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760 A Statue That Is Awaiting His Wife“s Return

Nian Xiaomu was not aware of anything that was mentioned by the gossips.

At this point, she was simply feeling conflicted—should she head forward to greet him, or should she pretend not to have seen him and enter the building directly?

However, before she could entangle her thoughts and come to her conclusion, Yu Yuehan's gaze had already shifted away from her face and landed on the breakfast in her hands…

It was a very huge breakfast. It seemed that her appetite was great.

Not a single hint of having no sleep was shown on her rosy face. Instead, she seemed to have had a great night's sleep and was fully recharged.

Compared to him and his sleepless night; the person in front of him seemed to be in such great condition after leaving him, that he could not bring himself to be angry about it.

No one would guess his thoughts from his deep, dark eyes, however, the look in his eyes became complicated.

He fixed his stare on her for a long time. Just when she finally mustered the courage to walk forward to talk to him, he suddenly turned around and entered the Yu Corporation.


Nian Xiaomu stood rooted to the ground and stared in astonishment at the gradually disappearing figure. A long while later, she heard colleagues around her calling her name. Reaching out, she brushed her nose and entered the office building with them.

Her colleagues in the public relations department gathered around her the moment she stepped foot into the office.

A lively discussion with everyone popping questions ensued.

"Manager Nian, did you see it?"

"Manager Nian must have seen it since everyone has seen it."

"Manager Nian, do you know what's happening? Tell us about it, we are all so curious that we are not in the mood to work…"

"Yes, I want to hear gossip!"

"Is this the way you should ask your questions? Let me do it!" Xiaoxiao pushed the people in front away and leaned toward Nian Xiaomu.

However, Nian Xiaomu displayed a confused look and didn't seem to know what they were asking.

She only spoke up excitedly after she had put her thoughts in order.

"All of us saw Young Master Han downstairs when we arrived at the office this morning. Manager Nian, you might not know this, but I came to the Yu Corporation for an interview because of Young Master Han's gorgeousness. Now that I got to see my heartthrob early this morning when I came to work, I have a perplexing thought as well as feeling excited. And that is…"

Xiaoxiao took in a deep breath. Then, she swung her head and looked at Nian Xiaomu amidst the expectant gaze of her colleagues in the department.

Her face collapsed.

"Do you know what happened to my heartthrob? He's never come to the office at such an early hour in the past. Even if he did arrive early, he would head up to the president's office directly. However, he actually stood downstairs for so long today. He seemed like a statue that was awaiting his wife's return with that posture of his…"


Nian Xiaomu had always thought that she had bumped into Yu Yuehan by coincidence.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She was stunned when she heard what her colleagues said.

Then, she nonchalantly told them that she wasn't aware of anything and entered the manager's office.

She hid behind the monitor of the computer and discreetly checked out the company intranet on her cell phone.

Indeed, she saw all the discussions that the gossip mongers were having on the intranet.

Apart from expressing their excitement about seeing their president early in the morning, many of them even took the role of Sherlock Holmes and expressed their thoughts about this matter.

"Young Master Han must have done this on purpose. He must be here to check on the number of hardworking employees in the company, and at the same time catch those who arrived at the office late but knocked off early…"

"Based on my observation, Young Master Han looked a little tired today and he didn't seem to have had a good night's rest. Furthermore, he didn't look like he was in a good mood. Could he have quarreled with his fiancée?"

"What nonsense are you spouting? How could you take the media's words seriously and think that he really has a fiancée? Not a single photo has been revealed up until now, so don't follow the herd and tarnish my heartthrob's reputation!"