The Rest Of My Life Is For You
1218 He“s Handsome as a Flower, She Earns Money for Their Family
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The Rest Of My Life Is For You
Author :Stupa Demon
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1218 He“s Handsome as a Flower, She Earns Money for Their Family


Upon hearing his voice, Tan Bengbeng abruptly snapped back to her senses.

Realizing what she was just thinking of, her expression turned rather ghastly.

She suddenly realized that Qi Yan was talking to her and raised her head, murmuring a light "umm" to acknowledge.


With that almost inaudible "umm" of hers, Qi Yan was so terrified that he almost landed on the floor butt-first.

He had simply been teasing her just now, out of spite.

He thought that if she retorted and called him shameless, he could take the chance to let off the steam he had suppressed inside.

Who would have expected that she actually gave a soft response of "umm"?

Although he was very confident with his looks, hearing it coming from Tan Bengbeng made him feel like he was dreaming…

Once Qi Yan came back to his senses, he lifted his arm and slapped himself in the face.

The stinging pain that followed made him wince.

At the very least, he now believed that he wasn't dreaming. Tan Bengbeng had actually admitted that she liked his face.

Although it was judging someone based on their looks, at least in her heart, there was still something good about him. This was enough for him!

Qi Yan threw away the small wooden stick in his hand and approached her.

"What did you say earlier? Say it again!"


Tan Bengbeng did not want to answer but just wanted to reach out to touch his forehead.

Everything seemed to be fine, so why was he suddenly behaving so abnormally?

"Didn't you ask me if I was looking at you? You suddenly came out so I got worried and followed you out here. I've been standing behind you to look at you indeed…"

Tan Bengbeng answered honestly upon seeing his anxious state.

In a serious manner, she told him that she had been secretly looking at him… That blank and rather silly look of hers was so darn adorable!

The rage in Qi Yan's chest instantly dissipated.

He reached out and pulled her into his arms, using his hand to press the back of her head so she wouldn't move.

With a rather haughty attitude, he muttered,

"If you want to look at me, just do it openly. You don't have to do it secretly behind my back!"


"How long have you been standing outside? Are you tired? The wind outside is strong, why are you out here without wearing a sweater…?"

Qi Yan had reverted to previous playful self.

He then dragged Tan Bengbeng into the house.

Tan Bengbeng was pulled a few steps forward by him and upon stepping onto something suddenly, she paused in her tracks.

Lowering her head, she saw the little wooden stick which he had been holding onto earlier and later threw onto the ground.

Tan Bengbeng bent down to pick it up and raised it while asking him, "Were you drawing circles to put a curse on me just now?"


She was carrying their child, why would he put a curse on her?

Could he say that he was actually putting a curse on… Nian Xiaomu?

Who asked that she cared so much about Nian Xiaomu? Upon mentioning Nian Xiaomu, there was no one else in her head anymore and it was as if she could even dig her own heart out for her, without Nian Xiaomu being aware of it.

She only had her Xiao Mumu in her head…

He was so furious and had to find a way to soothe his anger…

She cared so much about Nian Xiaomu, but he couldn't possibly hit or scold her, so it was alright for him to at least draw some circles to curse her right?

Qi Yan opened his mouth, but those words were about to come out of it when they were swallowed back down again.

"…I was just bored, and casually drew some circles on the ground. Don't think too much about it."

Tan Bengbeng responded, "Really? But I can see the guilt in your eyes, like you're lying to me. You were obviously angry. If you weren't putting a curse on me, then it would have to be…"

Tan Bengbeng had yet to finish her words when Qi Yan started pulling her into the house as he advanced with huge steps.

His footsteps were swift like the wind.

"I've suddenly thought of a way to concoct the antidote for Mo Chengxian!"
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