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264 You daughter really resembles you


Nian Xiaomu was lost in her thoughts for a while when she heard what Lombardi said.

The conversation that she had had with Xiaoxiao at the very beginning flashed past her mind.

She wasn't lying at that time when she said that she did not know Italian; it was a fact that she really did not have much of an impression of the Italian language.

She only realized that she had an odd sense of familiarity toward the Italian language when she started to read up on Lombardi's personal information...

Afterward, she discovered that Wang Miaomiao was secretly placing obstacles in the way...

All of a sudden, the Italian language seemed to be something that was buried deep inside her brain, and it got stimulated bit by bit before it finally appeared in her mind.

"Thank you for the praise!"

Nian Xiaomu returned to her senses, and she winked mischievously.

Lombardi did not probe any further either. Releasing his grip, he passed the signed contract to the person beside him.

Following which, he gave Nian Xiaomu a passionate hug.

"My team and I will take our leave shortly. I believe that we will meet again very soon once the project starts rolling."

"I look forward to meeting you next time. Let me send you out." As Nian Xiaomu headed to the front, she led Lombardi and the members of his team out of the public relations department.

Along the way, she was still recommending delicious Chinese food to Lombardi.

It seemed like familiarity at first sight for the both of them. At the end of the conversation, they had even confirmed the place that they would dine at the next time they met.

As Lombardi's assistant followed them out, he looked at Nian Xiaomu, who sent them out, and said politely, "Supervisor Nian, wait a moment please."

Lombardi was about to bid farewell to Nian Xiaomu as the doors to his car opened. Suddenly, they noticed a luxurious limousine parked at the roadside.

With just a glance, Nian Xiaomu recognized the owner of the car from its overweening license plate number.

Just as she was puzzled about why Yu Yuehan would appear here at this time, someone opened the door of the limousine.

A tiny and squishy figure made her way out of the limousine.

Sporting an adorable hairstyle with two buns on her forehead, she was also wearing the cute dress of a princess.

Her delicate little face was rosy red.

Her pair of large eyes curved as she broke into a wide smile...

"Pretty Sister!" The moment Xiao Liuliu alighted from the car and noticed Nian Xiaomu, who was standing by the roadside, she sprinted toward her excitedly without a second thought.

With a thump, Xiao Liuliu landed in her embrace.

Just like an accessory for her leg, Xiao Liuliu wrapped her little arms and legs around Nian Xiaomu and started to act cute in front of her.

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

"Is she your daughter?" As Lombardi did not understand Mandarin, he subconsciously questioned Nian Xiaomu when he saw how intimate Xiao Liuliu and Nian Xiaomu were with each other.

He smiled affectionately again before Nian Xiaomu could reply to him.

Reaching out, he patted Xiao Liuliu on the head and said, "She really resembles you."

"What did you say?" Nian Xiaomu asked subconsciously; she had just bent down to carry Xiao Liuliu into her arms and did not hear what he had said clearly.

Following which, Lombardi repeated again, "I was saying that your daughter really resembles you. Not the facial features, but the personality traits."


"Just like you, she looks sharp-witted. Also, there seems to be an ocean of stars in her eyes when she smiles," Lombardi said in Italian.

Xiao Liuliu was still young and did not understand their conversation; she only vaguely felt that someone was praising her.

Turning her delicate little face around, she looked at Lombardi. Just like a little fox, she opened her mouth and said sweetly, "Hello, Grandpa!"

When Nian Xiaomu heard Xiao Liuliu's crisp voice, she recovered her senses and wanted to explain herself.

Just when she wanted to say that she wasn't Xiao Liuliu's mother, she discovered that Xiao Liuliu had already climbed onto her shoulders and was shouting to the person behind her happily.

"Daddi, we are here!"


As Nian Xiaomu turned around and looked at Yu Yuehan, who was just a few steps behind her, she froze in her tracks!

Could he have heard what Lombardi said just now?

This was the first thought that flashed past her mind.