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Perplexed by the question, Jake was taken aback for a bit. The small girl, on the contrary, had a large smile on her face.

"Oh, let me introduce myself. My name is Kanno Emu and I own the shop next to you. The one called <Crescent Moon>. Yup, That's my shop."

"Owh! The one that sells scrolls, right? My name is Jake Atkins. Did you receive my gift the other day?"

The revelation caused a turmoil inside Jake's mind. Fortunately, he managed to hide his surprise and replied to Emu. Jake's mind soon wondered about the age of the girl… no, the woman in front of him. It was unthinkable for such a young girl to own a shop.

"I did, It was a really good quality of mana potion. I was a little surprised when I saw it"

Emu nodded her head in approval.

"Right!? It was my prideful work."

Jake was very happy to find someone who appreciates his product and replied with a smile. However, Emu's expression undergone a great change due to his words. She stared at Jake in shock and exclaimed.

"Oh? You made that potion?"


Emu suddenly stopped asking questions and scanned Jake's figure from the top to the bottom while giving him a weird look. It was a strange feeling to be sized up by someone smaller than himself. It was the moment when Jake realized that something is a bit amiss.

"Did you change the usual recipe?"

"Um… why do you ask?"

The question was a bit sudden for Jake as he raised his guard up. He was a fool to lower his guard due to the drowsiness he felt. However, he regained his wit and started to look at Emu suspiciously.

Emu realized that her question was too blunt and inappropriate. She sighed as she relaxed her tensed body.

"I'm sorry. I was just curious. The quality of your potion was several times than the top <Basic Mana Potion> in the world. Trust me, I didn't exaggerate my statement."

Jake's expression relaxed a little after hearing the explanation. It was something that people would find out sooner or later. He was just a bit surprised that someone noticed the fact sooner than he expected.

"Well… It's not like its a secret or anything…"


Emu stood up from her chair. Her small body moved closer toward Jake. If not for the bar separating them, she might have already making shook his body wildly.

"Yeah, but I can't just tell you that easily…"

Jake held his breath while signaling with his eyes and body. It was a simple signal, normally used by merchants. The meaning was simple, he wanted something in exchange for his secret.

In contrary, Emu's eyes sparkled with excitement. She was only expecting to hear whether her hypothesis was correct. However, she was given a chance to obtain a valuable recipe. She calmed herself and sat back down.

"Ehem, name your price. We can try and negotiate."

Jake's eyes flickered with a strange glint. A variety of scenario came to his mind in an instant. He thought about his most serious problem and made a decision.

"As you know, I have only recently opened this shop… There's only one other person who can help me make the potion."

Those words were enough to show his intention. Emu received the message and seemed to be in deep thoughts. Soon, she exhaled a short breath.

"Boss, to be honest, the reason I was asking you is for me to brag about the knowledge to my friend. Haha, his expression must be quite exquisite! I am really looking forward to it."

Hearing the reason, Jake couldn't help but let out an awkward smile. He couldn't say anything in response and waited for Emu to finish her words.

"I can't help you with the production of the potion since it's not my area of expertise. However, that friend I mentioned should have a great interest in your potion and may be able to solve your problem. The only downside is that I can't brag to him anymore."

Still, Jake couldn't say a word. He could only try his best to maintain his poker face and appear neutral. In reality, his heart was starting to beat faster, worrying that a great deal might have slipped between his fingers. If he knew about it beforehand, he should have just asked for a sum of money. At least, he could buy some recipes and ingredients for his shop.

"This time, I will help you guys meet. Just consider that you owe me a favor for this. What do you think?"

Emu smiled. It was not a bad idea for her. In the first place, she intended to share her experience with this friend of hers and was willing to spend some money. However, this way, not only could she save some money, she could even earn favor from Jake. She felt that he was someone special to have come up with a modified recipe. Overall, it was not a loss for her.

Jake, as a businessman, could understand the reason behind Emu's decision and couldn't help but praise this small girl. However, he doesn't have any reason refuse such a great deal. Jake had the confidence to be able to repay the favor in not so far in the future.

"I would be really thankful."

"Then, I'll see you later."


Jake woke up from his bed. The sun was already high up in the sky, illuminating his whole room. It has been exactly eight hours since he retired to his room.

The meeting with Emu's friend was scheduled in the evening so he could have some time to sleep to replenish his energy. He also used this chance to enter the <Time Chamber> and buy some new recipe.

The money he earned from the first day was enough to buy 3 different kinds of cooking recipe. This time, he chooses a variety of popular main course like <Fried Rice>, <Curry Udon>, and others. However, he still needs to train Adam before publishing it as a menu.

Jake smelled his clothes and frowned. It was time for him to take a bath.

Jake had a smile on his face as he walked down the stairs. The reason was the voice of customers coming from the first floor of the shop. It seems that his potion was starting to become popular. The second floor was also filled with more customer than yesterday.

"Boss, good afternoon."

Akiko was the first one to notice Jake's appearance. Kana was not present at the moment. Adam also placed down his phone to greet his boss.

"Adam, I have some new menus for the cafeteria. Stay for a little longer today, I will give you the recipe."


Adam returned to play with his phone while waiting for orders. Jake didn't mind such behavior since it would be boring to just wait without doing anything. He then turned his attention towards Akiko.

"Akiko, I am expecting someone to meet me later. Please call me if someone asked for me. I will be somewhere inside the shop."

"Okay, boss!"

Jake just remembered something as he took out his phone. He texted Kana and told her the matter about Emu. The reply was surprisingly quick.

[Why didn't you say something sooner?!? I will be there in three, no… two hours.]

Jake smiled and headed to the first floor.

Mari was having some trouble with the amount of customer. She only has two hands and Lee wasn't present so the customer formed a line in front of her. Fortunately, their purchase was not in large quantity so one customer doesn't take too much time.

Jake saw the scene and went towards the counter next to her.

"Excuse me, this counter is also open."

Mari finally noticed Jake's presence beside her as she exclaimed.

"Boss! Thank you so much! I was really starting to panic. Hehe"

Jake returned her gratitude with a smile and nod.

With Jake's help, the customer soon returned to a manageable number and he went upstairs to help with the potion's production. As expected, he saw Kazuko sweating greatly while in the middle of concoction. However, Kazuko still had a serious expression on his face and placed all his concentration on the process.


The atmosphere inside the main workshop was a little tense. The cauldron was the only equipment used constantly. The anvil for blacksmith was left alone in its section.

Jake was tired from making a dozen of <Short Dagger> as he sat at the corner. The young Kazuko was still filled with energy as he stirred the cauldron.

"Master, there's someone waiting for you downstairs."

Akiko's face showed up at the entrance of the main workshop. For the time being, Jake gave the two siblings the access to the main workshop because of the lack of equipment. In the future, the main workshop will be off-limits for everyone except for himself.

Jake lifted his tired body and walked towards the entrance.

"Let's go"

The cafeteria was not as crowded as it was in the afternoon. Kana has arrived as promised and sat with two other figure. Jake recognize one of them as Kanno Emu, the small girl he met last night.

The other person, on the contrary, was not as small. In fact, it was too large of a difference to him. He was an old man with a white hair and beard. A glance was enough for Jake to estimate his age.

"Good evening, sorry to keep you waiting"

Jake's greetings took the attention of the group. The old man took a good look at Jake before maintaining his solemn look. He couldn't hide the trace of surprise from his face as he looks at Jake's young appearance.

The old man was called Sergio Curtis, a professor and a researcher of mana potions. His friend, Emu, told him about the unusual but effective mana potion, which piqued his interest. He has examined the vial of potion which she gave him and received a huge surprise.

Then, Emu invited him to meet the maker of this miraculous potion. As a researcher and professor, how could he refuse such a great chance?

"Good evening. So, you are Jake Atkins? I heard about you from Emu. My name is Sergio Curtis."

"Yes, I am. It is my pleasure to meet you."

The two shook hands as a mark of their meeting. As Jake drew closer, Sergio could smell different kinds of ingredients on Jake's body. The fragrance made him felt reassured that his friend didn't lie to him.

Jake found an empty seat and sat down with a smile. As soon as he sat down, he felt a pull on his shirt. Kana was looking at him with a panicked expression, signaling him to move his ear closer to her.

"Psst… why didn't you tell me that the person you're talking about is Professor Curtis…?"

"Huh? Is this old man famous?"

"You… really… *sigh* Professor Curtis is the chief professor in our university. How could you not know?"

The conversation was made in a very low voice to avoid the two guest from hearing it. However, with Sergio and Emu's hearing, they heard everything. Emu failed to hold her laughter as she burst out laughing.

"Hahaha, he called you an old man! See? I told you that you are already old."

Sergio's face turned a bit red from embarrassment and anger. He took a deep breath to calm himself and forced out a smile.

"From your conversation, it seems like you were one of our students?"

Jake and Kana were embarrassed by their reckless behavior. They had an awkward smile on their face as they answered the question. Their attitude was showing their apology towards Sergio.

"Yes, I dropped out to open this store. But she's still attending the university."

Jake gestured towards Kana while making the statement.

'What a pity!' Sergio thought to himself. He failed to recognize Jake's talent and missed an excellent student. However, he couldn't express those feelings.

"I see…"

Just like that, the conversation took a weird start. Sergio resumed his previous composure.

"Ehem… Jake. I heard from Emu that you are willing to share the recipe for your potion. Is that true?"

"Yes, It's true but I can't give it for free."

Jake exchange glance with Kana, asking her to help him for the negotiations. Kana received his intention and nodded.

The negotiation went smoothly. Kana understood Jake's plan and start to steer the conversation. As soon as the negotiation begins, Kana was like a different person. She didn't act timid when talking towards a senior at the university. Instead, she looked like a professional businessman.

The result of the negotiations was as such:

1. Jake will share the recipe of all the potion he currently posses to Sergio Curtis.

2. A time limit of 3 months will be placed on the potion to prevent Sergio from selling a similar product.

3. For 3 months, Sergio must provide 250 vials of potion for the shop each week. The ingredients will not be provided by Jake.

The condition seemed to be one-sided but Sergio happily agreed to it. For him, the recipe was more way more valuable than that. As such, the negotiations came to a close.

The matter was finally settled and the guests were prepared to leave. The table was filled with 10 empty plates, stacked neatly together. Emu licked her lips as she exited the cafeteria. She was bored throughout the negotiations so she couldn't help but snack on the omelets.

Sergio shook his head as he walks out with Emu. He was curious as to how her small body stores a large amount of food.


Early morning next week, a large truck arrived in front of Jake's store. Jake had a smile on his face as he helped the worker move the potion into the store. The first problem of his shop was solved for the time being.