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697 Heading to the sky on command-Interesting!

Stirring trouble!

Nian Xiaomu was stunned the moment she heard Fan Yu's words.

Without a second word, she dove her body into Yu Yuehan's embrace and swiftly explained, "It doesn't have anything to do with me. I didn't say that I wanted to bring him home!"

Even if she wanted to add him to her collection of "handsome boys," she would not have the guts to do so right in front of Yu Yuehan.

Her life might be at stake!

Fan Yu's handsome face crumbled when he heard this. Reaching out, he pressed his hand against his chest and acted like an ultimate sad man.

"Liuliu, you were not like this in the past…"

"I have forgotten everything from the past, and you should forget about it too. I will run away after I am done flirting with you—I won't take any responsibility for it!" Nian Xiaomu replied without any hesitation.

When she finished her sentence, she suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Why did her spine feel chilly…

All of a sudden, a streak of white light flashed past her brain when she raised her head and met Yu Yuehan's deep gaze.

She shuddered all over!

She forgot that she had mentioned this to Yu Yuehan before.

And now, she suddenly felt like she was a f*ckboy who decided to dump someone after she had used him…

"Yu Yuehan, we are about to get engaged. I swear that I will take responsibility for you!" Nian Xiaomu raised her finger and pledged confidently.

Yu Yuehan took a glance at her and replied in a chilly tone, "Nian Xiaomu, no one swears by simply raising a finger. This means that you are heading to the sky."

Nian Xiaomu: "…"

It seemed like he wasn't angry since he was still in the mood to tease her.

However, a gentle look flashed past Fan Yu's eyes when he saw that Nian Xiaomu finally smiled.

He continued speaking before they could say anything, "Forget it. Seeing the petty looks of the two of you, I better drive home myself."

He had already departed from the car when he said this and strolled toward his sports car calmly.

He started the engine and left the Xing Family residence swiftly

A dull ray of light flashed past Yu Yuehan's eyes as he watched the sports car disappear from his eyes.

Hugging Nian Xiaomu tightly in his embrace, he told the chauffeur to start driving.

Nian Xiaomu was really exhausted.

Seeing that he wasn't angry, she nestled in his embrace and fell asleep in no time.

A long while later, she suddenly felt her entire body rise up into the air. As she woke up in a daze, the image of Yu Yuehan pointing his finger and asking if she wanted to head to the sky flashed past her mind. Then, she opened her eyes in shock.

The next second, she realized that she was no longer in the car.

Judging from the scenery before her, it did not seem like she had returned to the Yu Family villa either.

She was really hanging in midair!

There was a strong pair of arms hugging her waist as well…

What kind of situation was this?

Nian Xiaomu instinctively wanted to turn around when Yu Yuehan's loving voice rang out before her and asked, "Are you awake?"


She was awake.

However, she woke up in shock.

She merely loved to flirt with a few handsome guys when she was young. Furthermore, this was also done before she got to know Yu Yuehan. Could he really be sending her up into the sky?

Stuck in his embrace, Nian Xiaomu lowered her head and took a glance below—They were already more than 10 meters away from the ground, and a rescue would not be necessary if she fell down by accident…

Nian Xiaomu was so nervous that she swallowed hard and said, "Yu, Yu Yuehan, I might not have expressed myself clearly just now. Let me rearrange my thoughts and repeat it again."

Yu Yuehan: "…"

"Yes, I loved to flirt with handsome guys when I was young. However, that was before I met you, and I have never set my eyes on anyone else after I met you—Those words about running away after flirting were said to tease you. You are so good looking, you are so rich, you have a pair of slender legs that stretch two meters long, you are handsome, charming, noble, brave, everything… All in all, I just want to tell you that I will take responsibility for you since I have already slept with you. Calm down and we can talk through everything. Xiao Liuliu is still very young—she can't survive without her mother!"