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The death of the Groglod Mage instantly caused the other Groglods to move around in chaos. The organized army was reduced to a bunch of thugs, running away for their lives.

The behavior was mostly seen on non-variant Groglods as they lack the strength to fight with the human intruders. The variants are the ones who kept their calm while slowly, regaining their composure.

Fortunately, the single bullet from Kana managed to halt the action of the hunters due to surprise and amazement, giving the variants some time to prepare.

Roger, too, had his eyes glue towards the corpse of the Groglod Mage, staring at the hole in its head. The surprise he felt can't be described by words alone.

"What the…"

The other hunters, too, stared at the corpse with Samuel being the only one able to utter and express his surprise. The others nodded, agreeing with Samuel's reaction towards the scene.

Some started to assume a defensive position, just in case that Jake and Kana came with malicious intent. However, those thoughts were soon dispelled by the words that came out of Roger's mouth.

"Jake… Kana…"

Roger was on the verge of breaking down as he saw Jake's figure. Surprisingly for him, tears almost came out of his eyes. Mostly due to his feeling of relieve.

"Let's keep the touching reunion for later, shall we? We still have some monsters to clean up."

Jake motioned towards the Groglod variants, who have regained their calm and was currently reorganizing their troops under a new leader.

A katana appeared in Jake's hand as he began to dash towards the army of Groglods. The action showed no hesitation as he made a slashing motion.

"<Sword Slash>"

A bladed light was shot from Jake's katana as it made its way towards the Groglods. There was no spectacular scene or explosion. Instead, the slash cleaning split anything in its path until the power was exhausted.

As a result, chaos once again descended to the battlefield. The variants saw how easily the newcomer decreased their number and started to panic.

The rest was simple.

Due to losing the one and only being with adequate intelligence, there are no annoying tactics or strategy within the Groglods' action.

The merciless rain of bullets sealed the death of the surviving Groglods.

The situation itself was too absurd that the original party froze in place, staring at the scene with dread. The look they gave to the drenched beauty was no different than what they would give to a demon, absolute fear.

Roger had the most drastic change in expression as he reminded himself to not irritate Kana in the future.

"Ehem… erm… hello there, thank you for saving us."

Samuel extended his hand as soon as the heart of the last Groglod in the village stopped. The others were either slumping down in tiredness and relieve. However, Samuel's words took their attention as they too turned their attention towards Jake and Kana.

"Ah yes, it's nothing really."

The friendly answer made Samuel relaxed his face and tension as he sighs in relief. The others slowly began to move towards Jake to express their gratitude.

"Thank you, sir! I owe you my life"

"Thank you! My wife won't be a widow now."

Jake could only smile as he received the gratitude of Roger's party. Kana stood behind him as she 'silently' received the gratitude.

The others were too scared to directly express their gratitude towards Kana. Kana didn't seem to care as she crossed her hands.

"Leader, thank you so much for saving my life."

Roger was the last one to come up to Jake. The tough face looked so sincere as he bowed his head. The action left a deep impression on Jake as he went deep in thought.

However, the thought was cut short by the intrusion from Samuel and Cole. They went over with a large unfamiliar bag on Cole's shoulder. It was probably taken from one of the Groglod's hut.

"Mr. Jake, here are all the loots in the village. I believe that it belongs to you and the young miss."

The other party stared at the large bag with their drooling eyes. However, none of them dare to ask for a share as they know that they would not be alive if not for Jake's help. For them, the monster core is the payment for their lives.

Jake simply smiled and took the bag from Cole's shoulder. The bag was lifted so easily as he peered inside. He placed his hand inside the bag to transfer some of the contents into his <Storage> before returning the bag to Cole.

"Here, I've taken my share. Divide the rest with the others"

The action caused the drool to return to the hunter's face. The thief almost couldn't control his body and moved towards the bag but was stopped by his teammates.


Samuel, too, had a reluctant behavior as he tried to refuse the offer. It is also a way for them to show their goodwill against a powerful person.

"It's the monsters you killed, don't be nervous and just take it."

Jake simply tossed the bag and moved away from the party. He began to search for another path out of the village.

Jake's first priority is regrouping with Lee and Roger. Now, the only one left is Lee. He felt a bit uncomfortable and worried since Roger, someone who's stronger than Lee, almost got killed. It would be a disaster if Lee happened to encounter a similar situation.

Samuel gave up after seeing Jake's response as he took the rest of the monster core towards the party as they wait for him with greed.

"Jake, over here. I found another path."

Kana's voice rang out from the other side of the village. It was too loud to be considered as a normal shout.

The party gathered around the source of the voice. They forced their tired body to move in fear to be left behind.

Kana could be seen holding a small stone in her hands. She played with it with her small hands and a smile on her face.

Jake was surprised to see a stone on Kana's hand. According to the knowledge gained from the skill, <Forging>, the stone was called the Polar Stone. It was a type of mineral with the characteristic of reflecting any sound waves generated around it. However, the catch is that it generates a volume with the exact opposite of what it reflected. In fact, the crazy loud voice before was actually said with the most silent voice Kana can produce.

The usage of the stone was the "polar" characteristic. If made into a weapon or defense item and with appropriate complementing materials, it would be possible to produce something with similar characteristics. Some of the examples are those armor that could reflect back some of the damage taken by the user. The principle is using vibration to achieve that result.

The stone itself was not an excessively rare item and could be found in a dark cave like this one. It was just that it came with a very little amount making it moderately rare.

"Let's go then, the thieves should scout 100 meters ahead of the party and notify us if there's anything amiss or any change in the terrain."

The leadership fell into Jake's hand unconditionally as he was the strongest person in the party… No, Kana is but Jake is more friendly and leader-like so he just got selected somehow. Besides, Kana prefer to watch and take action individually rather than leading a party.

Now that there is a thief in the party, Jake's workload decrease as he didn't need to scout for the party.

After some time, the thief reappeared in front of the party. He lifted his hand towards a direction.

"There's an intersection up ahead"

"Lead the way"

The mood became a little bit tensed after. The appearance of another path meant a possibility for another battle.


The thief leads the rest of the way before reaching the intersection mentioned. The dimly lit cave mysteriously turned brighter.

Jake looked up and noticed a large lump of glowing stone.

The intersection divided the path into 4. 1 of which is the path where Jake's party came from. The other three were similar in shape and size. No… there's one with an obvious difference.

It was the smell of human blood.

Jake, who once lived in a battlefield, immediately picked up the scent and rushed in that particular cave.

His heart and mind were filled with negative thoughts.

'Lee… please survive…'

A particular event came up to his head. It was the scene where he fought the Demon Lord.

The rest of the party was perplexed at Jake's sudden and mysterious action.

"Let's go after him!"

Fortunately… Jake hasn't gone too far as the party soon found his crouching figure. The surprising matter was the existence of a Groglod's corpse.

"*Cough* *Cough*…"

The sound of coughing finally took the party's attention. Their gaze land to Jake's side as they spot a dying man.

The man's side was pierced by a sword. A glance was enough for the veteran to know that he won't long.

"Sir, what happened here?"

"*Cough* Please… save me… please…*cough*"

Jake made a bitter smile as he flipped his hand. A red color potion appeared in his hand. This is a low-quality health potion, its official name is <Basic Elixir>.

The effect of the elixir healed the customer to a certain extent. However, the man's injury was too severe to be healed with a low-quality elixir. It can only be used as a painkiller.

Jake knew the man's outcome but needed the information he might have.

"Here, drink this potion…"

Jake helped the man drink the potion. Colour slightly returned to the man's face as his breathing stabilized a little.

"Thank you."

"Your welcome, sir. Can you tell me what happened here?"

Jake helped the man leaned on the side of the cave. He made some space for the party members and waited for the man's story.