The Rest Of My Life Is For You
1161 An Inherent Instinc
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The Rest Of My Life Is For You
Author :Stupa Demon
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1161 An Inherent Instinc

Tan Bengbeng was the only one who had witnessed that scene, but she was powerless.

Mo Qian and Nian Nianyu were both drugged and seriously injured, and it would definitely be impossible for her to take three people away based on their abilities. Furthermore, there were so many people on their heels…

Mo Qian must have known that if both of them had followed Nian Xiaomu into the room, she would also be left stranded in the burning house.

As such, they decided to lock themselves out and passed the only survival card to their precious daughter.

The love of a father and mother was as mighty and huge as the mountain and sea.

She was never someone who would allow her tears to roll down easily. However, at that moment, she bawled uncontrollably along with Nian Xiaomu.

However, she was a secret guard who had a mission to fulfill from the very moment she was born.

Protecting Nian Xiaomu was her belief.

Nian Xiaomu had set her heart on barging out and saving her parents; if she didn't think of ways to calm her down, both of them would definitely perish there together!

Finally, Nian Xiaomu calmed down.

Nian Xiaomu suddenly quietened down when Tan Bengbeng told her that the culprit who had killed her family members would get away with their crimes if she died.

That was the first time Tan Bengbeng saw such a horrified expression on her face.

The Queen's aura contracted a hint of darkness; as she tried her best to stand upright, she kept her gaze fixated at the wooden door before her.

Her parents were standing outside.

Fearless of death, they desperately blocked themselves in front of the door, just so she could have a chance to live…

At that moment, Nian Xiaomu seemed to have transformed into another person.

As she calmly turned her head around, she looked at Tan Bengbeng and told her to take her away from this place.

Dying was an easy thing to do.

However, staying alive was much harder.

Tan Bengbeng did not even have the time to be shocked about her change of attitude as she discovered that the fire had already spread to the second level and both of them rushed to the balcony.

The current situation made it impossible for them to get down to the first level.

The only way out was to crawl down from the water pipeline and leave through the secret door of the villa when no one was noticing.

Only the person who wielded the highest power in the Mo Family knew of the secret escape door.

As such, Tan Bengbeng need not worry that someone would be waiting to capture them at the other end.

Even though Nian Xiaomu usually had no problems climbing on water pipelines, she was heavily pregnant now and crawling down posed a huge problem!

By the time they had run up to the balcony, they realized that the water pipelines were also burning. At this point in time, Tan Bengbeng's face turned even uglier.

However, they did not have much time to hesitate…

"I'll piggy-back you down!"

"I can get myself down!"

Their voices sounded almost at the same time.

After Nian Xiaomu had finished speaking, she looked toward Tan Bengbeng and said, "Let's not discuss whether I would hurt my pregnant body and my child, but look at the fire situation now. It is difficult even for one person to leave, much less two. It would be even more dangerous if you fall down by accident while you are carrying me on your back!"

Nian Xiaomu calmly told Tan Bengbeng to get down first, so that there would at least be someone below who could catch her if she did not have the physical strength to hold on and fell down.

The fire was spreading rapidly…

Very quickly, the sounds of their pursuers kicking the door could be heard.

There were people hunting them, and they would perish here if they did not leave now.

With agile moves, Tan Bengbeng crawled along the water pipeline and leaped down easily.

As the fire raged on, she felt an extreme sense of panic when she saw that Nian Xiaomu still could not get herself out of the balcony.

Nian Xiaomu was stuck behind the railings of the balcony and beads of perspiration had formed on her forehead.

The cramps in her stomach drained her energy.

Being a mother makes a woman stronger. She had already watched helplessly as her parents fought their way and even sacrificed their lives just to protect her, thus, at that very moment when she thought of the baby in her tummy, an inherent instinct seemed to swarm through her veins.
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