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His tone was calm, and his expression was placid.

His eyes did not reveal any emotions, but remained deep and turned even darker.

Still trying to catch her breath, a panting Nian Xiaomu did not even her raise her head when she replied, "Are you mentally ill? There is nothing going on between Chen Zixin and I. Why would it be unbearable for me to leave him?"

The tense atmosphere in the surroundings dissipated right after she spoke.

The man's stern expression suddenly turned mild, and he did not even chide her for exploding at him. Instead, he calmly said, "The butler said that Xiao Liuliu insisted on waiting for you and refused to eat her dinner."

With that indifferent tone, it sounded as if his abnormal behavior from earlier was only due to his concern for his daughter.

"Don't use Xiao Liuliu as an excuse. Why did you act so rudely just now? That was the young master of Sheng Da Science and Technology. He approached me to chat, but I ran off without even greeting him properly..." Nian Xiaomu stood with her arms akimbo and lashed out at Yu Yuehan.

Before she could finish what she wanted to say, she suddenly felt a chill run down her spine.

The man's temper appeared to have been stirred by her reprimanding, and she found him glaring at her with his dark eyes again.

The moment when he had dragged her off the stage replayed in her mind.

He had also looked at her the same way at that time, as if he wanted to eat her up...

Feeling her nerves turn cold, she added quickly, "It's, it's okay. We're even now. Anyway, I barely even know President Chen Jr."

Seeing Yu Yuehan's black face, Nian Xiaomu hastily tried to save herself from further embarrassment.

"Young Master, let's hurry home. Xiao Liuliu must be famished!"

As she spoke, she turned and ran down the path. When she saw Yu Yuehan's car, she opened the door and slipped into the front passenger's seat.

At the very next second, she saw him toss the car keys at her.

Nian Xiaomu: "???"

When she regained her composure, she saw that he had opened the back door and sat down in the back seat.

Seeing that she was still in a daze, Yu Yuehan explained sarcastically, "I'm mentally ill, so I can't drive."

Nian Xiaomu: "..."

He actually remembered that one thing she had blurted out in anger just now.

What a petty man!

From being Xiao Liuliu's nurse to becoming a supervisor in the public relations department, Nian Xiaomu now realized that she was taking on the new role of being Yu Yuehan's driver.

As she crawled into the driver's seat, Nian Xiaomu cursed the man in her heart.

She buckled up and decided to be a competent chauffeur, making sure that Yu Yuehan got home safely.

The air was exceptionally cool on the way home.

Nian Xiaomu sneaked a glance at the man in the back seat and saw that he was not sleeping, but just pulling a long face.

A few thoughts ran through her head, and she decided it would be best to come up with another topic to distract his attention.

Thus, when she also thought of how Shangxin had to brace herself to carry on with the fan meeting just now, she could not resist asking Yu Yuehan, "Young Master, are you friends with Tang Yuansi?"

After these words came out of her mouth, she immediately regretted it.

She had wanted to ease the tense mood, but it felt like this new topic made it worse?

Since she had already asked and she was sincerely worried about Shangxin, she decided to get to the bottom of it.

"I heard from the courier who delivered the cell phone to the Tang Corporation that President Tang seemed to like the phone very much. He kept looking at it for a long time and accepted it without hesitation. He obviously cares about Shangxin. Why does he want to distance himself from her?

When she was done speaking, she pursed her lips and took a peek at the rearview mirror cautiously.

In the mirror, Yu Yuehan was still maintaining his original position and had not moved at all. He only looked back at her lazily and said, "You should not meddle with their affairs."

"You really know Tang Yuansi, right? Are the two of you close? What kind of person is he?" Gripping the steering wheel more tightly, Nian Xiaomu was eager to find out more.