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713 Daily dose of sweetness


Nian Xiaomu had noticed a long time ago that Xing Li was not in a good state of mind, but it had never crossed her mind that she could have gone crazy.

A look of surprise flashed past her face instantly and feeling worried, she glanced over at Yu Yuehan.

On the contrary, Yu Yuehan appeared to be at ease, and he seemed to have this. Holding on to her hand, he turned around and they left the police station.

He instructed the chauffeur to drive off the moment they got onto the car.

Turning round to face him, Nian Xiaomu asked, "Where are we going now?"

"To the hospital."

"Hospital? Do you think that Xing Li is abusing the loopholes in the legal system by feigning craziness?" Nian Xiaomu was stunned as she thought of this possibility.

Based on everything that Xing Li had done previously, if they persisted on prosecuting her she would be sentenced to a few years in jail at the very least.

It would be better if she was found to be crazy now.

If this was the case, all the rumors that she had spread would be forgotten. They couldn't possibly prosecute a lunatic for spreading rumors, could they?

But did this mean that she might really have feigned her craziness?

Nian Xiaomu thought about this.

"I don't think Xing Li has faked her PTSD after I saw what she was like. Also, the doctors are so professional, it would be impossible for them not see through her act if she was pretending. It would be very hard for her to bribe the doctors based on her abilities."

The moment she finished her sentence, she heard Yu Yuehan's light laughter.

People who do not enjoy laughing possess a very terrifying power when they actually laughed. His lips curled upward and his originally stern looking face turned gentle immediately, and his deep eyes gleamed.

Even though his thoughts could not be seen, one would unknowingly stare into his eyes—it was as if those eyes would reveal something the very next minute…

When Nian Xiaomu realized that she was distracted just by looking at his beauty, she awkwardly let out two light coughs.

The next second, his hand suddenly reached out and stroked her forehead.

"Nian Xiaomu, have you turned dumb after having too much of sweet stuff?"


"Speak properly, don't do any personal attacks!" Nian Xiaomu swatted his hand away.

"If Xing Li isn't crazy, we have to visit her at the hospital. If Xing Li is crazy, we have to visit her even more." As Yu Yuehan spoke, he stretched out his long legs and leaned against the car seat lazily. As he propped his head up with one hand, he looked her way.

With a look that said, "Your heartthrob has already dropped you a hint; it all depends on your IQ whether you are able to comprehend it."


Nian Xiaomu held back her question immediately when she saw his gaze.

She would be admitting that she had got a low IQ if she asked him about it now.

This goddess would not concede defeat!

As Nian Xiaomu removed her heels, she propped her legs up on the car seat and started to seriously ponder over the things that he had just said.

Her fair toes were exposed in midair twitching restlessly.

For some reason, the action of her scratching her head appeared to be a little adorable…

She seemed to be muttering something as her lips moved about…

Her lustrous lips were glossy and moist.

Yu Yuehan's gaze deepened as he lowered his head and leaned toward her. Just when he was about to kiss her, she suddenly jumped up and squatted on the car seat. As she grabbed onto his shirt with both hands, she shrieked excitedly.

"I knew it, I knew it! You must be thinking that if Xing Li is really crazy, we could try to worm the facts out of her and perhaps retrieve information about my family background, right?"

After she finished speaking, she happily planted a kiss on his thin lips and obediently sat down before him. She stared expectantly at his big, round eyes and waited for him to praise her.


He hadn't heard anything that she had just said.

But, could he have another kiss?