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The Reverse Life of Jiujiu


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Updates:Chapter 55: She Must be Executed for Lese-majeste!

When that black bellied and domineering King Hades meets the reckless and bold orphan girl! Before people, he spoils her to the extent that everyone is jealous of. And behind people, he still spoils her, but in a different away. He ‘spoils’ her till she has a back pain, till she can’t feel her limbs, till she can only rest in bed for three days! Ruan Jiujiu yells to heaven: a**hole! Have you marr...
《The Reverse Life of Jiujiu》 Text
Chapter 1: Thrash!
Chapter 2: To live or to die?
Chapter 3: Give It a Try!
Chapter 4: Fiancé
Chapter 5: A Real Master
Chapter 6: Trap Her!
Chapter 7: To Find the Empress for Support!
Chapter 8: Someone Is Going To Take Your Life!
Chapter 9: She Cannot Die
Chapter 10: Detoxification
Chapter 11: A Wild Cat That Is Hard To Deal With
Chapter 12: Go away!
Chapter 13: Storage of Treasure
Chapter 14: She is Bound To Die!
Chapter 15: No Alert At All
Chapter 16: Tearing up Other’s Clothes Again!
Chapter 17: Aren’t You Ashamed?
Chapter 18: Hang Her Up
Chapter 19: Who is he?
Chapter 20: I Am Your Lifesaver
Chapter 21: Digging a pit on the verge of death.
Chapter 22: Poisonous thorns of group nine
Chapter 23: There is no antidote for this poison
Chapter 24: The Poor Frog in the Well Can Only See the Little Patch of the Sky Above
Chapter 25: You dispense the drug and I detoxify i
Chapter 26: Strange Solutions
Chapter 27: Feeling Grea
Chapter 28: Can he be so pure?
Chapter 29: Bad Taste
Chapter 30: If Only She Could Care More!
Chapter 31: Unhappy, Very Unhappy
Chapter 32: Riding on His Coattails and Seeking Protection
Chapter 33: What Attributes or Abilities Did She Have!
Chapter 34: So Adept at Scheming
Chapter 35: Unidentified Lady
Chapter 36: A Complete Failure
Chapter 37: Too Na?ve
Chapter 38: The Yun Palace? The Ghost Palace?
Chapter 39: A Friendly Reminder
Chapter 40: A Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 41: Finally Appeared the Lord of Ghos
Chapter 42: The Nightmare Came True
Chapter 43: Who was the Real King?
Chapter 44: Highly Toxic! Touch It, and You Die!
Chapter 45: Poisonous or Not?
Chapter 46: The Highest-ranking Imperial Concubine Was So Caring
Chapter 47: Concubine Dan fell down by poison
Chapter 48: Nice Response, You Chick
Chapter 49: Following Him Or Not?
Chapter 50: Ruan Jiujiu Ran Away!
Chapter 51: Lord Ming is so overbearing
Chapter 52: A hole which you have no choice but to jump into
Chapter 53: Collecting Medicinal Herbs and Using Poison as an Antidote to Poison
Chapter 54: Never Expect Her to Be Soft-hearted in Quarrels
Chapter 55: She Must be Executed for Lese-majeste!