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381 A dream come true

With her body soaring up, Nian Xiaomu was instantly nervous and hugged his neck tightly.

The next second, both of them fell onto the bed together.

Just when Nian Xiaomu wanted to get up, Yu Yuehan flipped over. Pressing down on her body, he accurately sealed his lips on hers!

The temperature in the room soared.

A dense streak of light appeared in Yu Yuehan's dark gaze.

He had exhausted the patience of his entire lifetime on her.

He coaxed her gently until she adapted to it.

Along with the falling clothes, the last shred of reason in his brain completely snapped as he devoured her whole…


The first ray of sunshine threaded through mother earth.

The weekend was the time to sleep in late.

It was significantly more silent in the Yu Family villa now as compared to a typical day.

The door of the children's room only opened after a long while.

Carrying her piggy toy in hand, Xiao Liuliu rubbed her big, muddled eyes and walked out of the room.

Without thinking, she sprinted toward Nian Xiaomu's room.

She wanted to wake her up.

However, she realized that the door was open and that there was no one inside when she arrived at Nian Xiaomu's room.

A blank look surfaced on her delicate little face.

"Pretty Sister is missing…"

The next second, she strode forward with her tiny and short legs, running upstairs hurriedly.

She wanted to tell Daddi that Pretty Sister was missing!

Just when she climbed up to the first step of the staircase, the butler, who was crouching at the side and keeping guard, headed forward immediately and carried her down.

Blinking her huge eyes, Xiao Liuliu made another attempt and climbed onto the staircase.

She even shouted anxiously as she climbed, "Butler Grandpa, Pretty Sister is missing. She must have been kidnapped by bad people. Xiao Liuliu wants to tell Daddi!"

Butler: "…!"

Little Miss, the one who kidnapped your Pretty Sister was your father.

Is it appropriate for you to scold your biological father and call him a bad person?

The butler's facial expression was a little peculiar.

Carrying her soft and mushy little body in his embrace, he put his finger on his lips and made a shushing sound.

After pondering hard in confusion, he finally asked, "Does Little Miss like your Pretty Sister?"

"I like her!" Xiao Liuliu nodded her head intensely.

Clearing his throat, the butler asked again, "Do you want your Pretty Sister to be able to stay in the Yu Family villa and accompany you all the time?"

"Yes, I want that!" Xiao Liuliu replied obediently.

When the butler heard that, he let out a sigh of relief and stood up with Xiao Liuliu in his arms, "In that case, listen to butler Grandpa. Let's go and have our meal first."

As the butler said that, he lifted his head up and took a glance upstairs.

With his own eyes, he had seen a drunken Nian Xiaomu lugging his Young Master upstairs last night.

He had never seen the two-faced expression on his Young Master's face until yesterday; it was a pleased look, just like a hunter who looked on as his prey fell into a trap, bit by bit…

No one came down the entire night.

One could imagine what had happened the previous night without asking…

Little Miss might witness some X-rated scenes if he really allowed her to head upstairs at this point in time.

The butler carried Xiao Liuliu in his arms and left hurriedly the moment he thought of this.

On the second level.

In the master bedroom.

The curtains were tightly shut, and not a single ray of light could enter the room.

A large lump emerged from the huge bed in the dimly lit room.

Nian Xiaomu had a deep and pleasant sleep.

She even had a sweet dream.

In her dream, she dreamed that she had managed to bed Yu Yuehan; he was lying on the bed obediently and allowed her to do anything that she pleased.

She chuckled with happiness.

She woke up from the laughter in her dream.

Just when she was about to turn over, she froze instantaneously when she felt the aches all over her entire body.

Reaching out, she massaged her throbbing head and muttered silently, Were dreams so realistic nowadays?

Reaching out, she groped about for the head of the bed frame but did not feel the presence of her cell phone. Instead, she realized that the surrounding environment did not seem right…