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445 Blind date! 3

She had spent so much money, yet she did not succeed in destroying Nian Xiaomu!

Now that the matter had been exposed and Yu Yuehan knew that someone was out to harm Nian Xiaomu, he would surely carry out an investigation to the end!

A thought struck Wen Yadai, and she took out the cell phone SIM card that she had hidden in the drawer. Snapping it into half, she ran into the washroom and tossed it into the toilet bowl.

After flushing it down and watching the SIM card disappear, she let out a long sigh of relief.

She had just returned to her bedroom when the door suddenly swung open forcefully.

Arms akimbo, Zhang Mingyan walked in with an air of arrogance.

Sweeping a glance at Wen Yadai's luxurious bedroom, her eyes burned with jealousy.

Why did Wen Yadai have the best things in life when her son could not step even step foot into the door of the Wen family? They were both children of the Wen Family, yet why did her son have to suffer outside all these years?

"What are you looking at? Who gave you permission to come into my room without even knocking first? You're really a woman from a lowly background. No manners at all, you sl*t!"

When Wen Yadai saw who it was, the expression on her face turned cold.

The entire Wen family was already giving her a hard time because she had offended Master Han, yet her father brought back his mistress during this time…

Wen Yadai wished to tear Zhang Mingyan apart!

Zhang Mingyan walked forward and snickered. "This is the Wen Family and the man of the household is your father. I am your father's wife so I can go wherever I please."

Hearing this, Wen Yadai was about to explode in fury.

"The madam of the household is my mother. Who do you think you are?!"

Instead of getting angry, Zhang Mingyan broke into a smile as she gloated, "Well at least I gave birth to a son for your father, and my son can take over the Wen Family business in the future. What has your mother done for the Wen Family? She only gave birth to a useless daughter. Now that you've offended the Yu Family, be thankful that your father hasn't chased you out of the house! He's already done his part as a father. Do you still think you're a treasure to him?"

"What did you say?!" Wen Yadai tightened her fists and grated her teeth.

Since a young age, she had received the best education, and everything she used was the best in the Wen Family.

Even though her father was not fond of her mother, he doted on her a lot. He used to carry her very often and even told her that as long as she worked hard, he would leave all of the Wen Family assets to her.

When she refused to work for their own family business and insisted on staying in the Yu Corporation, her father wholeheartedly supported her too.

He had even praised her for being so capable…

Throwing a glance at Wen Yadai, Zhang Mingyan's eyes were filled with mockery.

"What I say does not matter. However, you father said that since you cannot win Master Han's heart, do not pester him and annoy him further. Why don't you change your target and meet up with the eldest young master of the An Family, An Li?"

"You want me to go on a blind date? That's your wishful thinking!" Wen Yadai's facial expression changed as she hollered at Zhang Mingyan.

The An Family was not even on par with the Wen Family. An Li, the eldest young master of the An Family, had been sent overseas a few years ago. While it was said that he had gone to further his studies, it was widely known that he was a brat who was out of control, which was why he had to be sent away!

She was the most distinguished young mistress of the Wen Family. How could she go on a blind date with such a man!

"It's true that the An Family could not match up to the Wen Family, but that was in the past, and things are different now. It seems like the An Family will be collaborating on a project with the Yu Corporation. If everything goes well, the status of the An Family will definitely rise in power. Then, it will be your honor to know An Li."

Zhang Mingyan played with her fingertips as she sneered,

"Actually, you have only yourself to blame. If you were like before and in Master Han's good books, why would the collaboration end up with the An Family?"

Wen Yadai: "…!!"