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287 Whose personal information are you checking?

Just as Nian Xiaomu was still pondering over why Wang Miaomiao had simply left the company, the reason slowly dawned on her when she heard what Wen Yadai had said.

She replied softly, "Sure."

When Wen Yadai heard Nian Xiaomu's reply, she reached out and patted her on the shoulder as an indication for the others to get back to work.

After that, she turned around and entered her own office.


Nian Xiaomu received a text message on her cell phone the moment she sat down.

She realized that Chen Zixin had texted her when she brought up the phone and took a glance at the screen.

He told her about the department meal in the text message.

Before Nian Xiaomu could reply to the text message, one of her colleagues squeezed up beside her and said with an anticipatory look, "Supervisor Nian, will Shangxin attend the department meal since she endorsed for the project?"

There were many employees who were fans of Shangxin in the public relations department.

Whoosh. All of them swung their heads around and looked at Nian Xiaomu the moment they heard this question.

"What are all of you thinking? This is a meal for the staff members—why would Shangxin attend it?" a colleague replied with a laugh.

"We knew that it would be very difficult for her to attend and we just wanted to hold on to that teeny bit of beautiful hope. Why did you expose all of our fantasy... Shangxin is really 'shangxin' (sad) now..." A few of the colleagues who were inquiring covered their chests uniformly and put on pitiful looks.

Those actions triggered a burst of laughter in the office.

Nian Xiaomu laughed out loud as well. Speaking up to reassure them, she said, "I can help all of you by asking her if she has time to attend the gathering."

"Long live, Supervisor Nian!"

"Supervisor Nian, you are now my idol!"


Once all the employees were done messing around, all of them returned to their respective seats when it was time to get back to work.

It was only now that Nian Xiaomu had the time to pick up her phone and reply to Chen Zixin's message. After some thinking, she sent another message to Shangxin and asked her how she was doing recently.

Ever since the kidnapping incident from the other time, Shangxin had virtually disappeared from the public eye except when attending the events hosted by Sheng Da Science and Technology.

Nian Xiaomu wondered how Shangxin was doing now.

After Nian Xiaomu sent this text message, she placed her cell phone by the side and turned on her laptop to work.

She suddenly thought of something, twisted her head to look at the colleague beside her, and asked, "Xiaoxiao, I remember that everyone had to have a detailed document containing their personal information when we first entered the company, right?"

"Yes, Supervisor Nian. Whose personal information are you checking?" Xiaoxiao walked to Nian Xiaomu's side, lowered her volume, and added, "However, only the manager of each department has the authority to look at this kind of important and confidential information."


This meant that Nian Xiaomu had to seek out Wen Yadai.

However, the person that she had suspicions toward might be related to Wen Yadai—Wen Yadai might be alerted if Nian Xiaomu looked for her just like that.

Nian Xiaomu took a quick glance at her surroundings. After ensuring that no one was looking in their direction, she asked, " Are there any other ways to get ahold of Wang Miaomiao's address apart from asking Wen Yadai for it?"

"Supervisor Nian, why do you suddenly want to look for Wang..." Before Xiaoxiao could finish her words of astonishment, she snapped back to her senses and stopped talking.

She moved close to Nian Xiaomu's ear and reminded her softly, "That's easy. Since all of us are colleagues, I'll look for those who were close with Wang Miaomiao and ask around for it."

As Xiaoxiao finished her sentence, she cast a mischievous look at Nian Xiaomu. With an empty cup in hand, she headed toward the pantry.

Indeed, she brought back news a while later.

"Her address is written here. Anyway, why does Supervisor Nian want to look for her when she has already resigned from the job?" Xiao Mumu handed a slip of paper to Nian Xiaomu and asked in curiosity.

Nian Xiaomu's eyes flickered. As she put away the slip of paper, she said, "I'll let you know once there is an outcome to it."

The moment Nian Xiaomu clocked out from work, she packed her belongings at lightning speed and exited the public relations department.

She flagged down a taxi and told the driver the address on the slip of paper.