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115 Fanning up the flames of trouble

The next day.

After the sacking incident from the day before.

When Nian Xiaomu arrived at the Yu Corporation again, almost everyone knew about her identity.

At first, everyone felt cautious because Yu Yuehan had fired someone in the planning department.

However, news started spreading.

Yu Yuehan had gotten angry not for Nian Xiaomu's sake, but because he valued the general ethos in the company.

Hearing that, many people heaved a sigh of relief.

"That's why I said that Master Han has high standards and would never set his eyes on a mere nurse." In the tea room, a few female staff members from various departments gathered to chit chat.

"That Nian Xiaomu will be disappointed if she thinks that she has a bit of good looks and can use Little Miss to get close to Master Han."

The few of them babbled and laughed.

Especially Xie Jingjing, whenever she heard that someone else had the same opinion has she did, she would immediately fan up the flames of trouble.

"Some people don't know any better. They imagine that they can use their beauty to do whatever they want. You don't know this because you were on leave yesterday. That woman has some serious tricks up her sleeve and tricked Master Han into eating at the employees' cafeteria and even shared a set of braised meat with her."

"What did you say?" One of the female staffers widened her eyes in shock, her eyes filled with jealousy.

Xie Jingjing looked around to make sure there were no other people around and continued talking.

"Not only that, she also purposely brought Little Miss around to inspect the different departments in the company. The way she acted was as if she were the madam president. This was really what happened. If you do not believe me, you can ask our colleagues in the planning department. They know best!"

Xie Jingjing's words made everyone exhale in shock.

They were not very sure about what had happened at the planning department the day before, but they had picked up bits and pieces of it.

Apparently, it was because of Nian Xiaomu's visit that one of their colleagues had been fired.

At first, they thought that maybe it was the fault of the colleague in the planning department. Now, it seemed like it was Nian Xiaomu who had assumed Yu Yuehan's authority as her own. She thought that she could use her status as Little Miss' nurse and Master Han's name to flaunt her prowess in the company.

This kind of people needed to be taught a lesson. Otherwise, she would really act like the owner of the Yu Corporation!

"Master Han's status is so distinguished. How can a nurse dream of getting close to him? If someone does not know where she stands, I will help her learn!" a female secretary from the secretarial department coldly replied.

Without waiting for the reactions of the other people present, she turned and walked out of the tea room.

Xie Jingjing's lips curled into a smile, her eyes betraying a gleam of menace as she watched the secretary from the back.

Holding her own glass, she quickly walked out of the tea room.

In the president's office.

Knock knock! Nian Xiaomu was accompanying Xiao Liuliu as she doodled when she suddenly heard knocking from the door.

Yu Yuehan had gone to a meeting, so she was left alone with Xiao Liuliu.

She hesitated for a moment before replying, "Please come in."

The room door opened and the secretary walked in toward her with an empty glass, placing it on the coffee table.

Before Nian Xiaomu could speak, she delivered her instructions directly.

"Miss Nian, Little Miss has a habit of drinking a glass of milk in the afternoon. It's time for her to drink milk now. You need to pour a glass for her."

"..." Nian Xiaomu frowned as she looked at the empty glass in front of her.

She was only Xiao Liuliu's nurse, not a babysitter.

Even at the Yu villa, she did not need to handle Xiao Liuliu's meals and daily necessities.

Why was she asked to pour milk all of a sudden?