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555 The truth that is revealed 3

Nian Xiaomu asked this out of curiosity when she noticed that they were not heading in the correct direction.

As Yu Yuehan looked at her with a sideways glance, he opened his thin lips and said, "We're going to try on the gowns and suits."

The news of the engagement of Young Master Han, the rich and noble son whose name had the power to send City H into tremors, had spread around fast.

Even when they had not officially announced news of the engagement yet.

However, according to Matriarch Yu, she had already set her mind of this granddaughter-in-law. At this point, they were only waiting to officially introduce her to everyone during the engagement party.

Not only that, the usually low-profile Yu Family had also made an exception and allowed all the media representatives to attend the engagement party.

Although they had only just started to plan for it, the engagement party had already attracted the widespread attention of the public!

Everyone had racked their brains and wanted to know who exactly was the woman who had managed to subdue Young Master Han!

Nian Xiaomu, who was on the way to try out her gown, did not know that she had suddenly turned into the love rival of millions of women.

She had just woken up, but started to get a little sleepy again the moment she got in the car.

She started to yawn as she leaned against Yu Yuehan's chest.

She decided to just close her eyes and take a rest while leaning on him.

Very soon, they arrived at the mall.

The car came to a stop. Just when Nian Xiaomu was about to alight from the car, Yu Yuehan reached out and held onto her hand.

He got out of the car first, then walked around to her side of the car. Bending his back, he scooped her up and carried her out from the car.


A chorus of shrieks immediately rang out around them.

Many young girls screamed in excitement when they saw such a romantic move from a boyfriend.

Just when they were about to whip out their cell phones and take photographs, the bodyguards went forward and stopped them.

By the time they had returned to their senses, Yu Yuehan had already carried Nian Xiaomu and entered the VIP elevator of the mall.

Reaching out, Nian Xiaomu hugged his neck and buried her face in his chest. After she ensured that there were no others in the elevator, she lifted her head up and gave him a punch with her clenched fist.

"You did it on purpose!"

He wasn't such a high-profile person usually.

He didn't insist on carrying her when they were out together.

He had given her a shock by suddenly carrying her in front of so many people. Even her own teen-like heart was about to burst, much less those screaming little girls!

"You are allowed to flirt with me, yet I can't do the same to you?" As Yu Yuehan placed her down, he propped one of his hand against the wall of the elevator and stared at her delicate little face.

As he stared at her face, which had turned red from being shy, his gaze turned deeper and deeper.

He enunciated every word clearly and said, "Nian Xiaomu, it's only fair if we flirt with each other."

Nian Xiaomu: "…!!"

Nian Xiaomu felt like she was floating on air as she got out of the elevator and walked on the ground.

Her entire mind was filled with that extremely charming face of his. Even if he was planning on selling her away now, she would loyally help him count his earnings, much less bring her to try on her gown!

"Young Master Han!"

The few salespeople in the high end clothing store greeted Yu Yuehan respectfully the moment they saw him appear.

They were slightly startled when their gazes landed on Nian Xiaomu, who was following behind him.

A gossipy ray of light was revealed in their eyes immediately.

Everyone knew that Yu Yuehan did not lust after women.

Any girl who tried to approach him intentionally would be so terrified by that chilly air of his that they would retreat an arm's length away from him, let alone expect him to bring them out for a date.

There was once a salesperson from the mall who had taken advantage of her job and tried to seduce Young Master Han. In the end, the seduction plan had totally failed—Young Master Han did not even take a single glance and fired her.

From then on, whenever Yu Yuehan appeared in any event, nobody dared to act recklessly. They just treated him like a god that had descended from above and simply admired him from deep within their hearts.

After they snapped back to their senses, the few salespeople respectfully and hastily said, "The tailored gown that Matriarch Yu ordered is already here. This way please."

Nian Xiaomu let go of his hand and said in a lower volume, "My stomach feels a little weird. You go in and try first."

When she saw that Yu Yuehan was looking at her worriedly, she hurriedly explained, "I am fine. I will be fine after sitting down for a while. Hurry, go and try on your clothes!"