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"Officer Drey, go and see how Jimmy is doing with the autopsies. We need a lead as soon as possible." Lieutenant Park said as he looked at a corkboard that had photos and news clippings laid out about the Borei case.

Officer Drey nodded and said "Yes, sir.". He headed down to the morgue.

"Hey Jimmy, Park wants to know where you're at on the Borei case." James McCloud turned around from the table he was standing in front of. He took his latex gloves off.

"Well, you definitely gave me enough bodies to work with. I'm one man Drey, with twelve bodies to cut open." James explained.

"Well, have you got anything so far?" James sighed.

"So far, all I could really gather is that the blades that the killer used are unique. They're made out of Kraxinium. Which, is extremely rare, considering the only person known to have it is that Krax guy who is covered in the stuff. But, he's in FRAG's Icebox." James explained.

"Okay, so unbreakable and untraceable metal for knives. Gotcha. I'll tell Park." Drey said before he turned to leave.

"Wait, there's more." Drey turned around and crossed his arms.

"Okay, so this is where it gets really interesting. Some of the blood that was taken, didn't match any of the dead guys. So, I analyzed it." James explained as he went over to his computer. Drey got visibly excited.

"So you know who's blood it is?"

"No" Dreys face fell. "Whats interesting, is that the blood has no match at all. Like, the computer won't even read it at all. Like, it's not even human blood, but it is human blood. It also acts weird. I can't explain how, but there's something off about it." James explained.

" So, unbreakable and untraceable metal, someone else's blood, and that blood has no match and acts weird. Got it." Drey said as he walked out of the morgue, leaving James standing alone.

" When you say it like that it makes the last days worth of work feel trivial." James said to himself as he put latex gloves on.


James McCloud entered his apartment and locked the door behind him. He put his bookbag down on the counter and grabbed a drink from his fridge. He was sitting at his dinner table when he heard the sirens.

He went to look out his windows and saw FRAG vehicles speeding down the road his apartment was on. James wasn't a fan of FRAG. They just caused more problems, in his opinion. Ever since they occupied Eagle City, more and more of these 'meta humans" have seemed to pop up. FRAG started as exactly what their name meant "Federal Reserve Against Gangs". All they were supposed to do, was help eradicate organized crime, but once they pretty much succeeded at that, they started going after metas. Then, the metas retaliated and fought back, and metas who were hidden came out of hiding to fight because they were afraid they'd get caught anyway. Then, since they were so focused on meta's, they didn't seem to notice when organized crime made a comeback. No one seemed to notice. James had heard rumors of FRAG's Icebox. That it was a prison, minus the false pretense of rehabilitation. They just wanted to throw the metas in a hole and forget about them. James thought it was messed up, but what did he care? It wasn't him.

James walked into his bedroom and opened up his closet. Inside was his work clothes, and a big black trunk sitting on the ground. He opened it up, and pulled out a black mask and a kraxinuim blade.

"Time to go to work" James said to himself.


The street were quiet. Almost peaceful. Borei stood on a rooftop in downtown Eagle City, The Warrens. Eagle City's ghetto, slum, whatever word you wanted to call it. It was the place that the city hid its more unsavory people. Mostly, the poor ones. Borei wasn't worried about the politics of it. He had one job. There was a weapons drop about to happen, and rumor had it the leader of the 'New World Order' was supposed to show personally.

Normally, Borei wouldn't believe any rumors, but this piece of Intel came from a NWO member he tortured. Borei had become very good at 'gathering intel' from his time in Russia.

He checked his blades one last time, and made sure his two custom Glock 34's were loaded and tucked back into his side holsters. Borei didn't prefer to use guns, but in the killing business, it paid well to be versatile.

Borei heard the tires rolling into gravel and peered over the side of the building and saw three SUV's pull in. Ten men got out and all stood in between the vehicles and began talking. Borei scanned the men, but didn't see the leader. He didn't want to make a move until he knew that 'The President', The Leader of the New World Order, was either going to show up or not. He didn't want to attack too early and make it obvious he was hunting The President specifically.

After about five minutes, three men went back to one of the vehicles and lugged out a large chest. They sat it down in front of one of the other men and popped it open. The man gestured to one of his men. They went back to their respective vehicle and came back with a heavy duffel bag. The man tossed it into the center next to the chest. One grabbed the duffel and opened it, holding up cash, while the other pulled an M4 Carbine out of the chest.

Borei wanted to go down there, but he calmed himself, and told himself that he had to look at the bigger picture. He pulled a tracking device out of his pocket, it was the size of a penny. Activated it, and tossed it at one of the vehicles that belong to the NWO.

The men must have been satisfied with their deal, because they loaded up their respective loot and returned to their vehicle.

Borei was frustrated. "I got all dressed up with no one to kill." He said to himself.
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Borei would be lying if he said he didn't like killing. He felt almost born for it. It came easy to him, and he didn't lose sleep. As far as he was concerned, he was Death. However, he knew that there was a smart way to do this, and running in half cocked, wasn't the smart way.

So, Borei began to head back to his apartment. That's when he saw the explosion.


Tanya Jones could hardly see, could hardly breath, and it felt like her skin was melting. Maybe it was, but she knew she had to focus on one thing: Escaping.

She wasn't sure what happened. She was cooking dinner, and all of a sudden there was an explosion. She didn't know if it came from the floors below or above her, but all her windows shattered and the tremor knocked her to the floor. She wish she could've just jumped out of the window, but six floors high, would probably kill her.

To make matters worse, the blast knocked her unconscious and when she came to, her apartment was ablaze and she felt concussed.

She hobbled to the door and burnt her hand on the door handle. She stumbled backwards and tried to think clearly enough to find a way out.

Suddenly, she heard a gunshot and her door blew down. A man in all black, with a black mask over his entire head walked through the doorway.

He didn't say a word, he just charged toward her, grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the window. He looked out, and pulled her close to him.

"I'd suggest closing your eyes." The man said. She didn't know why, but she just obeyed. She closed her eyes, then felt wind rushing past her face. The man grunted, in what sounded like pain, and then her feet touched the floor. She opened her eyes to find herself outside of her apartment complex and fire fighters rushing over to her. She looked around for the man, but he was nowhere to be seen.


James sat down on his head and ripped his mask off his head.

"Fucking. Stupid." He said to himself through his teeth. He looked down at his leg, it was shattered, but almost done healing. When he jumped out the window, he wasn't really thinking, just acting. When he hit the ground, he was somewhat shocked to find that his left leg shattered from toes to hip. Most of the bones healed during the walk, or hobble, home, but he still felt every nerve ending screaming as bones reshifted and healed back together.

"You're not a hero Jimmy." James told himself as he peeled off the rest of his outfit. James spent the last ten years of his life focused on one thing: The Mission. Destroy every gang that leeched onto this city, or planet. He had no time to play superhero.

James laid down on his couch, when he heard his cell phone ding. He looked at the screen and it showed where the tracking device ended up at.

TrenchVision HQ