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1000 This Is A Technical Profession

Chapter 1000: This Is A Technical Profession
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Eventually, both Lin Fan and Qing Yangzi were summoned to meet with Han Juntian individually.

No one knew what transpired between them. Initially, everyone had thought that Lin Fan was going to be reprimanded. But, it didn't take long before Lin Fan came forth with a gleeful look on his face. By the looks of it, it did not seem as though he had any issues, and seemed all fine and dandy.

Lin Fan swaggered his way out of the Grandmaster's Main Hall and walked right over to the elevated platform of the Remnants.

His title as the number one Remnant was already solidified as he headed straight over for that seat. This had all the other Remnants frightfully pale, and they could feel their hearts skipping.

All of them knew that this was a savage man before them, a man so savage that there wasn't a single shred of humanity left within him. If he said he was going to suppress someone, he was going to suppress them without even a single bit of hesitation.

"Why now? Are all of you guys extremely afraid of me?" Lin Fan's face was calm. However, his heart was elated like blossoming flowers. The meeting with the Grandmaster earlier on had reaped him a sh*t ton of benefits.

At the same time, Qing Yangzi could be considered as the luckiest man right now. The fact that someone he had brought back had gotten the proper recognition was something that had him more elated than anything else.

"No, no!" The nine great Remnants shook their heads immediately. However, there was no way they could hide that look on their faces that showed just how fearful they were towards Lin Fan.

"Since you guys do not fear me, take a seat then." Lin Fan said.

The nine great Remnants exchanged glances with one another. For a moment or so, they did not know if they should truly sit down.

"Sit." At this moment, Lin Fan's tone turned slightly harsher.

The moment the nine great Remnants heard this, all of them sat down obediently. After they sat down, the nine great Remnants were wary and reserved, no longer bearing any haughty expression as they had before.

The Grand Competition went on as per normal.

From an Inner Sect disciple, Lin Fan had skyrocketed to be the number one amongst the Remnants.

As for Dao Wentian and Elder Huo below the stage, they were infuriated beyond anything else. However, they did not have the face to continue staying here after the huge wave of embarrassment they had just gone through. Therefore, they left the place directly.

Sitting there, Lin Fan finally understood what the feeling of being in a position of power and status was. It was no wonder why these Remnants would look down at the disciples below with such a cocky attitude. This was really quite pleasurable.

The Inner Sect and Outer Sect Grand Competitions soon came to an end.

Lin Fan then returned to his Saint Devil Peak. The Grand Competition this time around had allowed him to show off to the max. Suppressing everyone present, he was now the famous number one Remnant in the entire sect.

The news had spread like wildfire among the disciples of the sect. All of the disciples knew that Dao Wentian had been taken down by an Inner Sect disciple, and the seat of the number one Remnant was overthrown.

As for the news of Elder Huo being defeated by Lin Fan, his old face was practically lost right now within the entire sect. Even though the disciples were still pretty courteous to him no matter where he went, the strange look in their eyes was something that he could not deal with at all.

Ever since Lin Fan became the number one Remnant, there had been many elders and Inner Sect disciples who had invited him over for meals and visits. Because of that, Lin Fan got to know quite a number of new elders and Inner Sect disciples.

Towards such socialization, Lin Fan was extremely tactful as he conversed and got to know all of those elders and disciples. Even though the conversation did not get extremely deep, it was not a bad thing to get to know more elders and disciples within the sect.

However, to Lin Fan's surprise, he found out that some of the Inner Sect disciples were in no way weaker than those Remnants. In fact, some of them even had graded Utmost Treasures that they could use to suppress the Remnants!

One month later…

Lin Fan woke up from his cultivation, arranging and sorting the mystic skills of his martial arts thoroughly. Leaving the Saint Devil Peak, he started heading out into the world to take a look.

Within the void beyond the firmaments…

A single look over was enough for Lin Fan to know of just how vast the Endless Mainland was.

The Laws of the Heaven and Earth here were even more refined than back in the Ancient Saint World. At the same time, the cultivation system was even more formidable than back there as well.

Within the Ancient Saint World, due to the issue with the Laws of the Heaven and Earth, the pinnacle state one could reach would always be Immemorial Ancient state.

However, in this Endless Mainland, Immemorial Ancient state was only a middle state. There were even more cultivation states beyond this, the True Immortal state being just one of them.

And just as Lin Fan was flying around the void freely as he willed, a gigantic net appeared all of a sudden before wrapping him up within it entirely.

'Holy f*ck! Who in the world is trying to launch a sneak attack on me!?' Lin Fan was taken aback as he cussed out in his heart.

"Caught him!"

At this moment, a voice traveled over to Lin Fan's ears. Focusing his sight, Lin Fan caught sight of two fellas at a mountain peak down below. The both of them had an exhilarated expression on their faces as they grabbed out and dragged the net toward them.

"Big Brother, this fella is someone from the Heaven and Earth Sect! By the looks of it, he seems like he's a Remnant!" An extremely scrawny looking fella said. His face was extremely long and bony like that of a donkey, sizing Lin Fan up and down.

"Click, click, click…! Very good! To think that we would have caught in a huge fish this time around!" The man who was referred to as the Boss was chomping down on melon seeds in his mouth. The clicking sounds of melon seeds being crushed came out as he looked at Lin Fan with a pleased expression.

"A Remnant of the Heaven and Earth Sect? They're all extremely rich! Didn't we catch a Remnant in the past as well?" The Boss, Qiu Zhanyu, asked.

"That's right! We did catch one before! His name was Ling Wuzun or whatnot! Even though his strength was pretty formidable, in the hands of this Heaven and Earth Net of ours, all of his strength was useless." The Little Brother named Jin Zhengu said imposingly.

Qiu Zhanyu and Jin Zhengu were from the same village in the past, and were fishermen. They once caught a mysterious box which was jade green in color. There were two pills within, two mystic skills of the martial arts, and an extremely mysterious net.

Being gluttons, the both of them did not even think twice before popping those two pills. After they popped the pills, they picked up the martial arts mystic skills. Even though they did not understand the words that were written on it, they tried to cultivate following the pictures in it. And somehow, they managed to cultivate out a name for themselves through it!

Later on, through sheer coincidence, they even managed to uncover the mysteries and cultivate out the full potential of the net. The name of the net was none other than the Heaven and Earth Net.

From then on, both of them started on their journey in this world. One person at a time, a net at a time… Whoever was apprehended by the net would have no way of escaping at all.

At this moment, Lin Fan was trapped within the net. When he touched out at the webbings, the System rang forth with a notification.

'Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon: Heaven and Earth Net.'

Holy sh*t! Good stuff! Seemed like these two strange looking fellas were domineering enough! To think that they would be in possession of a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon!

Qiu Zhanyu took out an extremely long luffa and chewed on it in his mouth. He then spoke up and said, "Lad, the both of us brothers will not harm your life. As long as you hand over everything that you have in your possession, we will definitely let you off."

"Boss! Look at the sniveling look on the face of this fella! A single look and you can tell that he's a crafty one! How about we just search his body and strip him clean?" Jin Zhengu suggested.

"That is a pretty wonderful suggestion! Thankfully, you're the one with the smarter brain amongst the two of us. Otherwise, we might just be scammed by these disciples of these sects out there." Chomping down on his luffa, Qiu Zhanyu praised out.

Jin Zhengu chuckled out embarrassedly, "Boss, thank you for your praise! With me, Jin Zhengu around, no one in this world shall dream of deceiving us!"

Even though this was a Supreme Grade Immortal Weapon, if Lin Fan wanted to truly get out of this place, all he had to do was burn a hole through with his flames from Pills Through Thought.

However, Lin Fan could tell that these two fellas here seemed to be intellectually challenged.

Now that he was foreign and new to this Endless Mainland, it would be pretty decent if he could find some lackeys for himself.

Those that were too smart would not put him at ease.

He felt most at ease when it was dealing with intellectually challenged retards like these two before him.

"The both of you, how about we talk things out properly? Aren't you guys just here to rob, that's all? Now, that is quite a technical profession as well. Therefore, I naturally can't let you guys leave this place without getting nothing in return for your hard work. Here, you can have these pills!" Lin Fan said.

"Eh? Boss, this fella seems like an understanding guy who knows how tough our job is! Back in the past, those guys that we had caught were always trying to chop us to death! I think this fella is extremely cooperative!" Jin Zhengu exclaimed out.

Qiu Zhanyu nodded his head in agreement, "Yes, that makes sense! Since this guy is so understanding, our attitude to him has to be better as well!"

"Alright, Boss!" Jin Zhengu nodded his head as well.

Lin Fan looked at the both of them. For a moment or so, he was truly speechless…