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717 Not a Benefactor, but a Cheat!

"You lied to me again." As Nian Xiaomu stretched her legs calmly, she shot Xing Li a slightly chilly glance and said indifferently, "You told Fan Yu last time that Xing Fang was the one who loved to follow me around, but now you said that the kids in black were other people instead. Do you think that I would still believe your nonsense?"

"Xing Fang, it's Xing Fang. That slut must have liked Young Master Fan too, and so she followed you around secretly all the time… No, she wasn't wearing black clothes, her dress was the same as mine. Mummy had bought the dress for me, but she said that she liked it and got another one for herself…"

Xing Li's expression turned thoughtful.

It was as if she was starting to doubt herself too.

"It was Xing Fang. No, it wasn't Xing Fang, that person did not look like Xing Fang… But Xing Fang was the one who followed you…"

Xing Li seemed to have stopped at a magic barrier as she kept on repeating the same sentence.

Nian Xiaomu did not continue probing on the question when she saw that her expression didn't seem quite right.

"Tell me first. What did the man and woman look like? Do you know their names?"


Xing Li turned speechless instantly.

All of a sudden, she smiled at her with a playful expression in her eyes.

"You're a fool, I said that they were very good looking. This means that they must have looked very good, hahaha!"


"What's their name? Oh yes, what's their name?" As Xing Li struggled with her thoughts, she reached out and tried to pull her hair. When she realized that she couldn't move her hands, she was in such discomfort that she banged her head against the headboard.

Nian Xiaomu stopped her from doing so. Then, she took out her cell phone from her bag and opened up the photo gallery.

"In that case, you should still remember Mr. Cardi, right? He's the Xing Family's benefactor."

"He isn't the Xing Family's benefactor, he's a cheat!"

Unlike the others, it seemed that she did not like Mr. Cardi.

"Why do you say that he was a cheat? He helped the Xing Family out for so many years."

With a look of disdain, she scoffed, "He wasn't the one who helped the Xing Family. The ones who helped the Xing Family were obviously the two very good looking people, he's only a butler!"


Nian Xiaomu stood up from the chair all of a sudden, and turned around to look at Yu Yuehan.

Yu Yuehan's expression changed slightly too.

They had been guessing the identity of Mr. Cardi all along, as well as his reason for helping the Xing Family.

This sentence of Xing Li's had answered all of their doubts.

Things had become very clear now.

Nian Xiaomu was neither an abandoned child, nor a child that the Xing Family had adopted. Instead, she had been placed in their care.

There were people who went over to visit her frequently too.

It seemed that her family members were the ones who had picked her up from the Xing Family residence 10 years ago.

As such, Shangxin was able to meet Nian Xiaomu in school.

In addition, as the Xing couple had once helped to raise Nian Xiaomu, Mr. Cardi appeared at the Xing Family and helped the remaining members of the family settle down after the Xing Family met with a mishap…

Nian Xiaomu could no longer conceal the emotion in her eyes.

"What else do you know? If you don't remember the names of the two people, then you should at least remember their surname, right? Or rather, what was Mr. Cardi's full name?"

"I don't remember, I don't remember anything."

All of a sudden, Xing Li shrunk into a ball on the bed and shook her head with all her might.

"Daddy and mummy said that this was a secret that could not be told to others. They would not love me anymore if others knew about it…"

"They only loved Xing Xing the jinx and no longer loved me…"

"Xing Xing is a jinx. If not for her, my daddy and mummy would not have died. She is a jinx, I will never forgive her in my entire lifetime…"