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"Lieutenant Park, you're gonna want to hear this." Sam Park, had been Lieutenant of the Eagle City Police Department for almost 4 years now. The ECPD was one of the best police forces the country has seen in almost 15 years, but that was probably to do with the fact that crime was never really a big problem in Eagle City. Ever since the F.R.A.G Initiative was signed by the Eagle City Mayor, Robert Kirkland, inner city crime had almost been completely dissolved, but Lieutenant Park remembered a time back when he was 10 years younger and had a full head of hair, that Eagle City's gang problem was rampant. He might not have agreed with FRAG's methods, but he couldn't argue with their results.

"What is it?" Park asked, shuffling a stack of reports to the side of his desk.

"There's been a murder. Well, about a dozen. It's just better if you come to the crime scene." The officer explained. He was pale, like he was going to be sick. It piqued Park's interest, so he put on his coat and walked out of his office.

"Francine, could you please call Detective Pike and tell him to join us. Tell him it's not a request, it's an order." Lieutenant Park explained to the secretary. Joseph Pike. A Tokyo Detective who moved to Eagle City shortly after suffering a family accident. He was ECPD's best detective for almost 2 years. He was aggressive, maybe too aggressive at times. He believed that no one was above the law, and that the best way to deal with the horrible things he saw on a daily basis was to crawl inside a bottle. Lieutenant Park couldn't seem to blame him though, he never had children, but he could only imagine how it would feel to lose your wife and daughter thanks to the Yakuza.


When Lieutenant Park arrived at the crime scene it was still bustling with police and CSI's. A whole two blocks was taped off, which seemed excessive, but made him wonder how bad it must truly be.
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He wasn't disappointed. When he walked into the alleyway, the first thing he noticed was the smell. It was horrendous. He understood why his officer wanted to be sick. There were 12 bodies strewn about the alley, all dead, blood everywhere. Three with missing limbs, two of which had their heads separated from their bodies, six with their throats cut, and one seemed to have every bone in his body broken before he was impaled against the wall of a building. The Lieutenant was examining the first one, and saw a distinctive tattoo. It was the mark of the Eagle City sect of The Ravagers. They were a relatively small time gang, mostly drug dealers and small arms dealers. He thought they had been wiped out when FRAG moved in. Well, they were now.

"Park, come look at this." Lieutenant Park looked up and saw Joseph Pike standing in front of the gang banger who was impaled to the building, and walked over.

Lieutenant Park examined the impaled man, it was gruesome. He didn't have any love loss for a gang banger, but he didn't believe anybody should die like this. That's when he noticed that some symbol was carved into his chest.

"What is that? Some religious shit?" Park asked, confused and disgusted. Religious wackos were the worst. He remembered the serial killings that happened 3 years ago by some religious nutcase who called himself The Priest, he was never caught.

"No. It's Japanese. It means 'Borei'" Pike explained.

"Borei? What is that? A Rival gang?" It was Pike's turn to look pale. He had seen this before.

"No. It means 'The Revenant'"