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545 High energy ahead, he had discovered it! 3

He had originally thought that he would see the scene of the sound asleep duo hugging each other when he entered the room.

However, he realized that no one was inside when he entered the room.

Where had they gone to?

Could Nian Xiaomu have brought his little princess along with her and left the house…

Yu Yuehan collected his gaze. Turning around, he walked out of Xiao Liuliu's room and walked toward Nian Xiaomu's room.

When Yu Yuehan reached the entrance of the room, he instantly recalled the incident of a particular someone who had gotten drunk for the very first time. She was tugging at him at the entrance while showering him with hugs and kisses…

It was merely a night of not seeing her, yet he was already going crazy from missing her.

He pushed the room door open without any hesitation and entered.

It was cold and chilly in the room.

He reached out and turned on the lights. However, not a single person was in sight even after he had searched the room once.

It was early in the morning, so where had she gone?

She even brought Xiao Liuliu along with her…

Yu Yuehan took a step forward and headed out. Just when he was about to call for the butler, he noticed a diary on her study table from the corner of his eye. Something seemed to have flashed past his mind as he paused in his steps.

He still remembered the first time when he inadvertently saw her diary.

At that time, he was greatly vigilant toward her because he had just obtained information about her background.

He was touched because her diary was filled with concern for Xiao Liuliu.

He had not expected that she was still continuing to write in her diary even after so long.

Walking forward, Yu Yuehan picked up the diary on the study table and flipped open to the first page.

His gaze turned gentle as he stared at Nian Xiaomu's delicate handwriting in the diary.

When a person had someone in his heart, it turned out that he would unknowingly have the urge to take a second glance at the things that belonged to that someone.

Did she still write in her diary after the two of them entered in a relationship with each other?

Would her current diary entries consist of only Xiao Liuliu, just like the past? Or would he be in the picture as well?

When Yu Yuehan thought of this, his gaze turned eager; he pulled the chair out and flipped through her diary with his long fingers.

He was smart to have skipped the earlier entries and started to flip straight from the very last page.

The first sentence that came into view was one that was written with heavy strokes…

"I am bloody angry! Bloody bloody angry! Yu Yuehan, you are the stepmother, your entire family are stepmothers!"

His fingers froze when he recalled the little tiff between them that had happened yesterday.

He coughed lightly.

He must dote on his own woman.

Surely, she still loved him and was just throwing her temper.

She must have praised him in the previous entries.

Yu Yuehan returned to his calm state again when he thought of this.

No matter what, the proposal that he had prepared was a very romantic one that left her utterly touched. She must have hidden alone and cried buckets when she was writing about it in her diary, right?

Yu Yuehan's eyes flickered, and he flipped to the front.

He impatiently flipped to the diary entry that was dated to the day of the proposal.

"Two-faced guy! He only remembered to dress himself up and even specially styled his hair. Yet, he actually did not remind me to dress up in a nicer dress! He must be jealous of my beauty… AHHH! Why did I not hold back at that time? I actually cried in such a horrendously ugly manner, which is so intemperate of me! Where did my goddess-like image go? Where did my goddess-like image go? I have forsaken my whole life the moment I saw Yu Yuehan, it's all his fault! Yes, all his fault!"

Yu Yuehan: "…!!"

Since she wasn't touched by the proposal, she must have been touched when he took her to a movie the other time. After all, she jumped into his embrace and said that he was the only person she liked. Right?

Yu Yuehan was unwilling to give up and continued to flip to the front.

He flipped to an entry from when they were both in a relationship with each other.

He was finally at ease when he read the first sentence…

"I am filled with bliss from the date with my boyfriend, I must record this down! However, I really shouldn't ask so much from the iceberg. It's already very good that we get to go on dates, I shouldn't hope for any romantic actions…"