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217 Yu Yuehan, what are you doing?

The assistant didn't notice Yu Yuehan's gaze and was still busily reporting away, "... that's it for today's schedule. Oh, Young Master, I have inquired—President Chen Jr. from Sheng Da Science and Technology will be at our office at 10 AM this morning for the handover."

As the assistant finished his piece and raised his head, he noticed that Yu Yuehan had stopped in his tracks.

An icy cold feeling penetrated the assistant's entire body from Yu Yuehan's deep and soulful eyes.

When Yu Yuehan heard the assistant, he replied with an, "Ah."

Opening his thin lips, Yu Yuehan continued, "Already here."

Assistant: "???"

Twisting his head around, the assistant followed Yu Yuehan's gaze and caught a glimpse of Chen Zixin, who stood beside Nian Xiaomu. The assistant was stunned at that very moment.

Noticing that Yu Yuehan had stopped in his tracks and was looking toward his direction, Chen Zixin walked forward immediately and greeted him, "Good morning, Young Master Han! I didn't expect that you would come to the office at such an early hour as well."

"..." Yu Yuehan pursed his thin lips into a straight line. Even though he did not reply, he skipped his gaze past Chen Zixin and looked at Nian Xiaomu, who hid behind Chen Zixin.

Nian Xiaomu tagged along behind Chen Zixin; she had originally assumed that Yu Yuehan would enter the elevator directly and hadn't expected for Yu Yuehan to stop and greet Chen Zixin suddenly.

She took small steps and walked up to him. Putting on a smile, she said, "Good morning, Young Master Han."

"..." Yu Yuehan's gaze deepened.

She had indeed imitated Chen Zixin so well that they even said their greetings in the same manner; it seemed like they were progressing very quickly in their relationship.

Noticing that he had ignored her, Nian Xiaomu was prepared to leave after she lowered her head and stuck out her tongue quietly.

The moment she took a step forward, she heard the deep and magnetic voice of a man ask, "Where are you going?"

Nian Xiaomu paused in her steps; turning around, she answered truthfully, "To eat breakfast."

Something felt weird when she met his gaze.

He seemed to be in a foul mood?

Who was the poor devil who had provoked him?

Chen Zixin, who stood by the side, replied as well when he heard what Yu Yuehan said, "I just came back to the country and am not up to date with many things here in City H. That was why I came over to the Yu Corporation in advance and wanted to familiarize myself with the situation from Supervisor Nian."

Sheng Da Science and Technology and the Yu Corporation were both close partners in collaboration now; it made complete sense if they met for a meal because of work.

However, even the blind could see that Chen Zixin's gaze toward Nian Xiaomu was one that was filled with interest.

It was very unlikely that he came all the way here and was treating her to a meal just to discuss professional matters.

"Has Young Master Han eaten breakfast? If you haven't, would you like to join us? I heard that the cafe across the street is pretty good." Chen Zixin asked him politely.

People usually wouldn't take such conventional greetings seriously.

Yu Yuehan held such a respectable position and was very busy with his work; one could not easily invite him like this and would have to make an advanced appointment with his secretary if they wanted to treat him to a meal.

As such, Chen Zixin was actually waiting for a rejection the moment he asked that question.

Even before Yu Yuehan opened his mouth to reply, Nian Xiaomu started to get anxious and said, "Young Master Han has to attend to numerous affairs everyday, so how could he have the time to eat breakfast with us? Young Master Han, we shall not disturb you. Take care!"

As she spoke, she was already prepared to run away.

Before she even had the chance to turn around, a word floated past her ears slowly.


Nian Xiaomu: "..."

Her body froze. She couldn't differentiate if that word was in response to her or in response to Chen Zixin.

It had two different meanings!

One meant heaven while the other meant hell.

Yu Yuehan met her expectant tiny gaze and withdrew his gaze indifferently. With the sentence, "Just perfect—I haven't had breakfast yet, so we can dine together," he had successfully pushed her toward the doors of hell!

Before she had the time to come back to her senses, Yu Yuehan had already turned around. Grabbing the collar of her shirt, he dragged her and headed out.

Nian Xiaomu could only stand on tiptoe, just like a fluttering little chick.

"What are you doing, Yu Yuehan? Quickly release your grip, I can walk by myself!"