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1028 It's All My Fault...

Nian Xiaomu heaved a sigh of relief and patted her chest.

She had managed to stay alive.

She had told Fan Yu to inform Yu Yuehan as well, but why had he come alone?

Could it be that Yu Yuehan was still uncontactable?

According to the time, their wedding should have already started.

Yu Yuehan must have found out that she was missing.

Could he be angry and refused to come over because he thought that she had secretly left him…

"You are… Fan Yu?"

Mo Qian had never expected that someone would show up unexpectedly and disrupt his plan.

His expression instantly turned sinister when he recognized that the person before him was the young president of the Fan Corporation, Fan Yu.

He seemed to be surprised that Nian Xiaomu actually knew so many people from great family backgrounds.

Furthermore, he came in just the nick of time!

"It is my honor for President Mo to recognize someone who is younger than you." As Fan Yu smiled, he strolled toward Nian Xiaomu.

Just as he walked to Nian Xiaomu's side, he realized that a bunch of people had surrounded them.

"Young man, how would I let you off so easily since I was the one who had set this trap?"

Mo Qian seemed to be sufficiently prepared as he had brought more than a bunch of men along with him.

The total manpower he had was twice as many as the bodyguards that Fan Yu had brought along!

They would certainly lose if they were to start a fight.

Nian Xiaomu swallowed her saliva and turned toward Fan Yu. "You must have called the police before you came, right?"

Fan Yu replied, "You didn't tell me that there would be so many people. Furthermore, I wasn't even sure what was going on, how would I simply make a rash police report? Fine, it's my fault…"

Fan Yu stretched his hands and whipped out his cell phone from his pocket.

Very soon, he realized that he could not receive any signal on his cell phone.

Fan Yu studied the situation before him and asked with knitted eyebrows, "Isn't Mo Qian your father? Why would he want your life?"

According to the information that he had found, Nian Xiaomu was most probably the Elder Miss of the Mo Family.

Mo Qian's biological daughter.

But now…

"I want to know why as well, but this is not the time to discuss it. Do you have any other escape methods? Otherwise, we might all die here."

Nian Xiaomu turned around and took a glance at the unfavorable situation which they were currently stuck in.

Before Fan Yu could reply to her, Mo Qian suddenly laughed out loud.

His laughter revealed an intense hint of disdain.

With a sharp gaze, he said, "Fan Yu, this is a matter that concerns the Mo Family, and it has got nothing to do with you. I will not stop you if you are willing to leave with your men."

Mo Qian seemed to have a very clear target right from the start.

He wanted Nian Xiaomu's life.

Nothing else mattered as long as he could achieve what he wanted.

Now that he had got the upper hand in the situation, Fan Yu must know that the smartest choice to make now, would be to leave.

Staying here only meant perishing together with Nian Xiaomu!

When Fan Yu heard this, a graceful smile showed up on his handsome face.

He was neither afraid nor intimidated.

Instead, he silently stood before Nian Xiaomu to protect her and then he spoke.

"President Mo, thank you for your kind intentions, but I am usually an ignorant guy who does not know any better. We will only know whether we would win or lose after a fight!"

"It seems like you are adamant about going against me?" Mo Qian's voice turned chilly.

A murderous intention lingered in his voice.

After he finished speaking, the people surrounding them started to close in on Fan Yu and Nian Xiaomu.

The moment he released an order, both of them would perish here…

"Wait a second!"

Nian Xiaomu suddenly shouted, "Wait, wait! I have something to say!"