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65 The Hardest Thing

Zylvia sleepily looked at her husband. She was unsure why he was suddenly apologizing to her. Being half-asleep she wrapped her arms around him, and murmured softly into his ear, "What do you have to apologize for, my darling husband? You're wonderful."

She nestled close to her sorcerer, ready to fully go back to sleep. His arms around her were so comfortable and gave her a sense of security. Before she completely dropped off, though, she heard what her husband whispered into her hair, "I...I have trouble saying certain things. Even if I want to...and I do, I just...they won't come out. So be patient with me, please, dear?"

She did not answer as she had fallen asleep. When she woke up, she was still cocooned in his embrace, with her head resting under his chin. She could only vaguely recall what they had said the night before. Something about an apology. She could clearly remember Kaldrek asking her to be patient with him though.

Was it about her asking him if he loved her? She shifted uncomfortably, a blush spreading across her cheeks. What had she been thinking asking him that, anyway? She hid her face closer into him.

"Mmm..." Hearing the slight sound coming from her husband, Zylvia froze a little. While she was getting used to being in his arms, she found herself in a fluster today. Perhaps due to the question she had never gotten an answer to.

His hands pulled on her body, tugging her just a little bit closer. She felt his lips press on the top of her head, leaving a tingling feeling of warmth. One of his hands began rubbing up and down her spine, leaving a tingly feeling.

"You awake, Zylv?" There was a half-asleep quality to his voice. Not that he sounded tired or anything, just like he had only just woken up. Which was true. She would probably force him to sleep again if he had been tired.

"Mhm," She kept herself tucked into him. She did not want to get up yet, and moving sluggishly might just deter her husband from suggesting they get up.

Kaldrek, much to her joy, seemed to not really want to get out of bed either. He merely held her extremely close to himself, something she was admittedly good with.

If time stopped right then, Zylvia would not have been upset. Waking up wrapped up in the arms of the man she loved was an incredible feeling. One she was getting to experience everyday.

"Zylv, I...can we stay like this a while longer?" He squeezed her, burying his face in her messy hair.

"Of course," She pushed herself up against him, tightening her arms that were around him. "Gladly, Kaldrek."

"Thank you," Her husband's voice was muffled as he spoke directly into her hair, "I really like waking up to you, you know."


"Of course, I sleep much better when I am with you."

"Kaldrek..." She shook her head, laughing at him, "Is that the only reason?" She decided that a bit of teasing would be fun.

"Of course not Zylv," He chuckled gently, "It is just the easiest one for me to say."

Her husband suddenly pulled a little back, gazing down at her in a way that made her heart start beating, "Zylv, you test my self-control to its limits, keeping my hands off of you was the hardest thing I have ever done."

He captured her lips with his, prying her mouth open as he did so. Not that she made it hard for him. She happily kissed him back, enjoying the sensations that came with it.

When he pulled back, he leaned his forehead against hers. His smile was filled with a warmth she was enjoying seeing on him.

After awhile of staying in bed teasing each other, Kaldrek reluctantly pulled away. They got dressed, Kaldrek making her let him brush her hair. She still found it startling for him to enjoy doing her hair.

As she went to open the door, her husband grabbed hold of her. Spinning her around, he pushed her against the wall, being careful not to hurt her. He kissed her again, thoroughly, one of his hands cupped her face, the other fondled her waist.

He was just pulling away from her when they heard the scream.