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1216 Draw Circles to Put a Curse on You


Tan Bengbeng was taken aback and raised her head to look at him with a blank and astonished look.

"When did I say that I don't like children? When Xiao Liuliu was just born, I was the one who took care of her until she turned one. She always thought that she had two mothers."


Seeing how he did not respond, Tan Bengbeng went on to ask, "How much longer do you need to concoct the antidote for the family head?"

"I don't know, this can't be rushed. Moreover, the longer I take to concoct the antidote, the more time I get to spend alone with you. I'm not in a rush."

Once he had finished speaking, Qi Yan caught a glimpse of Tan Bengbeng's darkened face and hurriedly changed the subject.

"Since you like children, why did you seem like you were hell-bent on not wanting to get pregnant?"

Qi Yan could still remember the look on her face back then.

Her small face was ghastly pale and there was a deep sense of terror flashing in her eyes.

It was the first time he had seen that look in her eyes since he had picked her up from the sea.

Before that, he had always thought that she feared nothing in this world… Yet, out of everything, she feared that she would get pregnant.

It was simply impossible for him not to be shocked or have a deep impression of this incident!

Upon hearing that he was intentionally delaying and not concocting the antidote, as well as his later questioning, Tan Bengbeng's eyes sank.

She responded out of spite, "I'm not afraid of getting pregnant, it just depends on whose child it is. You're such a shameless jerk, what if the child turns out to be like you in the future? It'd be better off not being born!"


So, that was the reason she did not want to get pregnant. It wasn't because she didn't like children, but because she didn't want to have his child?

It wasn't the child that she didn't want, it was him…


Tan Bengbeng did not notice his unusual expression. It wasn't just recently that she had disliked him. In the past, he had heard such words from her too and even took pride in them and intentionally teased her back.

However, he was unusually quiet about it today.

Yet, Tan Bengbeng was worrying about the situation at the Mo Family and wanted to go back soon to help Nian Xiaomu.

Her heart was in some other place, so she naturally did not notice what was on his mind, and instead started to rush him.

"Qi Yan, you can joke anytime, but life's at stake here. If we can go back a day earlier, Xiao Mumu will be in less danger…"

Tan Bengbeng had yet to finish speaking when Qi Yan had already thrown his pair of chopsticks onto the dining table.

He then stood up from his chair and turned to leave.

Like a child who was throwing a tantrum, he had vanished from the door in the blink of an eye.

"Qi Yan…"

Tan Bengbeng stood up in surprise and remained rooted to the ground as she watched his figure recede away.

Even after some time, he did not come back in.

Pursing her lips, she started to head outside.

She had originally thought that since he had been gone for such a long time, he would probably have gone quite far.

However, once she walked out the door, she found a huge burly figure squatting outside and playing with mud on the ground…

He was tall and thus quite prominent when he squatted down.

Since the house was by the sea, the empty ground in front of the house had some sand in the soil.

He was squatting at the spot where the mud and sand were interconnected.

With his head lowered, it seemed that he was sulking.

There was a small stick in his hand which he was using to continuously draw circles…

For some reason, upon seeing this scene, a line flashed in Tan Bengbeng's head: "I'm going to draw circles to put a curse on you."

If Qi Yan was really drawing circles to put a curse, then the subject of the curse would definitely be her.

Rationally, she knew that she should immediately go forward to stop him and chide him for being childish.

But, seeing how lonely the back of his figure appeared, she suddenly felt rather sorry and guilty towards him… It was a very complicated emotion.

She could not express it with words.