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669 Left? Is that it?

All four brothers of the Xing Family got married at an early age.

The second brother was childless and adopted Xing Li.

The third and fourth brothers had quite a number of children.

The person who was now claiming to be Xing Fang was the eldest daughter of the third brother. At the same time, she was also one of the more successful descendants of the Xing Family.

She had good academic results and had been working in another city to feed the family after her graduation.

It was because of her that the members of the Xing Family did not have to resort to begging on the streets.

At this point in time, Xing Fang walked forward.

As she studied Nian Xiaomu, who appeared to be safe and sound, she suddenly reached out and hugged her.

"It's great that you're fine, so great that you're fine. I always thought that I wouldn't have the chance to see you in this lifetime—there wasn't any news about you after you left for so many years…"

Xing Fang was a little agitated, and she choked on her words the moment she opened her mouth to speak.

Nian Xiaomu was shocked that someone had hugged her all of a sudden.

The first thought that popped up was that she was lucky that Xing Fang was a female or someone's face might turn dark again.

Turning around, she took a glance at the expressionless Yu Yuehan.

The next second, she took a step backward awkwardly.

"Umm, were we on very good terms in the past? What I mean is, I don't remember anything from the past, so…" Nian Xiaomu panicked and tried to explain herself. However, she did not know how to explain that she was once injured and had lost all her memories.

Even though she did not have any recollection when she looked at Xing Fang, there wasn't any feeling of rejection in her heart for some reason.

Furthermore, she should be the only person in the Xing Family who did not throw any malicious words toward her and was even concerned about her.

She could indistinctly feel that Xing Fang seemed to truly care about her.

"Don't remember anything…" It had never crossed Xing Fang's mind that she would hear this. After staring blankly for a few seconds, she suddenly realized something and continued, "So you had forgotten all of us—no wonder you did not contact us at all after you had left for so many years."

"Left?" Nian Xiaomu knitted her eyebrows in doubt when she heard what Xing Fang said.

Everyone in the Xing Family had assumed that she was dead.

So why did Xing Fang think that she had left on her own?

She had assumed that Xing Fang had a slip of the tongue when she heard her say it for the first time. However, she had mentioned it twice in a row…

All of a sudden, something seemed to flash past Nian Xiaomu's mind as she grabbed ahold of her hand and asked, "Previously, you mentioned that you were on very good terms with me? Then how much did you know about me?"

Xing Fang noticed her weird expression and replied truthfully, "I wouldn't say that we were on extremely good terms. You had a heavy academic workload when you were young and did not play with us often. I simply saw you more frequently than the others did."

She thought of something and turned around to take a glance at the door.

The second aunt who had brought her in was still eavesdropping there.

When she met their gazes, she cleared her throat guiltily and said, "Xiao Fang, I am afraid that you are muddleheaded after all the overtime you have been working. You are the only one who's treating a jinx like a gem and even came all the way here to see her—I don't want to be related to her in any way lest I get implicated."

After she finished speaking, she swung her arms and walked away.

"Do you have something to tell me?" Nian Xiaomu asked as she held Xing Fang's wrists with both her hands.

When Xing Fang heard this, she nodded her head and looked behind warily at Yu Yuehan.

She was so afraid that she shifted her gaze away when she met Yu Yuehan's dark eyes.

Nian Xiaomu understood her intentions and assured her, "He's one of us. You can speak your thoughts without any worries."

Yu Yuehan's gloomy face softened when he heard this sentence.

The corner of his mouth even curved into an arc…

One of us.

Nian Xiaomu wasn't even aware that a casual sentence of hers had pleased a particular someone as she waited anxiously for Xing Fang to speak…