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824 Time Is Running Ou

Shocked by the sudden sound, Shangxin collapsed to the ground and turned around to look at him with a startled look.

She looked very pale.

Tang Yuansi walked forward and took her in his arms. After he placed her on the bed, he checked her thoroughly for any injuries and said, "Are you hurt anywhere?"

He seemed to have run all the way upstairs as his forehead was glistening with a thin layer of perspiration.

His eyes were fixated on her and were filled with a look of worry.

The look of worry seeped deep in his eyes…

She had never noticed any of these in the past.

She was deeply immersed in his heartless rejection, thinking that he no longer wanted to see her because he was sick of her.

She only realized now that there had never been any disgust in his gaze toward her. Instead, there was only concern and adoration in it… As well as a sense of deep love that could not be easily detected.

"Tell me, Xin'er!"


Shangxin blinked her eyes and pursed her cherry-like lips lightly. Turning around, she looked toward the bedside cabinet and said, "That medicine… did you really suffer a relapse from your heart disease?"

Stunned, Tang Yuansi followed her gaze and looked over to the side.

The hands that were hugging onto her turned stiff.

It was only for a second, however, before he returned back to his usual state.

Releasing his grip on her, he walked up and took out the medicine bottles from the bedside cabinet. "Are you talking about these?"

Shangxin nodded her head fiercely with red-rimmed eyes.

She reached out to hug Tang Yuansi. However, he pushed her away gently and passed the medicine bottle to her.

"Take a look at it properly."

Shangxin had immersed her entire mind in the pain of his relapse and was a little stunned when she suddenly heard what he said.

She froze in shock after she saw the packaging on the medicine bottle.


Startled, Shangxin took the medicine bottle from him and read it again.

They were indeed vitamins.

All of a sudden, the tears that were about to fall from her eyes hung from her eyelids and refused to slide down.

"Why would someone place so many bottles of vitamins at the side of his bed?" Unwilling to give up, Shangxin squatted down and took out all the bottles from the bedside cabinet.

Apart from vitamins, there was also bottled bird's nest in the cabinet.

There were two bottles of candy as well.

"Why do you have this?" Shangxin was confused.

Tang Yuansi's lips curled into a smile. "You suddenly hugged me and said that you were hungry when you are half asleep last night, even biting me on the chest. If I didn't prepare some food for you, I was afraid that you would eat me up the next time."

That was a little awkward.

Shangxin rubbed her nose and felt a little guilty all of a sudden.

As Tang Yuansi carried her back onto the bed, he touched her head lovingly and teased her, "It's indeed true that pregnant ladies love to indulge in flights of fancy. If you don't like these things, I will send people to clear them away later on. If worst comes to worst, you can eat me when you are feeling hungry."


"My bladder is full, I need to use the washroom!" Shangxin found an excuse and ran away with a blushing face.

She entered the washroom and closed the door.

The smile on Tang Yuansi's lips diminished bit by bit as he watched her disappear from view.

Reaching out, he picked up one bottle of vitamins and hid it in the closet.

He did not relax his tightly knitted eyebrows.

He had taken some precautions this time round and instructed the assistant to change the medicine bottles into vitamin bottles. However, Shangxin wasn't a fool.

Once her suspicions were roused, a single bit of abnormality in his actions would result in her realizing that something was amiss.

It would be even more difficult for her to give up on this child once she was aware of the condition of his body…Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

He did not have much time left before he had to make a decision.

Tang Yuansi narrowed his eyes and a ray of light flashed past them. As he stood up slowly from the bed, he waited for Shangxin to come out to join her for her meal downstairs.