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"Everybody down!"

A blue, unusually shaped flask appeared in Roger's hand as he proceeds to throw it to the center of the enemies' formation.

That particular flask was one of the emergency weapon given to him by Jake, <Frost Grenade>.

The Groglods have no idea of the concept of an explosive from a glass flask as they snorted in disdain, laughing at the pointless effort from their intruders.

However, that behavior was soon replaced by horror as soon as the flask touched the ground.

The explosion that occurred after was actually, more exaggerated than what Jake explained. The <Frost Grenade> gave out a chilly explosion, dropping the temperature around its exploding area. The explosion managed to carve a well-made ice statue made out of living Groglod.

The statue didn't last long as it began to crumble and turned into smithereens.

The surviving Groglod soon grew weary of the dangerous object. The Groglod Mage, the one with most intelligence amongst the Groglods roared out once again.

The battle formation of the Groglods changed after that roar. It was no longer as packed as before as they marched towards Roger's party. It was their effort to minimize the casualties from similar explosions.

"Great job, Roger! We found the mage. It's probably the one that lets out that roar."

Samuel pointed to a distance, showing the figure of the Groglod Mage with its staff in its hand. It seemed to be retreating to the back line to recover its magic power as well as acting as the commander to the battle.

"It's no good. My arrows can't reach that far."

The only archer commented. The gap between the two was too far for an arrow to deal significant damage. As such, there is only one solution. Fortunately, Samuel understood that and commanded the party.

"We have no choice. We have to close the gap before it recovered enough magic power. This might be our only way to kill it while it's out of magic. We can't retreat here."

Samuel, Cole, and Roger let out a war cry, boosting the morale of the party. They went for a killing spree, forcing their way through the gate.

The Groglod Mage seemed to panic at the reckless behavior of the humans as it retreated inside its camp, preparing to launch its next magic attack.


The village's gate was blasted open by Roger's <Flare Grenade>, followed by the scream of the Groglods. The cave shook with each explosion.

Due to the grenade, Roger's contribution was huge for the success of the raid.

"Thieves! Find and kill that mage! We're running out of time."

Roger exclaimed as he threw another blue flask at the Groglods. He has left with one last flask, containing the red liquid of <Flare Grenade>. He planned to save that in case of an emergency. However, he won't hesitate to use it if necessary.

The party traced the mage towards the lake located within the village and managed to corner it. They were placed in a deadlock as the Groglods were afraid of Roger's powerful grenade. Fortunately, they didn't know that he was out of stock.

Bruises and wound started to appear on the front line. Their weapons and armor showed sign of breaking from receiving constant shocks. Fortunately, no one turned tail like the archer from before. Well… it was probably due to the fact that they need to kill the Groglod if they want to live.

"Great, It's within my range!"

"Then, what are you waiting for?! Shoot it!"

The archer drew his bow, pulling the arrow as he focused on the retreating mage. A flash flew towards the Groglod Mage as he released his hand. The party could already picture the mage's head getting pierced and the fall of the enemies' formation.

However, it was limited to their imagination.

The arrow was deflected as it reached half a meter mark from the mage's head. A translucent barrier was present, forming a dome-like shape in front of the Groglod.

"SHIT! It can use <Barrier>"

A mocking smile was formed on the Groglod's face as it raised its staff once again. The surrounding temperature instantly increases as the heat began to penetrate Roger's skin.

"Hurry! Shoot, shoot! Don't let it complete the spell."

The Groglod Mage roared, instructing the other Groglods. Soon, they formed a line of defense in front of the mage, blocking any incoming attack with their body. The strategy was fit of those that were called monsters.

"This is the end…"

Samuel began to accept his fate as he closed his eyes in the middle of the fight. The Groglod Warrior he was fighting seemed to mock him as it stopped its attack, waiting for the mage to finish its chant. Instead, it retreated to the back line, securing a safe position.

"Not yet!"

Roger held the last <Flare Grenade> in his hand as he channeled all of his strength to his right arm. The centrifugal force along with his brute strength managed to fling away the last flask at the direction of the Groglod Mage.

However, a large explosion didn't occur.

5 Groglods rushed at the flying flask. The faster and smallest one jumped towards the flask as it welcomed it into its embrace. Just before the contact, the other 4 Groglods rushed towards it, embracing the earlier Groglod.


The large explosion didn't occur. The bodies of those 5 Groglods were blasted by the explosion.

"What the…"

Even Roger was left speechless by the intelligence shown by the Groglod Mage. However, unlike Samuel, he refused to fall down in this dungeon as he entered a berserk mode.

Roger seemed to be on steroids as he slew every Groglods coming his way. However, his energy can only last until he arrived at the corner of the lake, where his body slumped down.

The Groglod Mage saw his action and gave out a large roar, pointing its staff at his direction while instructing the other Groglod to retreat.

'Mother… please forgive this child of yours.'

With that thought in Roger's head, he closed his eyes, waiting for death to take his life.



A huge rumbling sound came just as he closed his eyes, forcing him to open it once again. The timing was just right as he saw the giant <Fireball> began to freeze. Then, he saw a familiar figure.

"I guess we made it in time…"

Jake stood in front of Roger with Kana beside him. Their bodies were completely drenched in water. Unlike Jake's sturdy and straight figure, Kana had her head lowered and her face flushed red. The cause was unknown to Roger.

The thing that froze the mage's <Fireball> was none other than Jake's <Frost Grenade>. The frozen <Fireball> broke as it fell to the ground.

The Groglod Mage was flustered by the turn of events. He judged that the newly arrived humans are the ones who killed its kin on the other side of the village. When his thoughts reached that point, fear and panic started to sprout in its head.


Once again, it started to retreat to recover its magic power. However, this time, it was quite a futile action. Why? Because they were in presence of a powerful magic gunner!

"Kana, if you would."

Kana quickly regained her thoughts as she ready her weapon. The previous AK-47 model rifle turned bright as its shape began to change. Soon, it formed a long rifle with a large scope on it. The only thing off about the sniper rifle is its purple color.

"Which one?"

"That one. The one with the staff"


Maybe due to her expertise or the fact that the magic gun didn't produce that much recoil, Kana shot the sniper rifle with the least amount of preparation.


The shot was loud enough to fill the entire cave. Roger's party was lucky to survive due to the mage's arrogance as they witness the scene.

Unlike before, the large bullet formed a hole in both the mage's <Barrier> and its head as it slumped down with a thump.