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"I will continue the explanation. The counter can be used as a place to accept and submit a mission. The guild will also accept any material that a member brought to be exchanged with money. Remember, the guild won't be giving out <Silver Credits> for the materials."

Sylphy's expression turned serious for a moment, enhancing its importance. It was an important point as someone could abuse the function to gather <Silver Credits> if the system allows it. Jake took note of it in his heart.

The last part of the explanation was to explain the procedure of registering a guild member. It was a bit different from other guilds since it used blood from both parties to complete the contract. Blood contract was one of the strongest contracts to be made.

"Master, let's go to the stair room. I will explain the item."

Jake nodded his head and followed Sylphy's request. He, too, was curious about the mysterious container.

Soon, they arrived in front of the storage on the second floor.

"The official name for the box is the <Dimensional Shared Storage>, or <DSS> for short. As the name suggests, it acts as a storage for items. However, it has one unique feature. Master can access its storage from all three <DSS> on each floor. Let's try operating it. The <Silver Pass> will be required to open it."

Sylphy pointed her hand towards the metallic slab at the center of the box. The gesture was a bit vague, but Jake somehow understood her meanings and place his <Silver Pass> on it.

The box let out a small 'Beep' sound. However, the box didn't open. Instead, a holographic window appeared in front of Jake. There are three options.






"The option <Store> will let the user store one or more items inside the box. To make it easier, the box will scan its surrounding with a radius or 3m for related items and store it inside. The size of the storage is infinite, so Master doesn't have to worry about it. The other two commands are similar in nature. <Withdraw> is to take an item out and <View> is for showing a list of the items inside. The materials Master purchase before have been stored inside."

Jake nodded his head and taps on the <Store> option. A command to specify the item to store was shown on the window.

Jake flipped his hand to take out an item from his own <Storage>. It was a small tunic container, similar to the one Lee had. The contents, too, was the same. It was filled with Grade 1 Monster Cores.

The quantity of the core was obviously larger than what Lee gave Jake on the other day. It was the results of Jake's constant hunts for the week. He plans to sell the monster cores inside his shop to increase the variety of items. As such, he decided to leave the cores inside the shop as a stock.

"You said that there is 3 of this thing right? Is the last one on the third floor? Would the last floor contain the workshop?"

Sylphy showed a surprised expression for an instant. Jake's guess seems to be spot on.

"Yes. The third floor is where the workshop is located. Let's proceed to the third floor."

Sylphy led the way up the stairs. The wings behind her flapped in a constant but slow pace, supporting her body to float.

The stairs leading towards the third floor was different from the one leading to the second floor. The stairs were longer and wider after Jake took a small turn. A small space was present before it continued.

Sylphy suddenly stopped in the middle of the space and looked back at Jake. She turned her gaze towards her left side, where a large painting filled the entire wall. It was a random painting where a building was present deep under the sea.

"We're here"

Jake looked around in confusion. However, as he was about to question Sylphy about her statement, he unconsciously followed Sylphy's gaze towards the black building on the painting. It was rectangular in shape and lets out a familiar metallic luster.

"Please place your <Silver Pass> on the sensor."

The next statement confirmed Jake's suspicion as he obediently did as instructed. Jake was curious to see what would happen after.

The painting gave out a blinding light for an instant. The light vanished and Jake regained his sight.

"What the…"

Jake found out that he was no longer on the stairway inside his shop. It was a large, but short corridor. There is a single door inside the room located in front of Jake. He turned around to view the entire corridor and noticed a familiar painting on the wall behind him.

"Welcome to the workshop"

Sylphy's voice woke Jake up from his daze.

"This is the workshop?"

Jake's voice contained excitement and awe as he ran towards the only door in the room. According to his logic, the equipment he needed should be behind the sole door of the room. However, he failed to understand as to why a corridor is needed before entering the workshop.

The access to the door was, once again, protected by a card scanner. Jake didn't mind the security and entered the room.

The workshop's interior was exactly as he expected. It was an exact same replica from the Time Chamber with an exception of a <DSS> at the middle. The purpose of its placement was easily understood by Jake as he looked around the room in excitement. Although it was the same, this place is the reality, it means that he will be able to use his completed product. The place will also be the first step towards his production career.

"Do you like it, Master?"

"Yes, it's really nice"

Jake shocked himself after he answered the question. However, it was not a lie. He only came into contact with a production job for less than a month and he has genuinely developed a feeling for it. It seems that the system's word that it has uncovered a 'buried' wish of his was not unfounded.


"Jake… how did you…?"

Three figures were standing in front of Jake's newly built shop. Kana was staring with her mouth agape while Lee was capable of little speech.

Jake didn't answer the question. He only gave an awkward smile while scratching his head in embarrassment. Their reaction was almost the same as his first reaction when he saw the shop.

"Let's go in. I'll explain some things."

Jake led the other two inside his shop. The first floor was not as empty as he first came in. Some of the cabinets were filled with similar items. It was the grade 1 monster core that Jake collected. The display didn't have every monster core Jake had, but only as a sign saying 'this shop sells monster core'. The customer could then ask the cashier to pack the amount they want.

Other than the monster core, there is one other item on the display. It was a blue liquid, contained inside a small glass vial. It was the product of Jake's excitement inside the workshop as he made a few <Basic Mana Potion>. He guesses that he should start to rearrange his shop to look better. However, he doesn't plan to open the shop soon.

The plan was to stock on the product for a week before opening the shop. It would be best to prepare for every kind of situation.

Kana and Lee received a tour of the shop. Both of their faces were full of shock throughout the journey. It reached the peak when they found out that Jake also started a guild on the second floor.

"You started a guild?"

"Y-yeah… I figure that it would be nice."

Kana was made speechless by the statement. According to her assumption, the management of a guild should be much harder than that of a shop.

"You… really. *Sigh*"

"Hahaha, it's okay Kana. Anyway, it sounds fun. Jake, register me to your guild"

Lee took the lead to register himself as a member of the guild, which Jake didn't refuse. It was part of his plan to let his friends enter the guild if they are willing. That way, he could help them to increase their strength by granting them skills and monster cores by using the guild as a reason. That way, they wouldn't refuse his intention.

Eventually, Kana calmed down and asked to register her as a member too.

The process was quick as Jake performed the procedure as Sylphy instructed him to. The terms and condition to enter the guild was simple. It was to not take any action that would cause demerit to the guild. Jake added another clause to not reveal guild's secret as a term. This way, the existence of Sylphy's technology would not be leaked outside without him knowing.

Jake figures that the technology that Sylphy brought with her would be revealed to his guildmembers sooner or later. The risk would be greater if he/she work inside the shop as part of the management. As such, he made this rule.

The blood contract couldn't be broken through ordinary means. Those who formed one with the conditions would unconsciously follow the contract as if it was their life goal. It was a bit scary but is trustworthy. Jake, too, gave his promise to support the members in any way he could as a term for joining.

Fortunately, it seems that the method of blood contract was a foreign term to the people on this Earth. Kana and Lee showed no reaction when they undergo the procedure.

"Kana, do you mind helping me manage the shop? I will probably be upstairs to make some product the whole day."

"Oh? Sure. I will also invite my friend that I told you about. Don't forget to give us a good salary."

"Haha, I will. But, tell your friend that she needs to register as a member to work here."

"Um… okay. I don't think that would be a problem."

"Hey! Don't forget about me. I will help too!"

Kana and Jake turned their head to look at Lee. Kana's lips formed a teasing smile.

"Heeeeh? What can you do exactly?"

"What? I can do everything you do!"

Lee was triggered by Kana's teasing smile. However, he was not truly mad. This was their normal interaction that Jake knew of. Jake started laughing heartily when he saw the scene, putting a stop to Kana and Lee's bickering. They, too, followed along to fill the room with their hearty laugh.

The conversation between the trio ended when Kana suggest visiting the neighboring shop to introduce themselves. According to her, maintaining a good relationship with their neighbors is the key to great success.

"Do you have anything we can give away? A product from the shop would be good?"

"Um… I only have this <Basic Mana Potion>. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's okay."

The first shop the trio visited was one to the left of Jake's shop. It was a two-story building with minimal decoration from the outside. All that could be found was a small sign, spelling out the word 'Crescent Moon'.

From Kana's perspective, the shop was not even attractive. However, the customer flow was amazing. There were some who even stopped in front of the store, staring at it with a yearning look. The scene made Kana wonder, 'What could they be selling?'.

The trio entered the shop with enthusiasm and a smile on their face. A smiling face is always a great first impression one could give to others. Surprisingly, the inside was not as crowded as they imagined. Its uniqueness was its medieval theme interior.

The product lined up on their display was an arrangement of medium-sized scrolls. Lee's eyes lit up at the magnificent view. He tugged on both Jake and Kana's shirt and whispered.

"Hey, this place… they're selling scrolls!"

Kana's eyes turned round at the declaration. She obviously understood what Lee is implying through his sentence.

Scrolls. They are special items which could only be produced by a few. They are the ones with a unique talent since birth. Their ability is simple, it was to inscribe a spell formula onto a piece of special cloth.

Jake's eyes, too, contained a hint of surprise but he doesn't show it. His thoughts were unknown to Lee and Kana. Suddenly, he took a big step forward and approached the receptionist. It was a female in her late twenties, presumed from her look. She could be categorized as an attractive woman from the normal standard.

"Excuse me, my name is Jake Atkins. I owned the building next door. I and my friends came over for a small greeting."

The receptionist showed a stunned expression at Jake's words. Her smile froze for an instant before recovering her demeanor. Jake kept his smile wide even when he noticed the unusual action of the receptionist. He knew, that the reaction came from the fact the rumor about the land he bought.

"This… I've brought a little something from my shop. I hope you could convey it to the owner."

Jake handed over the plastic bag he held in his hands. It contained the <Basic Mana Potion> he concocted not long ago. There are exactly five vials inside the plastic bag. Kana said that it was the recommended amount to present as a meeting gift.

"Oh?! Thank you! I will be sure to tell the owner of your kind gift."

The party exchanged their gaze with each other and bowed. Kana and Lee too did the same gesture and prepared to leave. The purpose has been completed.