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Before Shangxin could react, Tang Yuansi was back to his original state. He didn't say anything and continued to stare at her tummy.

It was as if he continued to stare, the baby would come out immediately.

Finally, the Butler couldn't take it and reminded him softly. " Miss Shangxin has just come back. She has traveled for a long time, she must be exhausted. Do I need to prepare the guest room for her?"

Shangxin was taken aback when she heard the Butler.

Prepare the guest room…

She had come here to find Tang Yuansi so many times but she had never once stayed in the Tang Family villa.

Every time she came, Tang Yuansi refused to see her.

After a while, even the guards knew that Tang Yuansi didn't want to meet her.

They didn't even dare let her in, let alone ask her to stay.

She didn't need to reject the butler's invitation. Tang Yuansi would reject it for her…

The moment Shangxin thought of that, Tang Yuansi turned and looked at the Butler.

His handsome face was pale under the light and looked unhealthy.

His reaction was a lot slower than usual, maybe he was shocked by the sudden news.

He was like a child.

He looked at the butler, turned to look at Shangxin then answered the butler, "There is no need to."

Upon hearing that, Shangxin's heart sank.

Although she did not show anything on her face, she was disappointed.

She was about to say something when Tang Yuansi added, "She will sleep in my room. My room is big, the bed is big enough too. She will be comfortable there."

The Butler was taken aback as he knew that Tang Yuansi didn't like others entering his room.

Even Shangxin was stunned.

Tang Yuansi had always been very quiet; he could remain silent for a whole day, he was notorious for being silent.

He didn't like other people touching his things or entering his room.

Except for her.

In front of him, she could do anything.

When he was angry, she would tug the corner of his shirt and call him. "Brother Xiaosi." Then, he would look at her affectionately.

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But, that was when they were young.

When he came back to the Tang Family villa it was hard for her to meet him. Every time she would be stopped at the door.

She hated that door so much.

She felt like the door separated them into two different worlds.

Gradually, she didn't know what he was thinking, didn't know what he liked…

In the past, no matter what she prepared for him, he would be overjoyed.

Later on, no matter what she prepared, he would reject it coldly and say he didn't like it.

She was prepared to never return when she went overseas this time.

She never expected to come back but; before she could adjust to life there and before she could forget about him and start afresh, she found out that she was pregnant.

Her reaction was just like his when she saw the pregnancy test kit.

She stared at the two red lines and wondered if it was an illusion.

She rushed down to the hospital in the middle of the night just to do an ultrasound. The hospital staff looked at her like she was mad…

When they confirmed that she was pregnant, at first she was happy then she had mixed feelings about it.