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A medieval style room, located at a certain place, was filled with different kinds of objects. The object varies between herbs, minerals, vials, scrolls, and large equipment at the center. The equipment was unique as a circular mark was printed at its center.

The place was a mess. There are some empty vials and scrolls laying on the ground in a disorderly manner. The sole table in the room, which occupied one-fifth of the room was the only organized spot inside the room. Almost as if the owner of the room did it deliberately.

A familiar container was placed on top of the table, amongst some other vials and scrolls. The bag was slightly opened due to gravity, revealing its content and a white card inside.

The door of the room was pushed open by someone, letting some light into the room. The figure turned on the lights and opened the window for better lighting before noticing the unfamiliar object on top of her table.

She approached it with curiosity and found the card and vials inside the bag. She read the contents of the card and made a surprised expression. It turned out that it was a gift from her new neighbor, the one who bought the cursed land.

From her experience, she knew for sure that the vials contained a Basic Mana Potion of high purity. However, she dismissed it without many thoughts. In today society, it was normal for someone to gift their new neighbor with a product of great quality to earn their favor.

The figure took the bag and prepared to leave it on the floor as she deemed it to be unimportant. The vials made a clear sound of crashing glass when placed on the floor. The gesture was simple but managed to surprise the figure.

She took one of the vials inside the bag with interest. She began to shake the vials, causing great turmoil into its content. However, the phenomenon she expects didn't occur. The color of the mana potion was stable throughout the turmoil caused by her.

The figure wore a shocked expression before doing the same with the rest of the vials. In the end, she let out a small smile.




The sound of glasses bumping against each other was heard across the room, followed by a burst of loud laughter. A total of five-person was sitting near each other while chatting.

"I can't believe it's really happening. Jake, tomorrow is finally the day we're going to open this shop."

"Right! We had to delay it for another week because this dumb head over here didn't request for a shop warrant! I was the one who had it rough."

Kana gulped down another glass of wine down her throat as she complained. The table in front of her was filled with different kinds of food. The one who made them was obviously Adam. Jake can only make a perfect omelet since he didn't have any money to buy another recipe to use. In fact, Adam's cooking was delicious.

Jake has already used <Inspect> on Adam. The result was not too disappointing. Adam had a potential of a B, not a bad evaluation.

"Hahaha… I'm sorry. You know I'm helpless with the official matter."

"Yeah, but still. You're overworking me. Looks like you have to give me a salary for it."

"Sure! I was planning to anyway. Just wait until I sell the potions."

The mood was starting to lighten up as the two additional members of the guild started to get involved in the conversation. Mari's personality was very playful as she got along even with Adam. The only problem with her was that she loved to drink and has a low alcohol tolerance. As a result, she started to spew some weird nonsense.

"Hehe… Boss. I bet you don't know that Kana lo— Ack!"

Kana covered Mari's mouth in a hurry.

"Stop right there, girl! You're going to regret it if you say anymore."

Jake had a huge smile on his face as he enjoyed the moment. It was a precious moment in his life to have fun with his friend. The matter regarding the <Demon's Mark> still bugged him. He knew that tomorrow will be his real challenge.

For Jake, the shop held a special meaning to him. It was not just a method for a living, it was a way for him to get stronger in a short period of time. The guild gave him the opportunity to increase his friend's strength to prepare for the possible invasion of the Demon Lord.

The festive mood soon came to an end. Mari blacked out from having too much to drink and Kana had to carry her back to the dorm.

"Bye, Jake. See you tomorrow."

"Bye, Leader"

Jake went out to see them home when he felt someone tugging his shirt. The action gave him a sense of dread as he moved in lighting speed to identify the danger. It was careless of him to let someone got too close behind him without noticing it.


Jake's action caused the person who tugged on his shirt to fell down, letting out a feminine scream.

"Hey, what are you doing to my sister!?"

Another figure came in rage towards Jake. However, he was too short to intimidate Jake and had a baby face. The figure tried his best to make an angry face as he stared at Jake.

"I'm sorry young lady, I was a bit surprised."

Jake stretch his arm to help the fallen figure back on her feet. She had long black hair, similar to the boy's hair. One look and Jake was able to deduce that they were related.

"It's okay, mister. By the way, do you work in this place?"

She pointed her tiny finger towards Jake's shop and asked.

"Yes, in fact. I'm the owner. Is there anything I can help you with?"

The girl's eyes sparkled at Jake's statement but she managed to control her emotion. She took out a piece of paper out of her pocket. It was neatly folded into a square. She unfolded it and gave it to Jake.

'This… Isn't this my flyer?'

"Um… we want to apply for the job."

Jake was perplexed. He took another good look at the pair of siblings as he scanned them from the top to bottom.

The siblings were not wearing clean clothing. Jake could find some traces of dirt on their clothes. The most surprising thing about their appearance was their young age. Jake assumed that the sister was the older one as she was the one leading the conversation while the boy didn't speak when she gave a gesture. However, the difference might only be 2 or years.

The boy looked like he has just entered middle school. His face was still filled with immaturity. However, Jake strangely couldn't dismiss the pair of siblings immediately.

Their situation was surprisingly similar to his own. Just a pair of siblings, trying their best to survive. Jake and Ethel might be in their position if their mother abandoned them like their father.

A cold wind blew as Jake hesitate in replying. He noticed that the girl's shoulder shivered due to the wind.

"What about we go inside first? Then we'll talk."

Jake led the way and invited the siblings inside the cafeteria. The place was still a bit of a mess due to the party he just had. He quickly chose a clean table for them to sit.

"Can you wait for a bit? I have to clean this place first. Have you guys eaten?"

The siblings stayed silent but eventually shook their heads. In the end, Jake made them a warm omelet and a glass of water.

"Okay, all cleaned up. Now, why don't we start with an introduction? I'm Jake Atkins, the owner of the shop."

"Um… My name is Akiko, Watanabe Akiko. This is my brother, Watanabe Kazuko. We saw your flyer the other day and decided to come here to apply for the job."

Kazuko stayed still. He hasn't said anything else since he got mad at Jake. However, his gaze never left Jake's figure. Clearly, he was still mad the Jake accidentally hurt his sister.

"Which job do you want to apply?"

Akiko and Kazuko were relieved that Jake didn't ask something they always got asked everytime they tried to apply for a job. 'Aren't you guys underaged?'. It seems that the verse of not caring about age and background were true.

"I can work as a tailor and my brother is very good at alchemy."

Jake activated <Inspect> to see their potential. He received a huge surprise.


Watanabe Akiko

Age: 14

Job: Tailor

Level: 8

Strength: 21

Dexterity: 35

Constitution: 23

Perception: 29

Magic: 20

Potential: A


Watanabe Kazuko

Age: 13

Job: Alchemist

Level: 6

Strength: 24

Dexterity: 20

Constitution: 21

Perception: 28

Magic: 22

Potential: A


The siblings turned out to be quite a talent. Their level, however, was not too high. It was not out of ordinary considering the young age of the two.

Jake turned his attention towards the young boy.

"Kazuko, right?"

Kazuko nodded but didn't say anything. His expression showed a small discomfort.

"Actually, my shop has a certain policy. I believe that my potions are the best of its kind and I intend on keeping that reputation. So, I can only accept you if you showed me enough talent for alchemy."

Surprisingly, Kazuko didn't show any disappointment. Instead, a fire burned in his eyes at Jake's challenge. He stood straight, folded his arms, and spoke out loud.

"What a coincidence! I am the future alchemist king. I should have no problem concocting a top quality potion. Be glad that I am here!"

Perplexed, Jake's eyes widened and soon, laughed. Akiko's face turned red at her brother's bold statement.

"I'm sorry, mister. My brother's dream is to become the Alchemist King someday. Please excuse his behavior."

Akiko tugged her brother's shirt, signaling him to stay humble. The behavior was restricted to some degree but Kazuko's sincere wish couldn't be hidden from Jake's sharp eyes. He knew that this boy is serious about that statement.

"It's okay. His optimism is the best thing I could ask for. Follow me, let's find out whether that confidence was based on something or not."

Jake led the siblings into the workshop. The secret transportation device stunned them as they stared at the long corridor. Jake's voice brought them back to reality as they hurried to his location.

Jake stood in the middle of the main workshop. This place was originally Jake's personal space, where he could purchase ingredients from the system. However, he decided to use the place for Kazuko and Akiko's evaluation since he hasn't bought another set of equipment in the other workshop.

"Let's start! Here are some of my potions. I want you to try and replicate it with the recipe I have."

Jake extended a piece of paper to Kazuko, which he read with great interest. However, his face soon turned ugly.

"What?! Mister, are you joking around? What kind of recipe is this?"

Kazuko's scream made Akiko panic and surprise at the same time. She has repeatedly reminded him to not be hasty and stay calm. In fact, Kazuko's behavior was her largest worry. However, Jake simply smiled and continued.

"That's my recipe. I will demonstrate it once. Tell me if I did anything that was not written on it."

Jake turned his body to face the cauldron and begin his concoction. Kazuko didn't say anything and look curiously, but didn't conceal his ridicule. The recipe was utter nonsense to him. It didn't follow any of the knowledge he learned before. He expects Jake to fail miserably and moved back to avoid the explosion.

However, Kazuko's face soon turned into that of shock. The content of the cauldron soon began to form. There was no sign of explosion but instead, a beautiful liquid was formed. It was beautiful in the eyes of Kazuko, who is an alchemist.

At a glance, he could tell that the potion was of high quality. It was due to the amount of mana contained within the liquid. His perception of mana was very sensitive due to his training as such he could make such an evaluation.

Soon, the potion was ready and poured into 5 vials, similar to the one he saw on the first floor.

"Now it's your turn."

Jake smiled towards the dumbfounded Kazuko.


Akiko felt the changes within Kazuko as he stared at Jake in shock. She, as his sister, knew how arrogant and prideful her brother about alchemy. However, her potential new boss managed to make him speechless.


"Master! Please teach me about alchemy! It is my dream to become the Alchemy King! Please take me as your disciple!"

Shocked, Jake moved back. Instead of feeling proud, he was more embarrassed by Kazuko's behavior.

'What the hell is this current situation??!…' Jake thought to himself.

Akiko's mouth hung open for a long time as she stared at her brother and Jake alternatively. She instinctively knew that Jake was special. He was able to make her brother kneel on their first meeting.

"Mister... No! Boss! Please grant my brother's wish."

Akiko, too, begged him. It seems that they forgot about their purpose in visiting Jake's shop.

Jake couldn't help but scratched his head and gave an awkward smile. Now, two people were kneeling down in front of him, begging to take them as their master. Well, one of them was just trying to help.

"Um… Did you guys forgot about the reason we are here?…"

"No! But we decided to not miss this chance learn alchemy from a great master such as yourself."

'… What the hell is with this situation…?'

The two siblings continued kneeling at Jake with great expectation.