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She had already settled on her escape plan. Once she was out of here, she would hail a taxi, stay at Tan Bengbeng's house for a few days, and lie low until this nosebleed incident blew over…

Ding! The elevator door opened, and Nian Xiaomu rushed in with her head down.

Just as she was about to press the button to close the door, she heard a loud cheer from outside.

It was so zealous that she got a fright.

Before she could check out what was happening, the elevator door closed.

Lifting her head up, she saw a silhouette on the reflective wall of the elevator. Slightly alarmed, Nian Xiaomu took a second look and found the figure rather familiar…

Then, she recalled that everyone had broke into a loud cheer after the elevator doors opened. After the doors closed, it became quiet again.

Nian Xiaomu froze in horror!

She pressed herself against the door of the elevator and turned around very slowly.

When she saw the man standing behind her clearly, she frantically banged on the door, wishing the elevator would let her out!

"Nian Xiaomu, are you out of your mind?"

Yu Yuehan grabbed the back of her collar and pulled her toward him.

He leaned close and sneered, "You were only peeking at my body, yet you got a nosebleed from looking at me…"

"Stop! Don't say anymore!" Nian Xiaomu lunged forward and reached out to cover his mouth.

Just thinking about how stupid she had been made her want to bang her head against the elevator until she died.

Her goddess image was ruined…

Was it too late to kill Yu Yuehan?

The elevator very quickly reached the ground floor.

Afraid that Yu Yuehan might bring up this incident in front of other people, Nian Xiaomu launched a tirade against him to issue a stern warning that other men had been dumped by their girlfriends because they had been too pretentious and showy.

"Yu Yuehan, you better think this through carefully. If you were to share with another person that I had a nose bleed just from looking at you, it's highly probable that you will lose a girlfriend…"

Ding! Before Nian Xiaomu finished speaking, the elevator door opened, and the assistant was standing right there.

There was a mishmash of expressions on his face. It was as if he had overheard something extraordinary, but had to hold it in and pretend that he had heard nothing.

If he were to cause his own company's president to become single, he himself would become unemployed!

Meeting Nian Xiaomu's gaze, the assistant blurted out without hesitation, "Manager Nian, I didn't hear a thing!"

Nian Xiaomu: "…!!"

She had lost all face! There was no way to salvage the situation now.

She wished she could have these people silenced, especially the culprit, Yu Yuehan!

If he hadn't intentionally seduced her, she wouldn't have ended up this way today…

He better not think about touching her at all this entire week—no, this entire month!

Nian Xiaomu stomped out of the elevator and was about to continue walking straight ahead when Yu Yuehan reached out and yanked the collar of her shirt.

She was about to glare at him when she heard him say, "You're going in the wrong direction."


Lifting her head up, Nian Xiaomu realized that her rashness had almost caused her to smash her head against the front desk counter.

Shuddering from the shock, she took a step back.

A second later, she was dragged along by Yu Yuehan and redirected toward the garage.

Once she got in the car, Nian Xiaomu leaned against the door testily, refusing to look at Yu Yuehan.

On the other hand, Yu Yuehan was on the phone and acted like he was busy with something.

After listening in for a bit, Nian Xiaomu covered her ears, refusing to allow herself to be affected by him.

Since he had a poor "track record," who knew if this was part of his ploy to seduce her by offering himself to her?