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514 You are my everlasting love 2

The name Xiao Xinxin was given to you in error. You should call yourself Xiao Dianxin, Little Dessert, since you have such a sweet tooth. I shall call you Xin'er in the future.


Tang Yuansi's voice rang incessantly beside her ears.

The dear love at a tender age.

The first awakening of love as a teen.

Throughout her entire life, he had occupied a very important period for a very long time.

As such, even after he had left, she couldn't forget about him no matter what.

Even if the one sitting in front of her was someone else, he was the person that she was thinking about in her mind…

"No need. I don't feel like eating desserts today," Shangxin closed the menu and replied lightly.

She glanced around the surroundings out of boredom. The next second, she spotted a familiar looking figure strolling in casually from the entrance of the restaurant.

Shangxin stared blankly.

As she sat stumped in her seat, she thought that she had missed Tang Yuansi to such an extent that she had developed a hallucination. For a very long time, she remained in that position and did not move.

She watched as Tang Yuansi walked to her step by step.

Just when she was so shocked that she was at a loss for what to do, he merely cast a deep look at her and gestured by nodding his head. It was as if this was just a casual encounter.

After that, he sat at the table next to them.


This should be their first encounter with each other ever since they had parted ways at the hotel.

It had never crossed Shangxin's mind that they would meet in such a setting.

She had never once imagined that he would come over when he learned that she was going on a blind date…

"What a coincidence, President Tang." Xie Feng recognized Tang Yuansi and greeted him in a friendly manner; he did not spot the peculiar look on Shangxin's face.

Tang Yuansi collected his gaze from looking at Shangxin's face and cast a glance at him before saying, "Not a coincidence at all. I frequent this restaurant often."

Xie Feng: "…"

Shangxin: "…"

Shangxin grasped the napkin in her hands nervously when she met Xie Feng's gaze.

Indeed, she had chosen this restaurant because Tang Yuansi had brought her here frequently in the past. As such, she instinctively thought of this restaurant when Xie Feng asked her where she wanted to eat at.

However, it had never crossed her mind that she would bump into him at this place.

Hence, he did not come here because of her; both of them had merely bumped into each other coincidentally.

The pieces of hope and illusion that rose in Shangxin's heart shattered in an instant.

She let out a bitter laugh.

Why did she still have wild wishes? Hadn't they made everything clear during that night?

Neither of them owed the other anything.

Everything had ended.

"President Tang, any drinks for you?" When Shangxin heard the waiter's inquiry, she collected her gaze quickly and chatted with Xie Feng under the pretense of looking like she wasn't concerned.

Xie Feng was a very considerate person.

Even though he noticed that there was something weird going on between Tang Yuansi and Shangxin, he did not burst their bubble.

He put the food on her plate gently and reminisced about their school life.

"Your temper was really hot at that time, and you meant what you said. We had all assumed that you would probably work as a female cop after graduation, and nobody expected that you would suddenly enter the entertainment industry and even become a top model."

Xie Feng seemed to sink into his memories as he said that.

Deep love penetrated his gaze as he looked at Shangxin.

In the past, she had not been someone who was this quiet and who spoke such few words.

She was very cheerful and outgoing.

She would always be the first to dash to the front no matter what happened.

There was always a tinge of distinguished aura around her. Very few could match up to her even among those in the entertainment industry.

She was very special. It was no wonder that she was the goddess of the nation.

"… I hadn't expected it either."

A sad look flashed past Shangxin's eyes when she heard what he said.

Everyone had assumed that she had entered this industry because she had been recruited by a talent scout and also because she herself enjoyed being a model.

However, only she knew that she had become a model in the first place because she wanted to spite Tang Yuansi.