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296 It“s too late!

"Supervisor Nian, don't worry. I won't let any harm come to you no matter what…" Chen Zixin walked up to her. Just when he was about to console her, he realized that Nian Xiaomu had been calling Yu Yuehan with her head lowered all this time.

It seemed like the cellular signal had been blocked in the room since she could not get her calls to go through.

However, she did not give up and dialed the same number over and over again.

Chen Zixin's body froze.

As he recalled how she had rejected him without a second thoughts, a sudden realization seemed to have hit him, and his face turned pale.

Nian Xiaomu, on the other hand, did not notice his expression and mumbled in an annoyed tone, "Didn't you say that you would watch me like a hawk… I have gone missing and you still don't answer your phone…"

Nian Xiaomu put away her cell phone since her call couldn't get through. Turning around, she walked toward the balcony.

She could only try to jump down from the second floor if all else failed.

She hoped that she wouldn't fall to her death…

As Chen Zixin stood behind her and stared at her back, the expression on his face turned even uglier when he suddenly realized that she would rather jump off of the balcony than be exposed as having any relationship with him.

He stared blankly for a few seconds before he finally rushed forward and pulled her back.

"I should be the one jumping if one of us really has to jump!"

"…" Nian Xiaomu was stumped for words. The moment she turned around, she met his serious gaze. Just when she was about to say something, she heard the reporters slamming the door with their bodies!

It seemed that the door would be slammed open within the next second.

It was too late!


Outside the room.

A bunch of reporters blocked the door from the outside, so nobody noticed that Wen Yadai was standing at the corner of the staircase.

With a glass of red wine in hand, she sipped on the wine leisurely. As she stared at the bustling scene, a sinister ray of light flashed past her eyes.

Wasn't Nian Xiaomu very formidable?

She had clinched those major projects one after another, making it so that the employees in the department had nothing but praise for her.

If the reporters managed to take photos of Nian Xiaomu and the dead drunk Chen Zixin together in a room, perhaps with both looking disheveled as well…

Tsk, the performance queen would immediately turn into a slutty queen!

At that point in time, the employees in the department would certainly "look at her in a different light." Young Master Han would also be…

When Wen Yadai thought of this, the pleased smile at the corner of her mouth curved up at a steeper angle.

Seeing that the door to the room was about to be smashed open, Wen Yadai put on a pretense that she could not find the missing pair and proceeded to ask the other employees about their whereabouts!

Wen Yadai had her timing planned out perfectly. She ran downstairs to look for Chen Zixin while the reporters were upstairs and kept the two of them stuck inside the room.

"I remember that President Chen Jr. drank quite a bit of alcohol just now, but how did he go missing? Could something have happened to him? Supervisor Nian as well. Why has Supervisor Nian gone missing too…"

The moment Wen Yadai blurted out these sentences, everyone realized that a few of their colleagues were missing as well, and they started to search for them subconsciously.

They did not spend much time looking before a service staff member told them that he had seen the two of them upstairs with each other.

In addition, they also seemed to have entered the same lounge together!

Immediately, everyone rushed to the entrance of the lounge.

"What happened? Why are there reporters here?"

"A man and a woman together in a room all by themselves—there must be something going on…"

"Nobody opened the door even after we knocked for so long. Something is wrong. Quickly ask the service staff to open the door!"

"It will take too long to find someone to open the door. Smash open the door directly!"


At one point in time, the situation was in utter chaos due to the presence of the reporters as well as the increasing number of onlookers.

In the end, someone shouted, "Saving their lives is of utmost importance now. Quickly open the door. I'll be responsible if anything happens afterward!"

When the bunch of reporters heard this, everyone seemed to have been injected with a stimulant drug, and they rushed toward the door uniformly. Together, all of them smashed the door open!

They were all prepared to rush in with their cameras raised up high. The next second, however, all of them suddenly stood rooted to the ground!