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328 You are not alone!

Since it wasn't because of Wen Yadai, why was he behaving in such a weird manner all of a sudden?

Nian Xiaomu wanted to ask him about it, but his hand was still covering her mouth.

His expression darkened when he met her curious gaze. A long while later, he finally spoke slowly.

"My family died in an accident. I was there when it happened."

His voice sounded low and depressed.

It was as if he was making a supreme effort to bear the pain of his grief.

"I was still very young back then. They were protecting me with their lives, but I could only watch helplessly as they passed on right in front of me. On that day, blood flowed all over the floor…"

"I watched as the ambulance arrived. I watched as their eyes gradually closed right in front of me. Their eyes did not open again no matter how hard I screamed at them."

"I was already an orphan with no parents when I woke up in the hospital afterward."


It had never crossed Nian Xiaomu's mind that he would tell her about what had happened to his parents.

Her heart broke at the thought of him having to personally witness this tragedy when he was at such a tender age.

Had Wen Yadai saved him on the day that his parents passed away?

Was this the case? Was this why he was reminded of his parents' passing when he saw the traces of blood trickling from Wen Yadai's hands?…

She shouldn't have asked him about it.

Pain emerged from within his eyes and on his tense face. When Nian Xiaomu saw this from the corner of her eye, she suddenly grabbed his arms and gave him a tight hug!

"Don't talk about it anymore if you don't feel like it!"


"Yu Yuehan, those days have passed. You are not alone now, you have… you have Xiao Liuliu!"

Nian Xiaomu had no idea what had gotten into herself either.

In that sentence just now, she had nearly said that he had her!

After she composed herself, she added on, "You have many people around who cared about you, not just Xiao Liuliu. They definitely hoped that you would live your life well!"


As Yu Yuehan stood there with his long and slender body, he lowered his gaze and stared at Nian Xiaomu, who was consoling him in a serious manner.

She was a lot shorter than him, so it was a little strenuous for her to hug him as she stood in front of him.

With her feet on tiptoe, both of her arms bypassed his waist and stretched all the way to his back. As she spoke, she patted his back every now and then, just like how one would coax a child.

The chilly look in Yu Yuehan's eyes gradually faded away.

His gaze unknowingly turned gentle.

He did not interrupt her consoling and allowed her to hug him on her own accord.

With a stretch of his long arms, he managed to easily grab her waist.

He could see her small and delicate ear lobe as well as the back of her fair neck just by slightly lowering his head.

Due to their height difference, it seemed like she was snuggling in his embrace from the way she hugged him.

He was very pleased.

He was so pleased that he had the urge to reach out and give her head a rub.

The man in front of her did not open his mouth to speak even after she waited for a very long time.

Worried that he was still upset, she subconsciously struck up another conversation and tried to help him to distract his attention.

"You mentioned just now that both you and Wen Yadai were not childhood friends. What did you mean by that? Didn't the both of you grow up together since a young age?"

However, Nian Xiaomu felt that she sounded a little gossipy right after she asked these questions.

Perhaps he would even assume that she felt jealous about it.

Therefore, she added on quickly, "You can choose not to say if you don't feel like talking about it. I was just asking out of curiosity."


Yu Yuehan cast a look at her from the corner of his eye and noticed the confused expression on her face.

The corners of his lips curled upward.

"I liked to shut myself in my room after my parents passed away. My grandma was afraid that I would suffer from autism as a result, so she called Wen Yadai over to accompany me."

"Isn't that considered childhood friends? She became your friend when both of you were so young. Moreover, she even studied business management just for your sake and subsequently became an employee of your company…"