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379 No one would be at a loss!

Nian Xiaomu tilted her head and stared at him for quite a while. All of a sudden, she stood on tiptoe and planted a kiss on his face!

Blushing, she held onto his neck and plunged her head right into his embrace.

When she caught a whiff of the overbearing aura on him, the thought of bedding him suddenly flashed past her mind…

He had had some alcohol, which meant that he would definitely not have as much strength now as he normally would.

Plus, she had had some alcohol as well; if he was angry after the deal was sealed, she could simply push all the blame upon that bottle of alcohol!

The time was right; geographical and social conditions were favorable as well…

Nian Xiaomu was suddenly aware of her thoughts and froze in horror!

Her face was so red that it seemed like blood was about to seep through it.

As she pushed him away, she turned around and prepared to run.

A sturdy arm had already grabbed onto the collar of her shirt and pulled her back the moment she took her first step away.

"Are you trying to run away after flirting with me again?" Yu Yuehan's spoke as his eyes darkened.

The pupils in his eyes enlarged slightly.

His hand that was grabbing onto her tightened up silently. From the look on his face, he was clearly restraining himself.

"Let go of me first. I can't, I can't breathe with you strangling me like this…" Nian Xiaomu spun around in front of him. Flinging his hand away, she complained as she loosened the collar of her shirt, "You have already prostituted your body to me. Couldn't, couldn't I tease you just a little bit!"

The effects of red wine were deadly; Nian Xiaomu was getting muddled and was even slurring her words.

She poked his solid chest with her tiny fingers.

"You told that to Fan Yu yourself. Anything that comes out of your mouth counts. I have noted all of this down in my notebook!"

She was getting more and more enthusiastic as she spoke.

She simply hugged him by the waist and continued to roast him, "Say it. Are you mine now?"

"Don't assume that you can be willful just because you are handsome looking. This goddess is in great demand as well. If you continue to be fierce, to be fierce to me, someone will snatch me away…"

"But you are indeed very good looking, you are the best looking ma… man that I have ever seen…"

Her hands were already roaming around his face without any manners as she spoke.

Lifting her head up, she stared at his handsome face in a perverted manner.

From the expression on her face, it seemed like she was about drool.

Instead, she hiccupped right in front of him at the end!

Yu Yuehan: "…!"

Just when he was about to say something, the person in front of him had some tricks up her sleeve yet again.

Tugging his tie, she pulled him in the direction of her room.

She was even muttering to herself, "Since he has already misunderstood me, I would kinda be at a loss if I don't bed him!"

Yu Yuehan: "…"

So, the reason why she had decided to bed him was because she felt that she would be at a loss if she didn't do so?

Right, it just so happened that he did not want her to be at a loss.

Yu Yuehan looked up. As he scanned a look in the direction of her room, he opened his mouth absentmindedly and said, "Your bed is too small. It might not be too convenient. Why don't we head to my bedroom?"

Nian Xiaomu paused in her steps immediately when she heard this!

Turning around, she looked at him.

She sized him up carefully with narrowed eyes.

She seemed to be doing research as she looked at him from top to bottom and then from left to right.

As Yu Yuehan straightened his back slightly, he withdrew his gaze and no expressions could be seen on his face.

Only the two tightly clenched fists that dangled by the sides of his body revealed his state of mind.

"Wouldn't I appear to be someone who is very easy to swindle if I really headed to your room according to what you have suggested?" Nian Xiaomu suddenly rushed up in front of him. Cupping his face with both her hands, she shook her head with puffed up cheeks and declared, "I'm not heading there! I want to go to my own room!"

"Your room works fine as well." Yu Yuehan accepted her suggestion readily.

It did not matter if the bed was a little smaller. He wasn't a picky person.

Reaching out, he gave a hug to the person who was in his embrace and led her to her room.

She was really drunk.

Her tiny little face was fiery red, and a perplexed look seeped through her eyes as well.

She was almost leaning her entire body into him and even gave him kisses discreetly from time to time as she stood on tiptoe.

Thinking that he did not realize it after she had kissed him, she covered her mouth secretly and giggled foolishly at herself.