Wuxiaworld > The Revenant: Borei > 1 Prologue

There is an old saying: If you look for revenge, you need to dig two Graves. One for them, and one for you. Well, the people who said that must have never heard of Borei.

It was dark. Quiet. Eerily quiet. The silence only disrupted by the occasional sound of one of the Yakuza men shifting their weight to the other foot. They've been waiting for what seemed like forever, but it had only been an hour or so, but time seems to stand still while you're waiting for death.

"How do we even know if he's going to show up?

"You don't know it's a he. Could be a woman."

"There is no way that monster is a woman"

"How do you know? You've never seen it. No one has."

"Yeah, but-" The silence was disturbed suddenly by a loud bang. The three Yakuza began scanning the surrounding. Looking high and low. Analyzing the scene from behind the barrels of SMGs.

The lid to the dumpster near them slammed down suddenly, and almost in unison, the men aimed their weapons at the dumpster. A stray cat sauntered out from behind the dumpster.

One of the Yakuza chuckled.

"See? You're both overreacting. There's no such thing as-" His sentenced ended as he began gurgling on blood. The two other men turned to him and saw the cause. A throwing knife sticking into his throat. They watched in horror and confusion as the man fell to his knees grasping at his throat. Then, it was silent again.

"What the-" Again, the man was cut off. The last Yakuza turned to his associate and saw him laying on the ground. Neck visibly broken. Behind him, barely visible in the darkness. Was a man, with a black helmet that covered his entire head and face and what looked to be some lightweight modified combat gear underneath a black leather jacket.

The Yakuza began firing his SMG in the direction of the man. When he finished, and his eyes adjusted to the darkness again after the muzzle flashes, he saw that the creature was nowhere to be seen.

"Shi wa sugu ni yattekuru" The creature said in a deep, obviously technologically disguised voice right behind him. Then an audible plunging sound of steel slicing through flesh, as the Yakuza looked down and saw what looked like a long spear tip sticking out of his chest. Then, darkness overcame him.


A man in a clean, pressed and neat suit walked into a conference room. He bowed to the man sitting at the desk.

"Sensei, I have bad news" The man said still holding the bow. The man at the desk, an older, gruff and visibly intimidating man, turned in his chair to face the bowing man.

"I don't very much like bad news, especially on the day of my daughters wedding." He said in a gravely voice, as he lit a cigar. He shifted the name plate on his desk. CEO Hatori Masamusa

"The warehouse was attacked last night, Sensei." Masamusa narrowed his eyes at the news.

"What was the damage?" He asked.

"Well, Sensei..." The man shuddered.

"Report!" Masamusa slammed his fists on the desk, which startled the suited man.

"I-it's all gone, Sensei. All the men are dead, and all the heroin was lost in the fire." The man explained as quickly as possible, hoping that the sooner he reported, the sooner he could leave.

Hatori Masamusa stood up from his chair, placed the cigar in his mouth and walked over to the large window of his office. He looked out over Tokyo for a few moments before speaking.

"Do we know who was stupid enough to cross the Yakuza?" He asked with a snarl.

"N-no.. But some of the other men have been talking about some monster that they call Borei." The suited man shakily explained, looking down at the floor. Masamusa turned with a confused look on his face.

"That's just a myth. Something to scare children. We have no time for fantasy and fiction. Tell Yatori to FIND who is responsible and HANDLE it. Before I decide to get involved. Now get out." Masamusa ordered. The suited man happily bowed and left the office in a hurry.

Masamusa chuckled to himself.

"Borei. I'm not afraid of the dead."
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