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It was afternoon when Zylvia awoke again. Her husband was sitting up beside of her, head propped up with one hand as he gazed down at her. He had a small smile on his lips and a deep tenderness in his eyes.

Zylvia felt a lot better now, resting had helped stabilize her emotions. Fayre would be alright, so there was no point in crying her eyes out. The child would be fine as well, they were pretty lucky that nothing worse had happened. She pushed back the thoughts of what could have happened and focused on the man who had finally told her what she had been longing to hear.

Knowing he loved her back made her feel more complete, as she was no longer worrying about it. She grinned up at him, her whole face lighting up as she did so. He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"Awake, Zylv, dearest?"

"Yes." She fluttered her eyes at him, making him laugh.

"Oh, Zylv, darling, fluttering your eyes does not really suit you..... its too bold."

She froze, "Kaldrek." Her voice became really serious as she looked him straight in the eyes.

"Yes, love?" A bit of nervousness came onto his face as if he was totally unsure what was wrong.

She smiled at him, "Please never call me 'darling'... now calling me 'love' - I think I rather like that endearment."

He looked relieved, "Alright, then.....my love."

"Thank you." She hugged him tightly, refusing to let go. "I really, really love you, my dear sweet husband."

"I.... l-love you too, sweetheart." She noticed that his face had become a little flushed again.

She giggled as she climbed up on top of his lap, moving her arms from around his body to around his neck. "You know, Kaldrek, sometimes you really can be cute...."

"Uhhh...." A bewildered look came unto her husband's face, "Not something I am typically called, but I'll accept it."

She leaned in, brushing her lips against his. Squeezing her close, he deepened their kiss. After awhile she pulled away from him, smiling as she did so.

Hopping off of him, she fixed her appearance from sleeping, straightening out her dress, refixing her hair. Kaldrek helped her with her hair, placing a kiss on top of her head when he was finished.

They went to go see how Fayre was doing and feeling and if there was any thing they could do to help her with her recovery. She might have already been rescued and healed, but she would still need their support. Such things often left some sort of trauma.

Fayre had gotten up and she and Jayesh had gone to the sitting room. Fayre was on her husband's lap, obviously enjoying being pampered. The two monarchs smiled when they entered. Zylvia was pleased to note that Fayre looked happy and undisturbed by what had happened earlier.

"Come, join, us," Jayesh smiled as he happily gestured them in, "And before you ask, my wife is doing fine."

"Good to hear that," Kaldrek smiled as he guided Zylvia to sit beside him on their blue chair.

Jayesh smiled with a slightly raised eyebrow, looking at the grip Kaldrek had on Zylvia's arm, "Seems like you two are starting to act more like a couple."

"Well, we are married...." Kaldrek muttered, "So it is natural for me to take care of her, we are friends, after all."

Zylvia giggled at her husband's avoidance of the subject. It was much like how she would often brush past the subject. Kaldrek and her definitely had similar approaches to their feelings, that they were private and not everyone needed to hear about it. She already knew that the two of them might never feel comfortable publicly displaying their affection and she was fine with that. As long as she knew he loved her, no one else had to.

Of course, she realized that once they started having children then it would become obvious. At least that they were attracted enough to each other to have kids together. Though she knew their two friends would make a much bigger deal of it than just that.

"Oh? C'mon, Kaldrek," Fayre laughed, "Don't keep denying you like your pretty red haired wife. I mean your words say one thing but your actions toward her say something else."

"I never said I did not like Zylvia, " Kaldrek rolled his eyes and pulled his wife closer to him.

"You never said you liked her either..." Mumbled Jayesh.

""Do I need to say I like someone when I hang out with them so much and obviously enjoy doing so?" Kaldrek grinned with a shake of his head, "I mean, I call her my friend don't I?"

"We are not talking about that sort of liking someone!" Jayesh was starting to sound exasperated.

Zylvia started laughing, gripping her husband's arm as she buried her head in his shoulder. This whole conversation was somewhat amusing to her, as she knew that Kaldrek was being difficult on purpose.