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84 We“ll Have Children

Zylvia had been keeping a careful eye on the queen for the past three days ever since she had been wounded. For the most part Fayre seemed to be unaffected, other than a slight increase in wanting to surround herself with people. Jayesh, though, made sure that Fayre was never by herself, so that was not really a problem.

Fayre was still as bright as ever, and by all appearances was the person who put the incident behind her the quickest. She was more concerned with preparing for the child that was growing in her womb. Which was understandable, she was unable to do anything about it so it was better to leave it in the hands of their men, and to not allow herself to worry and focus on the little life that was inside of her.

It was a relief to Zylvia that the queen was taking this whole thing rather well. Sure she was a little sad that she would only have the one child, but that was natural as she had always planned to have a small army of children. At the same time though, she was so happy that her little baby was okay, that it overshadowed the sorrow she felt over it.

Currently the two of them were chatting together, while working diligently. There was a small pile of clothes growing for either gender. Fayre had a dreamy look on her face as she planned for the child.

"What do you think your little one's first word will be?" Zylvia glanced over at the queen, smiling at the way her eyes were all lit up.

"Who knows," The queen laughed, "Oh, I am so excited about this, after wishing for a child we will finally have one. I was starting to wonder if I was barren."

Zylvia patted her friend's arm, "Well, you were not."

"After this child, I practically will be, though." Fayre smiled, "But at least I can have this child." A content look came onto Fayre's face as she placed a hand over her abdomen.

Zylvia smiled over at her friend. She felt sympathy for her. Both of them had always dreamed of being surrounded by children, and now it did not look like Fayre would get her wish of having multiple children. At the same time, Zylvia understood that Fayre would rather have this one child than to lose it and then get a multitude of children.

"You will have to fulfill my dream for me," Fayre had a perfectly straight face as she looked at Zylv, "Zylv, have lots of children okay? If you need help taking care of them, I would be more than happy."

A slight blush came to Zylvia's face, "Well, it may take a while, children do not grow on trees."

"Pity that," Fayre sighed, "There would be more of them if they did."

"And they would not have anyone to take care of half of them." Zylvia innocently pointed out, "Besides, the wait makes you appreciate them all the more."

Fayre laughed, "Still, I want to hold your children some day, so..."

"I got it, I got it," Zylvia laughed softly. "Kaldrek actually does want children, so I am sure I will be pregnant soon enough."

Fayre smiled in a teasing manner, "Talked to him, I take it."

"..." Zylvia sighed, "Well it was semi important for us to talk about. We have yet to discuss names though."

"Of course, well, you still have not been married even a month yet, and you two never really discussed marriage to each other, let alone kids, so it is only natural, I suppose that picking names for any of your kids may take a while." Fayre grinned, "Honestly I am just pleased that the two of you actually wanted to marry each other, even if you were total idiots about it."

"Hey," Zylvia protested, "Just because we had not yet talked about our feelings, does not mean we never would have."

"Sure," Fayre rolled her eyes, "Maybe by the time my kid was all grown up, the two of you might have finally started courting."

Zylvia muttered, "Oh, come on. Just because the two of us are both very quiet about our feelings does not mean that we would have taken that long."

"I know, I am giving you the benefit of the doubt saying that you would have ever normally had such a conversation."

"Fayre, I am sure something would have happened, sooner or later, that would have prompted one of us to say something."

"And if nothing did happen that caused a shift then the two of you would have never admitted your love."

Zylvia let out a soft laugh. Fayre was not exactly wrong, as much as Zylvia hated to admit it. Kaldrek and her probably would have taken a long time if left to their own devices. Neither one of them found it that easy to talk about love., especially when they were unsure.