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475 It“s a question between one and two babies! 1

A voice rang out loud!

The classroom instantly fell silent.

Even Luo Qiang, who was still taunting Xiao Liuliu earlier, was shocked. Stumbling backward, he ran to hide in his mother's arms.

"Be good, Xiao Liuliu. You're not unloved or unwanted. You are a treasure to me and your daddy!" Nian Xiaomu gently wiped away Xiao Liuliu's tears. Seeing that she was crying so hard that her body was trembling, Nian Xiaomu felt even sorrier for Xiao Liuliu.

She turned around and glared at the overbearing mother and son pair.

This woman had not thought that Nian Xiaomu would suddenly turn up when she was engrossed in slandering Xiao Liuliu. As a result, Nian Xiaomu's appearance was like a slap to her face, and the expression on her face became contorted.

Then, she snickered and continued, "So what if she has a mother? You're Yu Liuliu's mother? It's good that you're here. Your daughter hit my son. You owe me good explanation!"

After that, the woman eyed Nian Xiaomu from head to toe.

What was the use of being pretty? Her outfit did not include brand name clothes, and she didn't even have makeup on. In fact, there were beads of perspiration on her face. Perhaps she had walked to the school.

There was not a single luxurious item on her.

Needless to say, she was not someone with a distinguished background.

Thinking that the other person must be a pauper, the woman stuck her nose in the air as she boasted, "Let me tell you this. My son is the only son of the third generation of the Luo Family. Now that he has been wounded so severely, we will have to send him for various check-ups. The medical bills will not be a small amount of money!"

"Boo hoo…" Sobbing quietly in Nian Xiaomu's arms, Xiao Liuliu looked up when she heard the woman's accusations.

Hugging Nian Xiaomu's neck tightly, she cried, "Xiao Liuliu did not hit anyone. He's the naughty one who bullied me… then he fell down on his own…"

The big teardrops that fell from her eyes broke Nian Xiaomu's heart.

Then, she thought in her heart that it was a good thing that it was her, and not Yu Yuehan, who had come to settle the incident.

Had it been him, there surely would have been bloodshed when he saw that Xiao Liuliu had been called a bastard!

Realizing that she was thinking about him again, her eyes grew sad.

Carrying Xiao Liuliu in her arms, Nian Xiaomu turned to face the woman and demanded, "You heard that, right? My daughter said that she did not hit anyone. Instead, your son was the one who bullied her. The people who should apologize are the two of you!"


Stunned at first, the woman said with a smirk, "Of course she wouldn't admit to hitting someone. However, so many people here witnessed my son falling down and injuring his head right in front of your daughter. I will not believe that she wasn't the culprit! If you guys have any common sense, you better get down on your knees and apologize to us. Otherwise, be prepared to compensate us for the medical bills!"

At the end of her tirade, the woman expected to see Nian Xiaomu panic or at least show some fear on her face.

However, after a long while, not only did Nian Xiaomu stay very calm, she even threw a look of disdain at her.

Without making eye contact with the woman, Nian Xiaomu walked directly toward the teacher.

"I've faith in Xiao Liuliu that she would not tell lies. The classrooms should have surveillance cameras installed. Could you please get ahold of the videos to find out the truth?"

An adorable child like Xiao Liuliu was naturally the teacher's pet.

Responding to Nian Xiaomu's request, the teacher very quickly answered, "I've asked my colleague to retrieve the videos from the surveillance cameras."

Shortly after, another teacher walked into the classroom with the videos.

The images from the surveillance cameras were very clear.

Luo Qiang kept pinching Xiao Liuliu's face.

When she pushed his hands away, he started to pull Xiao Liuliu's hair and refused to stop.

After that, he even egged on a few other boys in the class to surround Xiao Liuliu and taunt her.