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619 As long as one held on to a belief, the day would come when his wish would come true

If she had really been in love with Fan Yu before she lost her memories, she must have conned or coerced him into becoming her man.

Why would she have a baby with Yu Yuehan if she loved Fan Yu…

No, no, something was wrong.

"When you say that we were childhood sweethearts…" Nian Xiaomu prodded carefully, but before she could continue, she swallowed hard as she tried to think of the right choice of words.

"You called me Brother Fan Yu. The person you used to stick to back then was me," Fan Yu answered, smiling as he recalled the past memories.

A series of spasms erupted in Nian Xiaomu.

Just as her heart was about to explode from expecting the worst between them, Fan Yu continued, "I've always treated you like my little sister. When you went missing, I was very worried about you and have always been searching for you."


Nian Xiaomu gagged a little.

She wasn't sure if she should be surprised or shocked.

She was worried that she would scare the people around her if she were to start hyperventilating when she spoke.

She had assumed that she had dumped Fan Yu, which was why he was fixated on looking for her.

He shouldn't have called them childhood sweethearts.

It wasn't only because she had a weak heart and was frightened out of her wits.

If Yu Yuehan had heard those two words, he would have turned green with jealously!


While Nian Xiaomu was thinking all these thoughts in her head, she did not notice that Fan Yu's face had a look of despondency.

Hearing him call her his sister, Nian Xiaomu heaved a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, a thought struck her, and she lifted her head to ask Fan Yu, "Since you grew up with me, do you know where my family is? Are they doing well?"

As soon as Nian Xiaomu spoke, she felt her heart skip a beat.

She looked intently at Fan Yu, and when she could tell that he was hesitant to answer her, she grabbed his hand and exclaimed,"Tell me the truth. I've already experienced death once—there's nothing I can't handle."

Fan Yu shut his eyes briefly as he answered in a heavy tone, "From the day you vanished, they were gone."



Nian Xiaomu let go of his hand.

She had thought that she had forgotten everything about her past, so she had also naturally forgotten her family.

However, three years had passed, yet her family had never looked for her. It was not as if she had not suspected that perhaps they were not around anymore.

It was just that hearing the words of confirmation caused a heart-wrenching pain within her that was so intense that she could barely breathe.

"How did my family die? They…"

"Anything in the past is over. It is meaningless to recover those memories and will only cause you more heartache," interjected Fan Yu.

Seeing Nian Xiaomu raise her head in shock, his dark brown eyes narrowed as he made a decision.

His mouth opened slightly and said with pauses between his words, "Perhaps the heavens let you forget everything that had happened so that you would forget the pain. By starting anew, me and your family would be happy to see that you are living a blissful life."


"If you really care about them, then you should continue to live your life happily. Do you understand?"

Fan Yu gazed at Nian Xiaomu gently.

Beneath that calm expression, it was impossible to guess that he was struggling with himself internally.

His hands were clenched into tight fists.

The girl whom he could not forget would never be his.

So, he would safeguard her happiness as an affirmation to the trust that she had once had in him…