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383 Slowly recalling

"What did you say?"

He pushed back the blanket and stepped out of bed unhurriedly.

Only a loosely styled sleeping robe draped across his body, and he did not even fasten the drawstring of his pants.

Baring his bright and clean chest, he strolled over to her.

He lowered his head slightly. With a darkened face, he stared at Nian Xiaomu, whose face was filled with guilt.

Reaching out, he seized her chin and forced her to lift her head and look at him. With a pause after every word, he said, "Nian Xiaomu, are you planning to forsake me after using me?"


What did she say just now?

She couldn't even remember anything—what was with forsaking him after making use of him? It was at most a drunken mistake…

However, she suddenly felt that she was going extremely overboard when she met his hurt gaze.

No matter what, she was the one who had forced herself on him.

Yu Yuehan was the President of the Yu Corporation; he might have never received such treatment in his life.

He was actually bedded by a drunkard.

She even wanted to run away after sealing the deal…

Nian Xiaomu bit her lips and replied carefully, "Or… Should I take responsibility for you?"

"Okay," Yu Yuehan opened his thin lips and replied.

He replied to her very quickly.

It was so quick that Nian Xiaomu did not have any time to react.

For a moment, Nian Xiaomu thought that what he had said was merely her hallucination.

Just when she wanted to clarify with him, she realized that the expression in his eyes seemed to be a little weird—his gaze was fixated on her chest…

Nian Xiaomu was slow on the uptake as she lowered her head and shifted her gaze as well.

She was wearing his shirt because she really could not wear her own shirt. As he was much taller than she was, his shirt could totally serve as a dress when she wore it.

However, she had forgotten that white shirts were very transparent in color.

She seemed almost naked from his point of view…

Aware of what Yu Yuehan was looking at, Nian Xiaomu's face turned bright red immediately. Covering her chest with both her hands, she shouted, "Hooligan!"

After that, she scanned around her surroundings to see if there was any spot where she could hide.

In a state of anxiousness, she jumped back onto the bed and pulled the blanket over to cover herself up.

She stared vigilantly at the person before her.

The corner of Yu Yuehan's lips curved up when he heard what she said. Shifting his gaze back to her, he stared at her in a mocking manner, opened his mouth slowly, and said, "I remember that someone insisted on pulling me back to the room to sleep last night. She even stationed herself at the entrance of the door and wanted me to kiss and hug her before she finally released her grip."

"…" She was deaf—she could not hear anything.

Yu Yuehan caught a glimpse of her darting gaze, and the smile beneath his eyes became even more obvious.

He continued to repeat what she had said the previous night.

"You are mine now since you have already sold your body to me. Don't try to head anywhere else tonight apart from yo mama's place!"


"Don't worry, yo mama is very gentle. I will surely be very nice to you tonight…"

Nian Xiaomu: "…!!"

It must have been his hallucination!

She did not say all of that.

Definitely not!

That wasn't the real her; she had forgotten everything.

Nian Xiaomu's body froze as she sat on the bed. A few images flashed through her mind vaguely; it seemed like she was indeed the one who had tugged on Yu Yuehan's tie and insisted on pulling him back into the room…

A ray of light flashed past Nian Xiaomu's eyes. She shuddered all over when she saw the tie that laid on the floor from the corner of her eye!

She wished so badly that she could dig a hole and bury herself in it as she covered her face with both her hands.

A single slip had caused everlasting sorrow.

If anyone allowed her to touch alcohol next time, she would end that person!

While Nian Xiaomu was still lost in her thoughts, Yu Yuehan had already walked up and now stood right before her without her noticing. Reaching out, he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her onto the bed with some force.

Resting his hands by the sides of her body, a sly smile crept up from the corner of his mouth as he opened his mouth casually and asked, "Did you forget everything?"

Nian Xiaomu: "…!"

At this point in time, she had to say that she had forgotten everything even if she had indeed remembered everything.

Raising his eyebrows, Yu Yuehan lowered his head slowly. As he left a kiss on her cherry-like lips, he exhaled a whiff of charm and said, "It doesn't matter since it's still early now. I can help you recall everything, slowly…"

Nian Xiaomu: "…!!"