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She once thought that since he didn't want her, he wouldn't want their child either.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Instead of coming back to be humiliated, she might as well stay overseas and give birth to the child alone.

However, the thought that the child wouldn't have a father pained her.

She couldn't decide for the baby. It was unfair to the baby.

She considered it for very long and finally mustered up the courage to return.

Before she came back, she prepared herself for the worst.

If he knew that she was pregnant and didn't want the child, she would leave immediately.

She would never see him again.

She also hoped that maybe he would be like her and would be happy about the child…

Shangxin thought about it and glanced at him secretly.

Tang Yuansi looked very calm.

She couldn't tell if he was happy about it. She could only tell that his reaction was slower today.

She didn't know if he was more happy or shocked…

When she heard that he wanted her to stay, she wanted to say that she had booked a hotel. However, Tang Yuansi stood up from the sofa, took her hand and led her upstairs.

When they reached the stairs, he felt her resistance and stopped to look at her.

When Shangxin thought that he had finally remembered to ask if she was willing to stay, Tang Yuansi scratched his head and stared at her tummy.

"I heard that pregnant women get very hungry. Do you want to eat something before sleeping?"


Had she even agreed to stay here?

Why were they on the next topic already?

And, he made it look like it wasn't a negotiable matter.

Forget it.

She wasn't going to mention it.

Maybe he was too shocked, she shall wait a little longer.

Wait till he came back to his senses.

Shangxin answered, "I don't have any early pregnancy symptoms yet. I don't get hungry easily either. Maybe it is because the baby is still young…"

Before she could finish her sentence, Tang Yuansi gave instructions to the butler.

He asked the butler to prepare bird's nest and some non-greasy snacks for supper.

Shangxin about to say that she wouldn't finish that amount but Tang Yuansi held her face and said, "Even if you are not hungry, you will have to eat. You are too skinny, if you don't eat, our baby will be hungry too."

Then, he asked the butler to inform the kitchen to hurry up.

After all of these, he led Shangxin upstairs.

His gentle tone was just as he spoke when they were young.

Shangxin followed him up the stairs in a daze.

They entered his room.

This was the first time she had entered his room since he returned to the Tang Family villa.

It was different from when he was with the Yan Family. It looked colder.

All his furnishing were cool colors. Even his furniture and decorations were cool colors.

He stood in the room and emitted an aloof aura. It was like nobody could get near him…

It was a familiar yet foreign feeling for Shangxin.

Foreign because she had not experienced it for so long.

Familiar because when Tang Yuansi was young, he was like that.

No matter where he stood, it was like he was alone in a separate world.

The first time she saw him in her yard, he was like that.

He was so young but acted like an adult