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178 A squeal-inducing sight!

A chorus of cheers rang out at Wen Yadai's announcement.

To think that Yu Yuehan would grace the public relations department's celebration party when he had never done the same for any other departmental gathering.

It was such an honor for them!

"Only you, Manager Wen, would be able to invite Master Han here!" a colleague exclaimed in delight.

"But of course! Don't you know who Manager Wen is? She is Master Han's right-hand woman!"

"That's right, that's right! Master Han is willing to attend the gathering only because it was Manager Wen who had asked him. All of us are lucky to benefit from this..."


Everyone chimed in to offer Wen Yadai praises to the skies.

They had obviously forgotten who the real star of the celebration party was.

"It was you who had closed the deal with Shangxin. That's why we are celebrating today. Why is everyone giving the credit to Manager Wen instead..." Xiaoxiao muttered under her breath. She was the intern who was on good terms with Nian Xiaomu,.

After Nian Xiaomu heard that Yu Yuehan was coming, she had been in a daze the whole time.

When she recovered her senses, the first thought that came to mind was to ask him to bring a dress for her!

Surely he wouldn't get upset over delivering a dress for her?

Nian Xiaomu whipped out her cell phone and secretly sent out a text message.

When she looked up, she happened to hear Wen Yadai say, "Master Han is attending our celebration party because he acknowledges and wants to reward the hard work of everyone who has contributed to the many large projects of the corporation. I have only persuaded him a little, so I don't deserve any credit."

Her words were really meant to confirm that it was because of her that Yu Yuehan was attending the party.

Everyone cheered even more loudly at her words.

Then, they paired Wen Yadai and Yu Yuehan together and started to make jokes about them.

Wen Yadai did not bother to explain either, but smiled graciously in response to everyone's teasing.

"Let's not stand outside. The private room is ready, so let's go inside and wait," said Wen Yadai when she saw that almost everyone had arrived.

"Manager Wen, it's Master Han's first appearance at a departmental gathering. Shouldn't we all wait for him here before we go in?" someone suddenly suggested.

"I also want to wait for Master Han. We haven't seen what Master Han looks like outside of work..." The girl who spoke began blushing.

It was far too obvious that she had a huge crush on Yu Yuehan!

"I want to see too..."

"Ah! I want to see our heartthrob in casual clothes! Can't wait!!"

Just a second ago, they were still a group of professional and experienced employees from the public relations department. Now, all of them were shooting hearts from their eyes at the mere mention of Yu Yuehan's name.

Since everyone wanted to wait, Wen Yadai naturally would not object either.

She stood together with the rest of the colleagues from the public relations department at the entrance of the nightclub.

Nian Xiaomu was almost the same as the crowd, but her eyes were not on the entrance. Instead, she stared at her cell phone.

Since Yu Yuehan had not replied to her text message, she did not know if he was willing to help her.

There wasn't a shopping mall nearby, so she couldn't buy a dress to change into.

"He's here! He's here!" Someone let out a loud shriek, and everyone's gazes turned spontaneously toward the entrance of the nightclub.

A flashy sports car zoomed toward them and stopped right in front of the crowd.

From the driver's seat, Yu Yuehan's side profile was absolutely dashing. It was a squeal-inducing sight!

He was clad in a white shirt with the top two front buttons undone, revealing his muscular and sexy chest.

He casually took off his shades and threw them to the side. Then, he turned to look at Nian Xiaomu, who was standing in the crowd.