Are Your Manners
114 A Fond Mother Spoils The Child
115 One Tree Does Not Make A Fores
116 Minor Acciden
117 Major Acciden
118 Life And Death Are Fated
119 Be My Doctoral Studen
120 Perfect Ending
121 Heavy Postpartum Hemorrhage
122 The First Phase of Distortion of Human Nature: Completed
123 Red Packets From The Fickle-Minded
124 The Uncrowned King
125 Let Me Handle I
126 Zombies in Doomsday?
127 Xinglin Master Who Can Revive The Dying
128 Who Cares!