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260 Who was dead meat?

Nobody knew what Nian Xiaomu said to Lombardi.

By the time Wang Miaomiao dawdled back after taking her time, she saw Lombardi and his team stand up from their seats and make their way out of the restaurant.

None of their facial expressions looked good at all.

No, to be exact, they looked even worse in comparison to when she had just left...

It seemed that Nian Xiaomu had really messed it up!

A joyful look flashed past her face. Walking up, she pretended to be puzzled and asked, "Mr. Lombardi, allow me to escort you out?"

"No need for that! Let's call it a day. Don't any of you come and disturb me again!" Lombardi said as he panted with rage. Following which, he swung his arms and walked away with big steps.

One by one, the people behind him followed suit and left as well.

The atmosphere had fallen to a freezing point.

Without asking, all of them knew that this was the end of the collaboration.

Even though Wang Miaomiao was beaming with joy in her heart, she still pretended to look anxious on the outside and said, "Supervisor Nian, what should we do now? Mr. Lombardi very clearly said that he would no longer collaborate with us!"

As Nian Xiaomu tucked both of her hands into her pockets, she took a glance in the direction where Lombardi had departed and curled her lip.

"I have tried my best. There is nothing we can do if he doesn't agree to it."


"Tell the others to head back first. I want to have some alone time and will return to the office later." As Nian Xiaomu spoke, she overtook Wang Miaomiao and headed toward the direction of the hotel room.

It seemed that she wanted to head back and take a rest.

Props to her for still having the mood to sleep at this point in time.

Scornfully, Wang Miaomiao took a glance at her before she turned around and walked out.

She was in a very good mood now and certainly would not have the time to accompany Nian Xiaomu in the hotel. There were more important matters waiting for Wang Miaomiao to settle!


The Yu Corporation.

"... That was what happened, Manager Wen. Nian Xiaomu had really gone overboard. Let's not talk about the issue of her being late, but she even went so far as to book a room in the hotel. She said that she wanted to take a nap because she was sleepy and would think of how to convince Mr. Lombardi afterward!"

Wang Miaomiao ratted on in a loud voice in front of all of the employees in the public relations department.

She continued to ridicule Nian Xiaomu when she noticed that all of their faces had turned ugly.

"I had originally assumed that she had already thought of ways to convince Mr. Lombardi since she put up such a relaxed front. Yet, I never expected that she would not head over to look for Mr. Lombardi after she had woken up. Instead, she headed to the restaurant for a meal and said that she would only have the energy to work after she had filled her stomach."


"We were lucky enough, though, to have met Mr. Lombardi in the restaurant. However, Mr. Lombardi was very furious about us being late and indicated repeatedly that he would not talk about the collaboration with us anymore. After that, he swung his arms and left, but Nian Xiaomu seemed to be helpless and was unable to do anything about it!"


The other employees in the public relations department looked at each other in dismay and did not know what else to say.

All of them mourned for Nian Xiaomu silently when they noticed that Wen Yadai's facial expression was turning uglier by the minute.

"Where is she?" Wen Yadai frowned and asked.

As soon as Wang Miaomiao heard this, a cynical smile appeared at the corner of her mouth and she spread both her hands out.

"After she was explicitly rejected by Mr. Lombardi, she chased the other colleagues and I back while she took a nap in the hotel room by herself."

Nian Xiaomu actually did not immediately return to the office to make a report after she messed up the project. Instead, she stayed in the hotel room for a nap.

She was dead meat!

"Manager Wen, to be honest, I was not the only one who witnessed Nian Xiaomu's deeds—all of the colleagues who tagged along on this trip can testify that Nian Xiaomu was obviously treating the project that you had painfully fought for as a joke. She must be severely punished!"

Just as Wang Miaomiao finished her sentence, someone exclaimed out loud, "Supervisor Nian!"


Wang Miaomiao only noticed that Nian Xiaomu was strolling into the office following this surprised cry.

She was even holding a contract in her hands!