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What's better? To be born as a good person, a genuinely good will human being? Or life knocking you down, and turning you into a monster, and overcoming that evil nature?


The Revenant sped to Central Square, where the news reported that King Cruel was fighting Knight, and not just fighting, demolishing him. James knew that his words to Knight were wrong, and he can't take them back, but the least he could do was have his back. He just had to make sure he kept his anger in check.

After a few minutes of very fast and reckless driving on The Pale Horse, King Cruel came into sight. He was holding Knight by the neck, just staring at the oncoming Revenant. He had a shit eating grin on his face.

Revenant pulled up and came to a stop twenty feet away, and got off of The Pale Horse.

"This is between us Jamal. Leave Knight out of this." James said. Fists clenched.

"So glad you could show up. I was wondering if I was going to have to kill this 'hero' just to get your attention." Cruel said with a smirk before tossing Knight to the side.

"Well here I am. You want me? Then walk you're ass over here, and get the beat down you deserve." Cruels expression turned sour, and he charged at James.

James ran towards the charging Cruel, and as soon as they were about to clash, he leapt into the air, diving over him. It mid air, he flung a small orb directly into his face, when it exploded, it concussed Cruel, and temporarily stunned and blinded him.

James landed on his feet, and immediately crouched and spun his leg around to sweep Cruels leg.

King Cruel went crashing down to his back, then James mounted him and began firing hard rights and lefts into Jamals jaw. After a short flurry, Jamal finally regained his vision and grabbed both of The Revenants arms, and tossed him aside like he was nothing.

As Cruel was moving to return to his feet, and was only on one knee, James ran forward and thrusted his knee into Cruel's face, crashing it into his jaw.

Cruel fell again to his back. As James went to mount him again, Cruel telegraphed to move, and swatted him aside and attempted to return to his feet again.

James didn't want to give him that chance, so he went to slide tackle him.

However, in mid slide, Cruel snatched his ankle, and stood up, holding James upside down by one ankle.

He looked up at Cruel, who was smirking, and then caught a powerful blow in the teeth by the tip of Cruel's boot, blood filling his mouth, he was then thrown into the side of a nearby brick building. Crashing through the wall into a diner. James spit blood out, and returned to his feet. He heard King Cruels roar right behind him, so he dodged to the side, just in time to see Cruel slam his fists into a table where James was standing, crashing the table to the floor.

James delivered a thrust kick to the side of Cruels knee, it buckled for a second but he didn't go down. Cruel grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against a wall, holding him there.

"Ah Jimmy. This is how it was always going to end. The King always wins." Cruel said, before hitting James in the chest with a palm strike that sent him shattering through the wall he was up against, and laying on the floor of the bathroom that was on the other side.

James crawled to the toilet, and sat himself on it, trying to regain his balance and breath.

Cruel advanced on him, tried to grab him with both hands, but James slid down and between his legs after grabbing the collar of Cruels vest, using his weight to slam Cruels face into, and through, the toilet bowl.

James took no time in getting up and trying to escape to formulate an attack strategy. As he was walking to the dinner door, he caught a boot in between his shoulder blades, sending him forward and through the glass doors, and landing on his face in shards of glass.

Cruel walked over top of him, and placed his boot on top of Revenants head.

"Under my boot. Where you belong." King Cruel laughed. James tried crawling, but Cruel bent down, and picked James up and held him over top of his head.

"Is this your hero?" Cruel yelled to all the onlookers and camera crew.

Suddenly, Cruel got hit by something and he dropped James.

Cruel pulled an ice shard out of his shoulder, and turned to see Absolute Zero standing on top of the diner. Cruel growled and grabbed the frame of the glass door that James went through, and tossed it at Zero.

Zero jumped over it, and off of the diner roof and landed ten feet in front of Cruel.

"Who exactly do you think you are? You honestly think that you can stand to me? I'm the King!" Cruel yelled, arms spread out. Zero didn't say anything, he replied by sending out a beam of ice towards Cruels right arm, and froze it solid. Cruel roared in pain before charging Zero.

Absolute Zero used his ice to slide in circles around Cruel, and continued firing ice shards at him from all directions.

Cruel was able to swat some of them away with his left arm, but many were impacting and sticking into him. Cruel roared one more time, before reaching out and catching Zero, who was straying too close to him, and slamming him down onto his back.

The slam to the ground, smacked Zeros head against the concrete and dizzied him for a second, just in time to see Cruels boot coming down towards his face, he rolled out of the way and the boot slammed into the ground, cracking the concrete.

Absolute Zero returned to his feet, just in time for Cruel to slam his frozen arm against Zeros head.

The blow sent Absolute Zero crashing into a building opposite the diner, but also completely shattering King Cruels right arm.

James looked up, to see Jamal's arm frozen at the nub a few inches below the shoulder, but Cruel didn't even flinch at losing his arm.

James realized now was his time to strike, his attention was on Connor. James stood up and ran at Cruel, and was almost on him, when Cruel looked over his shoulder at him with a smile. The fear overtook him and he froze in his tracks.

"Really? The infamous killer? The Revenant, the Reaper, The Pale Rider, standing here before the King in fear? I like it." Cruel said just before slamming his fist into James' face so hard that it almost sounded like it created a shock wave.

James felt his face shatter. Every bone.

When he tried to raise his head, he saw that he was about forty yards away from Cruel, who was walking over to him.

His vision was blurry and his eyes stung from the blood pouring into his eyes. He couldn't move his face. He wanted to scream out in pain, but he couldn't. He began to black out from the pain, though.

In between consciousness, he saw that suddenly he was flying through the air. He tried to move his head to see how, but as soon as he tried, the pain blacked him out again.


James opened his eyes. Everything was blurry. He used to have perfect vision, now it felt like he was close to blind. He went to rub his eyes, when he felt the tug of metal on both his wrists. He could barely make out the handcuffs on his wrist, strapped to the handles of the bed he was laying on.

"Hey-" He went to speak out, until the pain stopped him and he could feel fabric covering his face, like gauze.
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Suddenly, Joseph Pike walked into sight.

"Don't try to move, or talk. You got pretty fucked up Jimmy." Pike said. "Yeah, uh, I'm not sure how to tell you, and I'm pretty sure they say not to show you..." Pike drifted off, just staring at him. James saw another figure walk into the room, but couldn't make out who until they got closer.

"That was some rescue attempt Jimmy. I mean, I guess it worked in a sense, but damn." Trench said. He was a little banged up, but all in all he was alright. He walked over to a desk and picked something up. He walked back over, and handed James a mirror.

"Are you sure..." Pike started to say.

"He needs to know. He's going to find out eventually." Trench replied. Pike reluctantly unlocked the handcuffs.

James held the mirror up, and saw his head completely covered in bloody gauze.

He set the mirror down on his lap, and slowly unwrapped his bandages.

He slowly pulled the mirror back up to his face, and almost couldn't believe what he saw.

His face was completely disfigured. He had almost no nose remaining, horrendous scars covering his entire face, his eyes looked clouded over by blood, and his jaw looked like it had to be wired back on. His hair was also gone, with a long thick scar covering his forehead and top of his head.

"I had to completely put your skull back together, it was shattered. Everything was. From that one punch." Trench said.

James clenched his fist around the mirror handle, and slid his legs over the edge of bed, and slowly stood up, even though Pike and Trench tried to stop him.

James slowly hobbled over to the vanity mirror on the wall and saw his entire head all at once. He was silent before a moment.

Then, he just roared. Completely ignoring the tremendous pain from moving any part of face. He let out a bellowing roar.