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556 The truth that is revealed 4

Nian Xiaomu kept on urging him. When she saw that he had left with the salesperson, she revealed a joyful look on her face.

Her back and tummy were not aching anymore.

She walked to the sofa in the guest area with big strides before she sat down, dug out her phone, and set it to camera mode.

She was prepared to take photos of him in secret after he came out from the dressing room and had finished changing into his suit.

Unfortunately for her, he didn't like to take photographs—she actually did not have a single photo of him on her cell phone.

She wanted to change the wallpaper on her cell phone and could only take photos of him sneakily!

If she managed to take an extremely handsome and charming shot, she could secretly print out the photo and place it in her own office.

She could then take it out covertly and take a look at it when she was missing him at work…

When Nian Xiaomu thought of this, she immediately covered her mouth and laughed happily.

She was just like a little fox that was preparing to have an affair.

Just when she was expectantly waiting for Yu Yuehan to come out, a rustling discussion sounded beside her ears.

"Could she be the woman who is getting engaged to Young Master Han? What do you guys think? She could actually marry into the Yu Family and become the Young Madam of the Yu Corporation—Where did she come from?"

"I heard that she was previously a nurse. For some unknown reason, she entered the public relations department of the Yu Corporation afterward. All in all, she doesn't have any family background and was only a woman who showed her face in public."

"How could this kind of woman match Young Master Han?"

"I could recognize every single brand from the clothes that she is wearing. Apart from that face of hers, which indeed looks fine, I couldn't see how different she is to have such a good life."

"I feel that this wasn't worth his while! If I had known that my heartthrob would marry such a woman, I would rather he get together with the Miss of the Wen Family. He had some pink news with her previously, and she is at least a decent daughter from a rich family…"


The few of them seemed not to have noticed that she was sitting on the sofa.

They huddled together and started to gossip.

The things that they said still sounded pretty polite initially.

In the end, however, after they were certain that Nian Xiaomu was just an ordinary being, they started to go overboard with their words.

It was as if she would be a stain on Yu Yuehan's high and mighty life the moment she got engaged to him.

Nian Xiaomu frowned as she tightened her grip on the hand that was holding onto her cell phone.

Perhaps this was how it felt to be concerned about someone.

She started to doubt herself for the very first time when she usually had immense confidence in herself.

She doubted if she was qualified to stand beside him…

Soon after, she shook her head lightly.

No, loving someone meant loving his everything.

She didn't complain about the fact that Yu Yuehan's status was so distinguished that it reached the extent where she had become the imaginary rival of everyone everywhere.

What right did they have to complain about her background?

Furthermore, the ones who were complaining about her presence were merely unimportant people, not Yu Yuehan.

If she left him due to the idle gossip of others, then wouldn't she be granting them their wishes while causing grievance to herself?

She wasn't that dumb!

"It's such a disgrace for Young Master Han to be together with her when she has such a background. In that case, he would have to bring an unpresentable fiancée when he attends important events in the future…"

"We should really ask her to look at the gap between herself and Young Master Han. She should leave Young Master Han alone if she had some self-awareness…"


As the few of them babbled on, they zipped it immediately when they heard the door to the changing room open.

Yu Yuehan, who was in a tailor-made suit, stepped out slowly.

The black suit set off his perfectly defined facial features and made them extremely charming and devilish.

His gaze looked dark and deep. As the corner of his eyes flickered, an unspeakable tinge of chilliness and sexiness hit everyone in the face.

Suave! He looked so handsome that it made everyone have the urge to scream!