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339 Who are you to me?

When those words were spoken, the smile on Yu Yuehan's face froze.

Not realizing the change in his facial expression, Nian Xiaomu continued to yak on, "Not only does he have a hot temper, he has a bad personality too. He's always so cold to the people around him, just like a piece of iceberg!"


"When I first got to know him, my greatest desire was to perish together with him hugging a flammable gas cylinder!"


Lombardi listened on quietly. At first, he was still laughing along. However, by the time he listened to the last part, he glanced over at Yu Yuehan with a look of sympathy.

"Master Han does not seem like that kind of person…"

Without waiting for Lombardi to finish with what he wanted to say, Nian Xiaomu impatiently cut him short.

"That's because you are not familiar with him yet. I'm not telling tall tales. It is true that he is a good business partner. However, when it comes to dating, do not ever look for someone like him. Whenever there is a disagreement, you will get ignored. Who can tolerate this?"

As Nian Xiaomu blabbered on, her throat felt dry, so she reached out for the tea that Yu Yuehan had poured for her and gulped it down.

Putting the empty teacup down, she instructed with ease, "I'm still thirsty. Please pour me another cup!"

Then, she turned around to continue gossiping with Lombardi.


As Yu Yuehan lowered his eyes and stared at the empty teacup in front of him, his uniquely handsome face was covered by a veil of darkness.

Then, he turned to look at the woman right in front of him who was criticizing him and even throwing orders at him!

She was acting so obediently in front of him. He really could not tell that all this time she had always wanted to perish together with him hugging a gas cylinder.

There was also the thing she said about never dating someone like him…

Yu Yuehan's eyes narrowed!

The hand that was holding the cup suddenly put it down with great force.

There was too much force put into it, and the cup cracked with a clinking sound.

Since Yu Yuehan did not release his hand, a bloody cut appeared on his finger.

The sudden noise attracted the attention of everyone, and they turned to look at him.

Seated most closely to Yu Yuehan, Nian Xiaomu jumped out of her seat in shock.

Taken aback by the blood flowing out of his finger, Nian Xiaomu exclaimed, "Master, Master Han, you're bleeding…"

When she regained her composure, she did not bother to ask any more questions. Instead, she instinctively took a napkin and pressed it down on the cut on his finger.

Before her hand could touch him, Yu Yuehan had already withdrawn his hand. Standing up, he said indifferently, "I accidentally broke a cup. It's not a big deal."


"If Mr. Lombardi doesn't have anything else to say, I will take my leave first."

As Yu Yuehan spoke, he stepped past Nian Xiaomu and got ready to leave.

When Nian Xiaomu saw that his finger was still bleeding, she quickly got up and gave Lombardi a quick explanation before running after Yu Yuehan.

Yu Yuehan walked very quickly because his legs were long.

Nian Xiaomu chased all the way behind him and only managed to stop him when they got to the car.

Then, she jumped in front of the car to stop it from driving off.

Huffing and puffing to catch her breath, she pleaded with Yu Yuehan, "Master Han, your hand is still bleeding. You have to get it treated. Have you forgotten that I used to be a nurse? I can help you to stop the bleeding first…"

"Stay out of my affairs."

Yu Yuehan threw an icy look at her as he spoke coldly.

Refusing to budge, Nian Xiaomu persisted and declared, "No. Unless you get your wound dressed properly, I will not let you go!"

"Nian Xiaomu, who are you to me? What right do you have to control me?" Yu Yuehan's deep and soulful eyes looked intently at Nian Xiaomu.

Hearing this, Nian Xiaomu blurted out, "Because I care about you!"


"If I did not truly care about you, I wouldn't bother with your well-being! Why are you so fierce to me!" Nian Xiaomu shouted back at him.