Wuxiaworld > The Revenant: Borei > 8 Chapter Seven

There are probably a few moments in a person's life where they have to decide whether or not vengeance, or another selfish motive, is important enough to risk something, in this instance, the life of friends. Is revenge more important than anything? Well, for Revenant, it just might be.


Revenant heard a clank behind him, and turned to see Knight walking toward him.

"Did I miss all the fun?" He asked.

"Some man, in a suit like yours, calls himself Mantis." Zero said. Knight didn't say a word, but Revenant figured there was something he wasn't telling them.

Suddenly, the sound of helicopter propellers and military style Humvees surrounded them.

"Oh sh-" Knight began to say before a voice sprang loud over a megaphone.

"Absolute Zero. Knight. Revenant. This is is Commander Draken speaking, leader of F.R.A.G. You are all under arrest and are to be relocated to a maximum security prison for the crimes that you have committed. Absolute Zero for the crimes of destruction of government property, vigilantism, and murder. Knight, vigilantism and multiple counts of destruction of property and Revenant dozens, maybe hundreds, of counts of murder and assault and now vigilantism. Surrender yourself to the FRAG personnel approaching you, immediately." The voice ordered.

Zero began freezing his hands more, ready to strike, Knight got into a defensive stance and The Revenant followed suite.

"Fine. Then let me introduce you to FRAGs secret weapon: Jamal Cruel. Retrieve the targets. Dead or Alive." Commander Draken ordered.

Then, out of the back of one of the Humvees, a seven foot tall, built black man with dead eyes and a scar on his face emerged.

"Cruel? King Cruel?" James said to himself.

Knight looked from Jamal Cruel, to Revenant then to Absolute Zero.

"Kid, we need to stop Jimmy. He's about to go ape shit." Knight whispered to Connor. Connor looked over at Revenant. He could only see his mouth under the cowl, but Connor could see his teeth were clenched, as were his fists, and he was shaking.


10 Years Ago:

"Did you really believe you could just betray us Jimmy? That hurts me. Wounds me, Jimmy. You would hurt your King?"

Jimmy McCloud looked up from his position on his knees. His wrists were zip tied behind his back, and he was on the living room floor of his own home. He looked past King Cruel, the leader of the Eagle City Savages, his leader, and saw his mom and dad terrified, sitting on the couch, with guns pointed at them.

"I didn't betray you. You heard the announcement. FRAG is here! They will kill us all, and if they don't, we'll all be thrown in jail for life. I'm only 17 Jamal!" Jimmy said just before getting backhanded, which sent him falling sideways against his face, and a small pool of blood to form in his mouth. He spit it out, and used his head and weight to pull himself back up.

"You will address me, by the title I have deserved. King!" King Cruel yelled.

"Listen, I don't know what my son has done to you, but you don't have to do this." Jimmy's dad pleaded. King Cruel turned his attention to him.

"Your precious son, as you apparently don't know, has been a very vital member to the Eagle City Savages since he was fourteen. Fourteen! Your precious son, has put many men in the hospital just because his King bidded it to be so. Then, suddenly, my once most loyal subject, decided he wanted out." Cruel turned back to James. " And there is only one way out."

Cruel snapped his fingers, and one of the other members put a bullet into his father's forehead. Killing him instantly.

James just stared as his mother screamed and cried in terror and sadness. He didn't cry. He couldn't cry. He couldn't move. He couldn't do a single thing. He could only watch.

"Now see here Jimmy, a King, does what he needs to. You have a lesson to learn. That what the King wants. The King gets. Holmes, hold him so he watches." Cruel said with a smirk.

Cruel grabbed his mother and laid her down on the couch after pushing Jimmy's fathers corpse off of it.

James then was forced to watch, as Cruel and then his men, had their way with his mother before killing her as well.

When it was all over, Cruel stood over top of him and pointed the gun at Jimmy's face.

"Long live the King." Cruel said, then laughed, before pulling the trigger, and shooting Jimmy in the head.


Jamal Cruel stood not a whole fifteen feet away from Jimmy. The man behind all of his rage, and yet all he could do was stand there trembling.

"I know whos behind that mask, Revenant. They don't, but I do. I made you. Now, bow down to your King"

"You don't look much like a King now. You look more like FRAGs bitch."

"Oh. No. This is just me returning a favor. See, they gave me a gift...a gift fitting... For a king."
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James had heard enough. His unbridled rage was all he had in his mind. He charged at the giant of a man, and just as he reached him, he caught a backhanded blow to the side of the head that sent him flying to the ground.

James was caught by surprise by the power that Cruel had. His vision was blurry, and his mind foggy. He propped himself up, slowly, on his elbow and looked at Cruel, who was just standing there staring at him.

Knight decided to use the opportunity this distraction brought, and flew at Cruel with the intent of delivering a flying punch.

Knight was dumbfounded when his arm was caught, and he was held off the ground by Cruel.

Cruel was just looking into Knights helmet, before spinning around and slamming him into a nearby firetruck with enough force to tip over the truck and leaving Knight embedded into the metal on top of it.

Cruel turned his attention to Absolute Zero, who had yet to move, out of fear.

"Frozen in fear, I see." Cruel commented with a smirk. Connor shook off the fear and formed an ice spear, and threw it at Cruel with as much power as he could muster. Cruel barely budged when the ice spear embedded itself into his gut. He simply pulled the spear out, and shattered it in his hands, leaving a hole, and no blood, in his stomach.

Cruel began walking towards Connor, and as Connor blasted out dozens of ice shards, Cruel just kept coming. Ice shards sticking into his body, seemingly doing nothing to hinder him.

James was returning to his feet in time to watch Cruel hold Zero by the back of his head in the air, before slamming his face down into the concrete.

"Enough Cruel! This is between us. Leave them out of it!" Revenant yelled. Cruel turned his head to Revenant.

"Oh don't you worry. I plan on killing you first. I failed the first time, but now..." Cruel said, then held his fist up and tightened it. "I'll finish the job."

"Not today!" A voice yelled behind Cruel, before slamming into Cruel's back and driving him into the Humvee he stepped out of. Knight flew above the vehicle and sent a blast into it, causing it to explode. Then turned around and sent another one into the tail of the helicopter, sending it spinning.

"We have to go, now!" Knight yelled, grabbing hold of Zero's unconscious body, and flying away, while Revenant, hesitated a moment until he saw the wreckage of the Humvee begin to stir, then he jumped on The Pale Horse, and sped off towards Deaths Door.


" God fucking dammit!" James yelled as he upturned a table in the main hall, sending tools and weapons clattering across the ground, while Trench and Connor, who still looked a little worse for wear, stared at him.

"Ten years. Ten. Fucking. Years. I thought he was dead. He disappeared off the map. I wiped out the Savages and none of them knew where he was. Then, the day I decide to go completely public, he shows up!" James yelled.

"Jimmy, stop. This isn't going to hel-" Trench began to say before he had to dodge a screw driver that James had picked back up to throw at him.

"Shut up, Quinton! The man who killed my family just shows up and you tell me to stop? Fuck you." James spat at him.

"I'm going to take into consideration of what you're going through, and not put your head through a wall for snapping at me, the guy who helped you!" Trench spat back. James started laughing. Connor hobbled between them both.

"Guys, enough. What's this going to solve." Connor tried to diffuse the situation. James pushed him aside and got in Trench's face.

"Helped? What did you really do? He slammed you around just like he did the rest of us. All you did was use some gadgets in your suit, which still didnt kill him. So don't act like you're some savior." James said. Trench just stared at him.

"You act all righteous and perfect, when you're nothing but a rich guy with too much free time." James spat.

"I understand what you're going through James. I'm an orphan too-" Trench started saying before James laughed.

"You understand what I'm going through? I started a war against crime because that rapist murdering cunt killed my parents. What about you? You gonna start a war on drug dealers cuz your parents were junkies who cared about pills and cheap thrills over you?"

Trench had heard enough. He turned and walked away.

"Without that suit, what are you? Nothing but a cripple with sunglasses." James said before turning back to his computer.

Trench stood there silently for a moment, then James heard the sound of the suit activating, and turned around in time to catch a right hook from Knight. However, James was so hopped up on his rage, that he didn't even feel it. He simply smirked, and headbutted Knight, and followed it up by whipping out a kraxinium blade and plunging it into Knights shoulder, before pulling it back out and slicing the back of Knights neck.

Trench fell to the ground, no longer in the suit. He looked up at James, who held the jewel that was on the back of Trench's neck in between his pointer finger and thumb.

"This is what you are. A tiny, pathetic excuse for hero. You've got talent, yeah, but hard work beats talent every time! I spent ten years becoming what I am! I spent ten years, you spent ten years worth of money. You're not a hero. You're a trust fund with a super suit." James said.

Trench did everything in his power not to panic. He couldn't move, or feel, his legs. He always remembered what it felt like to be paralyzed, but feeling it again was overwhelming. However, he refused to beg James to give the Knight Suit back. He didn't have to. James tossed it to him before walking away.

"Now it's my turn to say: Now fuck off." James said as he exited the main hall.

Connor tried to help Trench, but he just pushed him away instead. He returned the knight Suit back to his neck, and once he was able to feel his legs again, he stood back up, and exited Deaths Door, feeling as though he lost any shred of dignity he had.