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1222 Something Wrong with the Brain

Tan Bengbeng looked at his child-like behavior and answered helplessly. "Okay. I will not dislike your child."

After she said that, Qi Yan's arm loosened around her, his breathing became steady again, and it looked as though he was sound asleep.

Tan Bengbeng was stunned and frowned as she couldn't tell if he was talking in his sleep or not.

A memory flashed across her mind. It was them bickering about something.

That day, after she had said that she liked children, she just disliked his child. He left the dining table and went out to play in the mud.

So, he remembered what happened that day till now?

How childish is he?

Tan Bengbeng moved his arm aside and lay to the side.

She thought about it and turned to face him.

"For someone that has had a Vasectomy, why do you bother if I like your child or not?"


Her only response was Qi Yan's steady breathing.

He was really sound asleep.

Tan Bengbeng poked his face out of annoyance and he still did not respond.

It was as if what he had said was all a dream.

Tan Bengbeng had not slept well when he was in the laboratory.

She was worried about whether he could produce a cure and also about him.

Now, she was finally relieved, she felt sleepy too.

She leaned on his arm and fell asleep too…

A few hours passed.

When Tan Bengbeng woke up, Qi Yan was still asleep.

It was the first time she had watched him sleep at such close proximity.

When they were on the island previously, he would never sleep beside her like this. Even if they had done the most intimate things the moment before, he would still get dressed and leave.

Like a heartless jerk.

No matter how slow to react Tan Bengbeng was, she could still feel his changes.

He seemed to be getting more and more clingy.

Even when he was asleep, he had to put his arm around her waist. It was as if he was afraid that she would run away when he was asleep…

Tan Bengbeng sat up and carefully moved his arm from her waist.

The moment she moved him, he frowned.

"I need to use the washroom." Tan Bengbeng sighed.

It was as though Qi Yan could hear, he stopped frowning and let go.

Tan Bengbeng turned over and went to the washroom.

She came out of the washroom and saw that he was still asleep. But, it looked like he was about to wake up soon.

He had not eaten for two days.

Tan Bengbeng walked out of the room and went to the kitchen to prepare food for him.

Before the porridge was cooked, there was a set of familiar footsteps from outside the kitchen.

She threw the cut vegetables into the pot and looked up at him.

Qi Yan looked as though he was frightened and his gray hair was a mess.

His panic expression turned into a grievance when he saw her.

He walked into the kitchen and hugged her.

He placed his chin on her shoulder. "Why did you not wake me up? I thought you had left quietly while I was asleep."

Tan Bengbeng was confused.

"I don't know why but I feel like you are always planning on how to leave me. I am afraid!"


Have you woken up?

He acts like he is three years old. Asking her not to dislike his child and fearing that she will abandon him.

Tan Bengbeng hit his hand away and turned to check on the fire.